Disclaimer: Yeah, right…

Disclaimer: Yeah, right…

Summery: This is a sequel to 'Jaded'. Basically it tells the story of how Harry and Remus came to adopt Aaron. So, main pairing would be Harry/Remus, with humorous appearances from the rest of the Marauders and Seamus along with lots of Draco and Hermione barging in. This story line takes place about two months before the epilogue of 'Jaded'.

A/N: For those of you who aren't sure what's going on, you don't have to read the entire fic of 'Jaded' but reading the last chapter would probably sort you out just fine. Give it a go.

Beta: The amazing Dragon!

Mini-Moony- chapter one

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Hermione rushed into the café, balancing on her tiptoes to spot her lunch date. When she finally located the black haired man she sighed in relief and worked her way through the bustling restaurant. She was late. So late, in fact, that it was only sheer luck that Harry was still present. With a small huff she sank on to a chair and gave Harry an apologetic smile,

"I'm so sorry I'm late…" Harry shrugged and rolled his eyes, ever since they started having these Tuesday lunches there wasn't a single Tuesday that Hermione wasn't abysmally late. At first it had irked Harry to no end, but now he just learned to take it all in stride. Hell, he was lucky Hermione even managed to squeeze him into her busy schedule, for an entire hour!

"That alright. I already ordered your Caesar salad and spring water." Hermione smiled in thanks and dug right in.

"Gods, it's a nightmare at that hospital," She explained between bites, "You wouldn't believe what utter crap people come up with so that they could spend wizard taxes on!" Harry smiled and nodded absently, while working the delicate mission of separating the meat off the bones of his steamed fish. Hermione always complained about the workload and the patients but Harry knew that she'd never ever trade her position as a healer for anything in the world. "I mean, just today, I had three cases of people thinking that they were attacked by Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Three! I swear, if I ever get my hands on that horrible Xenophilius Lovegood!" Harry smiled again, things down at the 'Quibbler' sure got more interesting now that Luna joined her father as co-editor. "Oh, Harry, there's something I need to talk to you about, is there a chance you and Remus could drop in my office tomorrow morning?" Harry rolled his eyes at this, relentless, that's what the girl was.

"Hermione, if this about the stupid fertility thing again…" He started with an exasperated sigh. It was amazing how much energy and time Hermione put into the idea of him and Remus being able to have their own baby, especially when neither Harry nor Remus gave it much thought themselves.

"No, it's not. Though I still think that if you were to be doing 'it' during the full moon…" She began and Harry clamped his hands over his ears,

"Argh! Stop! I already told you a thousand times! We. Don't. Go. That. Way!" Hermione daintily cleaned her fingers with her napkin, completely unfazed by Harry's reactions,

"You can be a wolf too you know." Harry shook his head and rubbed his temples, taking a deep breath and biting the inside of his cheek so that he wouldn't answer, and subsequently, encourage her. "Look, could you just come?"

"Yeah, sure, Remus has a free morning tomorrow, I'm sure I'll manage to drag him along. What time do you want us there?"

"Nine a.m." Harry nodded, he loved Hermione, he really did- she was one of his oldest friends, wait, scratch that, she was his oldest friend, at least one that was still talking to him, but sometimes he just really wanted to smack her! "Ooh, look, they have éclairs! Do you think they're any good?" Hermione asked excitedly, after consulting the desert menu, and Harry snorted,

"Of course they are, we made them." Hermione's brown eyes rounded up like saucers and her mouth dropped open,


"Yeah, didn't I tell you we started catering for a few restaurants around Diagon Alley?" Harry asked while arranging his cutlery and refusing to look at his friend lest the smug smile that was tickling the corners of his mouth took over,

"Shut up! No way! You didn't tell me you little mongrel!" Hermione cried and punched Harry's arm, making the latter flinch a little and smile broadly,

"You're always too busy," Harry shrugged, "And get this, we supply to Florean Fortescue!" Hermione's eyes were practically sparkling at that,

"You guys are supplying sweets to the ice-cream shop?"

"Well, it's only biscuits and ice-cream waffles at the moment…" Harry said with a shrug, but Hermione wasn't fooled, the way he was practically glowing told her that her friend was more than a little proud of his achievements. And, by all means, he should be! Florean Fortescue was known for being far too posh to let just anyone dip their hands in his gelato bowl, as they say.

"Wow, sweetie, that's wonderful. Hell, if you made the éclairs here, then I simply must have them." Hermione said generously and Harry snorted, simply must have them, right… it was little wonder that all Hermione ever admitted to put into her system was salads, when she munched on pretty much everything that came out of Harry and Seamus' shop, courtesy of her loving, doting and more importantly, the biggest sweet-tooth in whole of London boyfriend- Draco Malfoy.

..o0o.. ..o0o.. ..o0o..

Harry walked into the bedroom, towelling his hair vigorously while trying to keep the towel wrapped around his waist from falling to the floor. Too busy to watch where he was going the bed suddenly sprung to surprise the young man,

"Ow, bugger!" He cried and tried to lean over to inspect the damage to his calf, while maintaining hold of the two towels. Remus didn't even look up from his book,

"Watch out, Cailean." Harry glared at him from under his towel but the glare was lost on his husband who didn't seem at all bothered that his spouse was suffering. Harry dropped his towels and narrowed his eyes, well, that sort of disregard would not do! Quick as a hunting lion he pounced, knocking all the air out of both himself and Remus. Remus groaned loudly, not that he much minded having his husband sprawled naked over him, but he would appreciate not having his book digging painfully into his ribs in the process.

"You're reading Dan Brown again?" Harry made a face when Remus finally managed to extract his book from between them, "Move on to something tasteful! Like Agatha Christie." He suggested generously while making himself comfortable on top of his husband.

"What's wrong with Dan Brown? He's fun." Remus argued indigenously, feeling rather miffed that his literature choices were being questioned. So what if he was a respectful teacher? So what if he was a scholar, smart and witty, even people like him had the right to read trash novels for fun! "Besides, Agatha Christie is too complicated, there are far too many characters in her books. By the time you finally figure out who was the killer you forget who was murdered in the first place!"

"That is truly tragic." Harry intoned gravely and Remus retaliated by pocking him in the ribs,

"Shut up." Harry squirmed a little, trying to get away from those devilishly long and pointed fingers, before he managed to grab Remus' hands and pin them to the mattress,

"What are your plans for tomorrow?" Remus shrugged,

"As it is my morning off I was rather hoping I'd stay home and ravish my beautiful husband." Harry wriggled his brows playfully at that; Wednesday was definitely his favourite day of the week. It was his day off and Remus' class-free morning and pretty much the only day in the week the two of them could wake up together and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Though, to be truly honest, most Wednesdays they simply didn't bother with breakfast.

"Hermione wants us to come by her office at nine a.m. tomorrow…" Harry said with a little pout and Remus rolled his eyes,

"Good gods, that woman never gives up, does she? What is it now? She wants to give us diagrams on best positions to conceive? She's relentless! And mental!" Harry leaned over and kissed the tip of Remus' nose, because frankly, he was just too adorable to resist.

"She says it's something else." Remus' shoulders sagged a little,

"Oh, then I suppose it's alright." Harry chuckled low in his throat, his whole body vibrating with the sound, and leaned closer again, this time for a proper kiss,

"Hmm, you said something about ravishing thy husband…"

"I was going to save it for tomorrow morning but as we're going to be busy…" Before Harry could respond Remus flipped him over easily, blankets and all. Harry shrieked in surprise, and soon found himself out of breath with laughter as he and Remus tried to untangle the mass of cloth they found themselves wrapped in. soon the comforter and sheets were strewn all over the floor and the two of them were finally, blissfully pressed skin to skin.

The shrill ring tone of David Bowie's "Space oddity" caused both men to jump apart in a hurry. If there was one thing Harry was glad for, it was the fact that the wizarding world started to embrace the muggle world, post-war. Of course, most of the 'embracing' included an almost stampede like inrush after every electronic device, from TV's and DVD's to cell phones and MP3 players. Severus Snape called it compensation and guilt, Harry was just glad he could talk to his friends without the added 'bonus' of getting all dirty and sooty from the floo. But even with all the technology it never failed to make both he and Remus jump up guiltily every time the phone rang. Remus reached over to the bedside table, grabbing the little offending gadget and flipped it open, barking into the mouthpiece,

"Yes? Pads… Do you have some sort of intuition that tells you when we're about to fuck or are you just watching us?!... Pervert! No. no, we don't want to go out clubbing… Sirius, it's a week night, some of us actually have to get up to work tomorrow morning… So what if I have a morning off? No!... Siriuuuuuuussssssssss…" Remus was practically whining at this point, before he handed the phone to Harry, "Here, you talk to him." Harry shook his head fondly, taking the offered phone,

"Siri… You know we both love you very much, but kindly bugger off so we can too. Bye bye." With that he snapped the phone shut and quirked his eyebrow at Remus, who smiled sheepishly,

"What? He's my best friend; I can't just hang up in his face…" Harry's response was holding out his hands, spreading his forefinger and thumbs, while touching the thumbs together to form the letter 'W',

"Whatever, Pookybear, I believe you were about to fuck me…"

..o0o.. ..o0o.. ..o0o..

A/N: I know this is not exactly following Seamus' words from the last chapter of 'Jaded', but the way I see it, Seamus' really a big queen with a dramatic flare to rival only Draco's. So this is how things really happened.

The whole conception during the full moon was actually my first idea to this sequel (before Aaron and everything), but eventually it turned into a little anecdote. Unless, of course… You'd like… to see it happen…? Let me know.