Emerald Skies


Disclaimer: I do not own Perfect Dark or any of the game's characters or entities. I have no affiliation whatsoever to the game's creators either. Additionally, denoted original characters are copyrighted and are not to be used in any other story for any reason. This story is purely a work of fiction, and any similarities to any real-life events (past, present, or future) are purely coincidental.

A/N:This story is loosely based on the events of Perfect Dark Zero, and the dataDyne storyline of Perfect Dark. However, this story has nothing to do with any media associated with the Perfect Dark series. This story has an M rating for violence and language in later chapters (it was originally a T rating).

Unknown Location – December 12, 2026 – 6:45pm.

Cassandra DeVries stood on an empty balcony, facing a darkening sky. She sighed as she watched the sun set in the west, leaving some clouds to follow. Cassandra hated the life that she had to live and heavily regretted many of her past actions...a countless list to be more specific. Most notably, she regretted ever getting with the Skedar; a move that ultimately placed dataDyne on the brink of collapse. She realized that though the deal with the Skedar was too good to reject, she failed to realize that the whole thing was booby trapped. Her greed overcame her conscience and landed her in a situation where her life was on the line.

After the collapse of dataDyne in 2024: Core Mantis-Omni Global took over all the company's assets and operations, making CMO the largest and only hypercorp left on the planet. Cassandra was especially disappointed at that outcome. All of her dreams, including what would have been the next version of , were shattered when the company fell from prominence. The once-competing SafeFlight technology was now being implemented worldwide and that alone, made Cassandra cringe.

The only reason that Cassandra was even alive was because she chose not to die in the Skedar campaigns. When the tall blonde man, the same Skedar in disguise that had deceived her, had given orders to take out the Carrington Institute, Cassandra knew that he would take her out of their picture as well. She constructed several clones of herself, hoping not to be found in the mix. Oddly enough, the aliens fell for clone #193034 and took it onboard their ship. Cassandra could only imagine what could have happened on the craft during that fateful evening back in 2023.

Needless to say, Cassandra was relieved when she learned that the Skedar were taken out by the Maians...and Joanna Dark. However, she knew from that day on, her life would never be the same again. With the remembrance aside, Cassandra headed back into her secluded villa to get some needed rest.