Chapter one: In trouble

Dr. Kadowaki sighed as she marked something down in her notes. "Rinoa, you really have to be more careful! You have a level two sprain and you're going to have to use crutches for at least five days. What were you doing anyway?"

Rinoa shifted her gaze remembering the conversation her and Zell had previously...(flashback) Rinoa was walking down the hallway when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She quickly spun around to see her friend, Zell, standing there. "Hey, Rinoa. I have an idea!"

Oh no. Whenever Zell started a conversation like this Rinoa knew it was trouble. The two had become really close friends and were the known trouble-makers of Garden. The thing is, Rinoa knew Zell was going to propose something crazy, dangerous, and liable to get them both in trouble, but she couldn't resist. "What is it Zell?"

"I think we should try to climb up the side of Garden!"

Rinoa just stared at the blonde boy, mouth dropped almost to the floor in shock. "What?!"

"Yeah! It would be so awesome! I tried to convince Irvine to do it with me, but he just gave me a weird look. Kind of like the look you're giving me now!" Zell smiled to try and make her agree to go. He was just itching for a new challenge, and this was his chance.

"Zell, this is going too far. If Squall were to-"

"Oh, come on! What happened to your sense of adventure? What did the commander do to you anyway?" Zell looked at Rinoa and noticed she was starting to look annoyed. Almost there... "Is the good ol' commander dampening your rebellious spirit?" Zell always knew exactly which buttons to push with his friend. She hated admitting that hanging out with Squall had slightly affected her, and caused her to become less adventurous.

"No! Fine, I'll do it Zell. Meet me tonight in the quad, bring your gear!" (end flashback)

"Weeell..." Rinoa looked up at the doctor who rolled her eyes and began rubbing her temples.

"Rinoa, please don't tell me this had something to do with Zell." The doctor looked at Rinoa clinging to the hope that they hadn't been up to no good again. Her hopes were immediately shot down when Rinoa fixated her gaze on the floor, not willing to look in the doctor's eyes. Dr. Kadowaki sighed once again, "What was it this time?"

Rinoa realized it was hopeless to try and hide it from the good doctor and gave in, Zell's going to kill me. "We were trying to climb the side of Garden from the quad, and I lost my footing and fell." Rinoa didn't want to look in the older woman's eyes, but had to know the level of her punishment. As she looked up she saw something she wasn't expecting. The doctor was trying to stifle a laugh!

When Dr. Kadowaki regained her composure she looked at Rinoa. "You do realize I'm going to have to tell the commander, don't you?" Rinoa silently nodded her head as she looked back at the floor, swinging her feet off the edge of the medical bed like a five-year-old. "Alright then, I'll call him down." Dr. Kadowaki walked out of the room and picked up the phone and began to dial the few numbers to contact the commander.

"Commander Squall Leonhart of Balamb Garden speaking how may I be of assistance?" Dr. Kadowaki tried to hide chuckle. You could tell he really didn't enjoy answering the phone, especially when he had to say more in just the greeting than he would normally in a conversation.

"Squall, I need you to come down to the infirmary, and pick up Zell on your way here." Dr. Kadowaki heard a sigh on the other end.

"Rinoa?" that was his only reply.

"You're getting good at this Squall!"

"Did it have anything to do with chocoboes or hot dogs?"

The doctor chuckled again. "No, her and Zell only tried to climb the outside walls of Garden from the quad."

"They what?" Squall sighed again, "Whatever," Dr. Kadowaki heard the 'click' on the other end and returned to Rinoa.

Zell was walking down the halls of Garden, heading toward the library. Okay, Zell. He thought to himself, Just act cool. Yeah, you can do it. Just ask her. Zell began practicing what he was going to say to 'the library girl' when he saw her. "Hey, you want to go out some time? You know maybe get some hot dogs or something? Just you and me?"

"Really, Zell, I never thought you'd be that type, but if you insist."

Zell quickly looked up from the floor to see Squall looking at him. The guy looked dead serious. "Um, Squall?" Zell asked a little nervously.

"Kidding," Squall said and Zell couldn't help the sigh of relief that escaped his lips. "Oh, and you're in trouble. Follow me."

Zell involuntarily twitched. Crap, him and Rinoa were in so much trouble.

Rinoa watched as her boyfriend and her best friend entered the room. Squall ended up going on and on in 'commander mode' giving them a huge lecture about 'disturbance of the peace' or something like that. Rinoa acted like she was listening and knew she should be, but he could be so boring when he was giving a lecture. After he finished, both her and Zell responded with a "Yes, sir." Squall dismissed them and Zell left.

Dr. Kadowaki handed Rinoa a set of crutches already adjusted to her height. Rinoa stood up with her injured leg bent and leaned on the crutches. She took no more than five step/hobble/jumps/whatever when she started to fall face forward into the wall. Squall quickly reached forward trying to catch her, but was too late. Rinoa's head hit the wall, and she was still standing only because she was using the wall with her forehead for support.

Squall and Dr. Kadowaki waited for her to say something. After a long pause she let out a frustrated, "Ouch..." Squall went to help her gain her balance once again and moved aside. After Rinoa left rather clumsily from the infirmary the doctor looked over to Squall.

"It's going to be a long five days."

"She'll get used to them, won't she?" Squall looked somewhat hopeful at the doctor.

"Squall, Rinoa can barely walk without wreaking havoc when she's not injured or imbalanced. You've got your work cut out for you."

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