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Guys, this is it! The last and final chapter! I cannot believe I made it this far, and it only took three years! (Really, the first chapter was posted on September 2008). It's going to be weird for a while, but I've got plenty of new ideas that I need to get out so…

There won't be an official sequel to this (I don't really have anything else), there might be a couple of little one-shots from this universe, we'll see if I have the energy to actually write them.

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This is again one of Seamus' infamous letters, five years after- because I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mini-Moony- chapter Sixty-Three

..o0o.. ..o0o.. ..o0o..


Nev, my man, how are you doing? Still crawling through the jungles trying to tell apart one green bit from the next?

This is your yearly report of what is going on back here. It's yearly because you decided to bail on your trip home, just because you found a new leaf? I'll have to have words with your wife, only I think she was even more excited about it than you were… I mean, I've seen a fair share of leaves in my day and let me tell you, they all look basically the same! How exciting can a bloody new one be?

Back here in the 'motherland' (yours anyway) there's a new slew of pseudo nieces and nephews all waiting to see their uncle Nevi and aunty Han-nah… (Can't think of a way to cute this one up… sorry). ANYWAY! Lost has changed since I last wrote to you and since I can't be sure my letters actually reach you and are not being eaten by your plants I'll tell you all.

First off- So glad you decided to give my 3 years old girl a gardening kit! Saoirse, of course, loves the trowel best and our garden looks like we have an infestation of moles! As soon as you show your ugly mug around- you're going to fix it! She's quite the little devil that girl is. Bill and I are thinking she could use with a sibling and soon! And as much as we'd like to pull a Harry (and we don't thank you very much) we're gonna go with the normal gay way- surrogacy, just like with Saoirse. Maybe this time Bill's sperm will win and we'll end up with a redhead. It'll be so bloody wonderful! With the proper name people will think he or she are full Irish!

Speaking about Harry, you have got to see his new baby! Remember how we thought that Hannah-Rose was chubby as a baby? Noah is about twice the size she was. I'm telling you, if those two keep on reproducing they're going to end up with a little elephant in a couple of kids! But they sure are cute, and very much cuddly.

Oh, OH! Big news! You know Hermione? The girl who's petrified by the mere mention of kids? Guess what? She's pregnant! She said that it was Draco's fault and that he was pushing very hard on the subject of children until she finally caved in. if you ask me the two got drunk one night and forgot to use protection. Bloody breeders. Anyway, now there's a very perplexing and much anticipated girl on the way (perplexing to her mother, anticipated by her father) and the only thing left for Draco to do is try and wear Hermione down on the subject of marriage- I say he should stock up on firewhiskey.

Also in the 'up the duff' department- my lovely cousin Mairead and Sirius are expecting- twins no less. More Finnigans to spread around! We're going to take over the world, one kid at the time! Which leaves us with 2 more kids to complete the collection- Edison, the little devil child of George and Fernando who is only two years old and already takes after the Weasley twins. I say- sedative potions, they never hurt anyone. Probably.

And of course there's Claire, Severus Snape's girl who may look all Tonks but has all the personality of her father- yeah, you can imagine just how much fun she is…

That's pretty much all I've got in that area- but the way things are going here, by the time you read this there may be a few more cropping up. BTW, what about you? No buns in the oven? You didn't adopt an entire tribe of natives down there, have you?

The shop is doing great, we won another award and we're about to explode with pride and self-importance, but we'll try not to, at least not all over this parchment… I'm sure you'll be thrilled to learn that the garden you guys planted in the center's yard is absolutely amazing. Sasha turned out to have the greenest thumbs I've ever seen; you guys might want to recruit him on your 'team leaf'. Of course you'll have to go through Pansy Parkinson first, and she doesn't share well! Who would have thought our little Pans will grow up to be a cougar?

The center itself is booming and blooming and nowadays deals with every and all dark creatures that show up at their doorstep. In fact, it's so successful that the Ministry is now fully sponsoring the place and that means they can employ Severus as a full-time potions master and lower the costs of wolfsbane potion significantly. And since Fenrir Greyback was finally caught last year and incarcerated and with a bit of luck soon all his cronies will be too hopefully in a couple of years there won't be any new werewolves in the UK. That's a huge success any way you look at it!

What else? Dean finally got some sense and moved to London and had now made it his life mission to sleep with every available girl in town, aided by none other than Fred Weasley. I actually think they are competing on a monthly score and then the loser treats the winner to a fancy dinner. But I'm yet to prove anything; I'll let you know when I find out for sure.

I think that pretty much sums up the people and things you actually care about so…

Oh, sweet Merlin's balls, I almost forgot the best piece of gossip! Arthur Weasley is dating Andromeda Tonks! Yes! The widower Tonks has fallen for the ginger charm! If they actually end up married that would make me related to… Actually it won't change much for me- I'm already married to a Weasley and my cousin in married into the Black family. And I just realized that I'm related to Snape! Bloody hell… I bet you're having a huge laugh at my expense right now, well, to that I say- No cake for you!

So, as you can see our jungle here is also full of life and new discoveries are to be made all the time so you better come back here and explore us too!

Take care not to be eaten by anything (If you haven't already…)



..o0o.. ..o0o.. ..o0o..


..o0o.. ..o0o.. ..o0o..

A/N: I guess most of you are quite confused by how Bill and Seamus ended up together. Well, I have an entire arc about this one- Oliver (Seamus' infamous ex) made an order of a wedding cake for the Wood wedding. Seamus, naturally, flipped and refused to do it. Oliver then showed up at the shop to talk to Seamus and as it turned out the wedding was actually his father's not his. Oliver also asked Seamus if they can start over and asked him out. Seamus managed to refuse but just barely.

When he told about this to Adam they realized that while their relationship is comfortable and sweet they don't challenge each other. They decided to break up and stay friends (and pretty much managed it).

Bill entered the story not long after, he came to visit Harry in the shop and found Seamus instead. Seamus was still a little shaken from the whole Oliver/Adam story and Bill was very supportive and comforting. Then Bill returned to Jordan and for a while wasn't heard from. When he came back he and Seamus re-met and hooked up and stayed together ever since. They got married and had a baby girl in 2006. Her name, Saoirse is to be pronounced Sershe. I have a weakness to Irish and Welsh names, I think they're absolutely gorgeous.

This is Seamus' story in a nutshell. I wanted to incorporate it into this story but just couldn't find the right place for it. Perhaps I'll write it separately, we'll see.

When they first met Pansy was 24 years old and Sasha 19. Does that count as cougar?

Quick summing up of all the children:

Harry and Remus have three children- Aaron, who is now 9 years old, Hannah-Rose who is 5 years old and Noah who is one year old.

Hermione and Draco are expecting.

Seamus and Bill Weasley have Saoirse who is 3 years old.

Severus and Tonks have Cleo who is 9 years old and Claire who is 2 years old.

George and Fernando have Edison who is 2 years old.

Sirius and Mairead are expecting.

James and Lily are doing very well, still busy with the center and driving everyone up the wall.

Ginny Weasley is in Azkaban for trying to poison Harry and Molly has gone into seclusion in 'The Burrow' and refuses to see or speak to any of her children (that are not in jail).

I think that's it, right? We've covered all the interesting people.

Thank you again for sticking with me and I hope to see you all in my next story. Peace out.