Stan's parents and Shelly were out in Nevada for two weeks. The reason being because Shell had gone to Vegas and married to some white-trash guy without their permission. Randy and Sharon had flown to meet their new son-in-law, leaving Stan alone back in South Park. Sharon, being the mother she was, insisted that Stan stay over at a friend's house. Stan refused to stay at Cartman's house, and Kyle was away on vacation with his family. The only friend left to have a two week sleepover with was Kenny. Kenny's parents agreed to letting him stay over, just as long as he had his own money and necesities.

When Stan knocked on the door of the McCormick's house, he heard a faint argument between Kenny's parents before the door opened.

"Hmrmuhmhimn" Kenny said as he opened the door, motioning for Stan to come inside.

"Hey, Kenny." Stan greeted, stepping inside and shutting the door behind him. Kenny took Stan's suitcase from his hands, and carried it into his bedroom.

"Hello there, Stanley." Kenny's mother said.

"Hello, Mrs. McCormick." He replied.

"You just make yourself at home now, ya here? Our place is yours." She explained sincerely. Stan smiled politley and nodded. He followed Kenny to his bedroom, noticing he'd put his suitcase on the bed.

"Hrmoohmvammghmahg, mrith?"

"Yeah, dude. Course I have a sleeping bag." Stan answered as he opened his suitcase and took out his sleeping bag. He rolled it out on the floor of Kenny's room. As always, the sleeping bag had Terrence and Phillip on it.


"Typical?" Stan repeated. Kenny nodded, and made a statement that wasn't understandible. "What'd you say, dude?" Stan asked with a raised brow.Kenny shook his head, and Stan looked at his watch. "Hey, it's 11:30 already dude." Kenny nodded, and pulled off his orange hoodie. His blonde hair always seemed to be the same length, but always messy because who was going to see it anyways? Stan ran his eyes down Kenny's now bare chest. I don't know how I'm gonna hold this emotion in much longer, he thought. I can't believe I even feel this way