Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, any of its plots or characters. They are the property of its creator an his/her affiliates. The only character in this short fic that I own is ChiChi.

Rating: This is suitable for all ages unless you don't like mild violence.

Author's Note: This fic is a result of watching too many FMA and Envy AMVs on YouTube. This is a dream that I had. It's kinda weird and kinda cool all at the same time. I've never really seen FMA, so the characters may not be in character. Please don't pelt me with rotting fruits and veggies or attempt to maim me.

School Hall Rumble: An FMA Fanfic

By: Chitasamisu

It had been an normal day at Northern High School… well, almost a normal day…

"I see you two shorties just won't give up," Envy called out from the end of the hallway with a smug look on his face.

"Don't call me 'shorty'!" Edward and ChiChi bellowed from the other end of the hall.

ChiChi and Ed took off down the hallway in hot pursuit of Envy. He continuously dodged everything the Fullmetal Alchemist and the martial artist threw his way. ChiChi caught up with Envy first and initiated a roundhouse kick, but was thwarted when Envy took hold of her leg and flung her backward, causing her and Ed to collide mid-air. The two flew backward and hit the ground hard, but were not harmed.

"Chi, are you alright?" Ed asked holding onto her.

"Yeah, I'm just fine, don't worry about me," she replied to him getting up.

"Heh! I guess going easy on you was a mistake, eh ChiChi," Envy taunted. "Female or not, I won't go easy on you next time!"

ChiChi and Ed recovered quickly and continued the chase until they reached the gymnasium. They walked inside and saw that the students therein were all doing various activities, but there was no sight of Envy. A familiar blonde approached the two waving and smiling.

"ChiChi! Ed! How's it going?" she said cheerfully.

"Heya Winry!" ChiChi smiled to the girl. "Have you seen--" Her question was cut short when she saw Ed pass her lunging toward Winry at full speed.

She was shocked when she saw -who she thought was Winry- Envy disintegrate his disguise and dodge Ed's punch. ChiChi became furious at his deception and initiated another kick toward him while he was still in the air, making contact with his stomach when he landed. Envy recoiled holding himself and quickly went in to attack ChiChi. She blocked and dodged as best she could from his attacks and was relieved when she saw Ed coming for him as well.

As if he anticipated Ed's intentions, Envy sprung into a series of gymnastic moves, dodging his attacks and his alchemy. Envy landed in front of the gym's exit with poise. They all realized that they were still inside the school when the students in the gym began to applaud them, thinking that their fight was an act. Ed, ChiChi, and Envy all bowed and waved to the students. While Envy was still soaking in the applause and attention, Ed and ChiChi forced him out of the door with a double clothesline. Ed jumped onto him and began to beat him furiously until Envy flipped him off and stood up.

"Heh, it's too bad you sided with Shorty, ChiChi," Envy spoke with an evil smirk on his face. "You would have been my perfect girl."

"I'm not short!" Ed screamed at him.

"What makes you think I'd be your girlfriend, Envy?" ChiChi spat. "I don't date palm trees."

Envy scowled at ChiChi for her "palm tree" remark. Ed went forward to attack Envy once more, but it was dodged once again with acrobatic flips. The three took off down the hallways of the school once again, continuing their fight until Envy finally ran off, leaving ChiChi and Ed to wonder where he went and when would he show up to cause more chaos.

-The End-