My heart sank

My vision blurred

I didn't understand

You sounded so absurd

I stood there

Time went still

My body motionless

My mind ill

"I don't want you anymore."

He said

His voice apathetic, listless,


And then you vanished

I tried to follow

Step by step

My heart grew hollow

The day turned dark

Everything the same

I tripped on something

My body went lame

I laid there unmoving

My soul forlorn

"I'll never leave you."

He had once sworn

My face was wet

I thought it was tears

But it started to rain, the pain

So cold, it pierced like spears

My heart was aching

He had torn it ragged

I held my body close

Trying to pad it

I could see your cold, beautiful face in my mind

Your final words repeating

"It'll be as if I never existed."

And then my heart stopped beating