"Kenny - I want to fuck you until your ass is so sore you won't be able to sit down again,

and I'm so empty that I won't be able to jack off for a week. And I want to pound into you

so hard that you want to scream each time I thrust into you and I wanna keep on

torturing you like that until you scream my name so loud that the neighbors wake up."

"D-do it, Stan. Do it." Kenny almost moaned in anticipation.


Stan fingered Kenny, in an atempt to get him ready for what he was about to do.

Once he felt Kenny was, Stan slowly thrust in. As soon as he did, he heard Kenny cry out in surprise.

"Ken, you alright?"

"Stan…more." Stan pushed in further and then began thrusting. He soon discovered that the

faster he thrust, the better it felt to him. Stan sped up, and Kenny started to emit sounds from

his throat that he didn't know were possible. All Kenny was thinking was that he wanted, needed

more than what Stan was giving him. He gripped himself, and thrust into his hand each time

Stan plunged in. Both of them were getting closer, and Stan's breath hitched each time Kenny's

muscles closed around him. Kenny was starting to feel Stan hitting his prostate, and he started

moaning louder. Kenny heard the frame of the bed banging against the wall, as Stan went as

fast as he could go. Stan came first, and Kenny came soon after feeling the warm liquid pour

inside him.


It wasn't until early the next morning that they finally fell asleep in each other's arms. When they

woke up again, they ran back to Kenny's house as fast as they could, and just made it into their

sleeping bags as Kenny's mom opened the door to their room.

"Did you boys have fun last night?" She asked, knowing nothing about what really

happened..The boys looked at each other, and then back at her, nodding as innocently as they

could. "Well, you guys can go and eat breakfast at Stan's house, unless you want to share a

frozen waffle." They nodded again, and she left.

"Thank you, Stan. For last night."

"No problem. Let's go back to my house."

"Yeah, don't want a frozen waffle, do ya." Stan shook his head, and Kenny laughed. "Let's go."

Everything pretty much went back to normal the rest of the week.

Stan and Kenny kept their relationship a secret, but had sex in the boy's locker room at the high

school after the last janitors left the building. They probably don't exactly remember what had sparked

the love they had for each other, but they'll always remember the time when they had shared the

most unforgettable experience at that sleepover - when they'd fallen in love.