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Kyuubi Seitenshi

Sincere Expression

Fingers nimbly toyed and tinkered across the keys of the piano, Chopin's Valse du Petit Chien bounding playfully over the floor and walls of the small music shop, tinkling like bells and thrumming like old chimes. Tsuchiura Ryoutarou gazed across the room at the violinist perched at the old laminated counter, tuning her instrument awkwardly. Had it really been three years?

They were second years in college now, he and Hino Kahoko. Being in different departments, since piano doesn't usually play with an orchestra, they didn't get to see much of each other even though they were attending the same university. But on holidays, things changed, like now. Even if it was Christmas Eve, and their respective families were quite busy with parties and pleasantries, they would sneak away to play for a little while in the safe haven of Minami Instruments and Music. Her beloved Chopin would sing across the air, and the soft strikes of piano keys would lull them both to relaxation.

"Tsuchiura-kun, I'm ready!"

He smiled softly, her voice still as eager as the first time she'd listened to his piano, as the echo faded away from the grand piano's chords. She readied her violin and looked up at him, wheat-colored eyes sparkling with a rich, enthusiastic air.

And together, they played.

It wasn't shocking was it? The calming, solemn chords of Tristesse overflowed from piano and violin, the echoing their first duet in rising harmony. Tristesse… the song of parting, a Funeral March. But where one door closes, another opens, so it always seems. And when the door on their high school lives had closed, their college life together had opened up before them.

She was looking at him. He could feel her eyes watching him softly, surely with a gentle smile on her face. Could she see it?

His sincere expression.

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