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A/N: I'm not sure this is even that funny, but I'm gonna post it anyway. I watched an old episode of SpongeBob last night, which sparked the idea for some reason, and of course, Morrison and Miz make me laugh...so that's another. Enjoy and send a review my way. :D

"Morrison and Miz go to the beach…"

"Mike, let's go to the beach today," John Morrison says to his tag team partner, signature sunglasses on, sitting inside a nearly empty Starbucks. "I want to go scope out hot girls." He smirks a little, and arranges his sunglasses again. "You know, girls want me."

Miz rolls his eyes, shaking his head, very used to John's banter. "John, its Labor Day. Do you know how packed the beach is going to be? And yes, I know girls want you, you tell me so every day. They want me too."

"So? I want to go to the beach so I can suntan my rock hard abs. Do you know you could possibly grate cheese on them? I heard it's possible." Morrison rubs his hands over his torso, smiling to himself. He knew he was hot and basked in it. Every little ounce of his energy outside the ring went into making himself look good, especially for the ladies. "And of course they do, you hang out with me, the Guru of Greatness."

"Yes, John, I know," Miz says, nodding. "You tell me that everyday too." The 'Chick Magnet' pauses. "Fine, we'll go to the beach. But I am not playing Ariel again. I can't swim under water!" I'm gonna get him back, with the ladies today, Miz thinks.

"Well, Miz, you're no fun. See, that's why the ladies all come to me! You're now the chick repellent, you know?" John muses.

"Wow, you know big words," Miz mumbles, rolling his eyes. Cautiously, he looks up, hoping that John hadn't heard. He hadn't, which was a good thing. "And I do so still get the ladies, now let's go. We'll see who has more girls flocking to their side once we get there."

At the beach the duo learned how packed it really was. On almost every inch of sand laid human traces, people, towels, you could name it, it was most likely there. "Whoa, look at that one," Miz whistles, pointing to a long haired redhead, in a yellow and white polka dot bikini. "She's mine," Miz informs him.

"Hell naw, man. I'm going after her now. After all, I am the Shaman of Sexy, Miz. You just look like a chipmunk on acid," he explains, jutting his hair back and tilting his sunglasses at an angle so he could see. "Watch and learn, chip."

"I do NOT look like a chipmunk!" Miz calls after him, rolling his eyes. A few hot girls walk by, giggling. "It was a dare – I don't look like a chipmunk," he yells at them, which hurries them away faster. "Ladies?! You love me! I don't do acid! I'm not a squirrel, chipmunk, whatever rodent you're thinking!"

Miz sighs, sitting down on the edge of the boardwalk. He watches Morrison totally sweet talk the girl, moving his lips slowly, and showcasing his abs. She's staring hard at him, leaning closer until they peck lips. "How does he do that?" Miz asks himself frustrated. "I want a woman like that, but with experience."

"Hey big boy, I can give you experience," says a woman who had to be in her seventies. Miz's expression changes to horrified as she leans closer, trying to kiss him.

"Oh my God, EW!" he shouts, running down the boardwalk, as the woman chases him.

Meanwhile, John is now smirking. The redhead, Carly is watching the other past tag team partner run down the beach. "See, this happens because he looks like a chipmunk on acid," John explains to Carly.

Carly nods, obviously not really smart. "Oh…I see. Does he do that a lot?"

"Pretty much," John says with a smile. "Just about every time I prove him wrong."