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Chapter two: Clumsy

The crowd of people parted as Rinoa hobbled her way into the cafeteria maneuvering clumsily on her crutches. She muttered something inaudible as she lost her balance and collided into the wall. She got in line and received her breakfast, only then did she realize she had a problem. How was she supposed to carry her tray full of food and use her crutches at the same time? Rinoa went over the situation in her head, and decided that she would balance the tray on her head and slowly make her way to the closest table. Yeah, I can do this! She lied to herself, It's only a few feet away. What's the worst that could happen? Famous last words.

Rinoa grabbed the tray and balanced it on her head. A few people saw this and cautiously moved away. Rinoa had a reputation for not being the most graceful human being in the Garden. She started making her way to the table. One step...two step... The tray full of food began falling and Rinoa tried to catch it which caused her to fall in to someone carrying their plate of food and their tray flew into the air and landed on one of the students who assumed that someone did it on purpose and started a food fight. The cafeteria erupted. Rinoa was trying to catch her balance and failing, just in time though, like all those fairy tale movies, a certain commander came in and tried to catch Rinoa before she injured herself further. As he ran over he slipped on Rinoa's fallen tray and fell on his back just in time for Rinoa to fall right over him. Squall let out a small scowl at the impact. Okay, maybe it wasn't so much like those fairy tales...

"Hey, you broke my fall! Thanks!" Rinoa was hoping her boyfriend, the commander, wasn't too upset. "You really are softer than the floor!" All she got in reply was a disgruntled 'whatever.' He gently slid her off of him and helped her up. Squall took a look around the cafeteria, it was a mess.

"Rin, why does it seem that where ever you go, you leave a mess in your wake?" Squall glanced at his girlfriend.

"What? It wasn't my fault! I was just trying to balance the tray on my head-"

"Wait, you tried to do what?" Squall sighed, "You could have just asked for help you know." Just then a piece of bologna smothered in mustard hit Squall in the back of the head.

"Hah! I got you!" came the familiar voice. Squall turned around to see a smirking Irvine who just politely tipped his signature cowboy hat. "You guys looked left out so I thought I'd welcome you in!"

If Squall were normal he would have had some smart remark and attacked him, but alas, Squall is far from normal. So, instead he mumbled another "whatever" and started urging Rinoa out of the hectic cafeteria. Once they were free of the dangerous room Squall started walking toward his dorm to wash his head off.

"Hey, wait up!" Squall heard the cry of his girlfriend. He stopped briefly and she caught up to him. "I'm not that fast on these things, geez! So don't walk so fast okay?"


"Squall, I swear, I'm going to break that habit of yours if it's the last thing I do!" Squall said nothing. "Oh, Squall, can we take a detour? I need to get something from the classroom on the second floor."

"You can. I need to get this crap off of my head." He said as he gestured toward the back of his head.

"Can you at least walk me to the elevator?"

"Fine, let's go." Once they reached the elevator, they parted.

Rinoa got off at the second floor and retrieved her book from the classroom. She had let Quisis borrow it and the instructor had left it in the class when she was teaching. She began making her way to the elevator again with the book squeezed under her chin when she tripped and leaned against the side wall and the book flew over the edge. A few seconds later Rinoa heard an "Ouch! What the heck?" Uh oh...that voice sounded awfully familiar.

A panicked Rinoa risked a peek over the edge. There he was. Commander of Garden, hero of the world, and her boyfriend, on the ground holding a book that was now covered in mustard looking up towards her. "Sorry!" She yelled over the edge.

"Rinoa?! What the...?" Squall sighed as he rubbed the back of his head then realized what he had done. He slowly removed his gloved hand and looked to see mustard smeared all over. He hung his head in defeat. They didn't train me for THIS at Garden. He just sat there for a while until he heard the scuff and click of someone on crutches.

"Sorry, it was an accident." Squall looked up into Rinoa's face and sighed again. (that had become a habit of his as well in the past few months.)

"I know, Rin, I know. What I don't know is how one person can be so clumsy." He pushed himself off the ground and stood. He began (again) making his way to his dorm. The trip was done in silence, but once they reached his dorm he finally spoke. "It's really okay, Rin, I guess I'm just a little tired."

Rinoa looked up from the floor into her boyfriend's eyes. "How 'bout we get that horrible mustard off of you?"

"Sounds good to me. I never liked the stuff before, but I think I have a new found hatred for it."

Rinoa waited as Squall went into his bathroom and took a quick shower and got clean clothes on. When he came back out Rinoa tried to stand up too quickly and lost her balance once more falling into Squall and pushing him against the wall. "Sorry." Came the small voice.

Squall silently lifted her chin so her eyes could meet his and leaned forward in a gentle kiss. "Rinoa, as long as you are around I don't think I'll ever be bored. Rinoa chuckled as Squall leaned in again with a slightly more powerful kiss than before. As Rinoa tried to lean in more she thought she felt something smear all over her back and on her head.

Rinoa broke this kiss to see a smile creep onto Squall's face. That was never good. She slowly touched her head and found her fingertips covered in mustard. She wore a shocked expression as Squall revealed that he was still wearing the dirtied glove and smiled mischievously, and said one word, "Payback."

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