Epilogue-Part Three

"You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war."-Albert Einstein

-Two months after the events at Khaos Corporation…-

"T-Tobias! Tobias!" Joseph barreled into his older brother's office, waving a long roll of paper in his hand and looking frantic. And Joseph never looked frantic, "Tobias! The door's open! Someone opened it!"

The eldest Khaos brother raised an eyebrow and looked past Joseph at the open door of the office. Then he looked back at his younger sibling with a skeptical and yet humored expression.

"Not that door!" Joseph yelled, half in anger and half in panic, "The Doors of the Deep Mines! Somehow they're open and now they're out and about!"

Tobias swore loudly, standing up so fast he sent his swivel chair flying, and dashed out of his office, Joseph hot on his heels.

"When did you find out!?" He demanded, heading straight for the emergency elevator.

"Just a few minutes ago! As soon as I saw the code I brought it to you!" Joseph ran a hand through his hair in an agitated fashion, "My gosh, I can't believe this! Who would be stupid enough to open that door!?"

Tobias didn't answer, just slammed his finger into the down button and waited. The elevator "dinged" and the doors slid open. The two brothers stepped in and Tobias hit the button for the floor he desired. The elevator jolted slightly and then started its descent. Tobias drummed his fingers on his arm, which he had crossed across his chest, and Joseph fidgeted nervously.

"Joseph," The oldest brother finally said, cutting the silence, "Have they done anything?"

"D-done anything?" Joseph unrolled the paper and glanced down it, eyes traveling over string after string after string of numbers and letters that would have looked like gibberish to the untrained eye, "No…actually, no, I don't…think they have…"

"No players are harmed?"


"You're absolutely sure?"

"Positive." Joseph was falling back into business mode.

"Then we have nothing to worry about at the moment." Tobias walked out of the elevator as it halted and the doors opened once more, "We'll keep an eye on things. If the history of Perim indicates anything it's that if the tribes sense a common threat they will do everything in their power to eliminate it."

"And the Cothica?" Joseph fell into step beside him.

"Not our business and if the players are wise they will remain away from it as well." Tobias paused outside a door, resting his hand on the handle, "I keep in contact with Thomas and Kazdan. If anything should happen, anything at all, I'm sure they'll let us know."

"You trust them? They're a couple of kids!"

Tobias smiled, "I hold them in good faith." He answered and opened the door, closing it behind him. Joseph remained out in the hall, staring at the door. Then he looked down at the paper flooded with code in his hands.

"But if massive war breaks out in Perim, brother, what then?" Joseph crumbled the paper in his fists, "A person can do the cruelest things on the battlefield. If the Creatures of Perim start losing, who do you think will take the brunt of their anger? The M'Arrilians, whom they stand little chance against…or the Chaotic players, who are always within their reach?"