The Beast

"Full moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my owwwwwwwn!"

Ron rubbed the sleep from his eyes and peered out of the window of the spare bedroom at Shell cottage. There, bathed in moonlight, was his brother, drunk, naked and singing.

He slid the window open and glanced around to see if Fleur was going to appear and drag her husband back inside but there was no sign of her. He climbed out and jogged across the cold grass towards him.


The naked man with the red ponytail spun around on the spot and grinned at Ron.

"My brother!"

He staggered towards him and threw his arms around him. Ron stumbled back a step before steadying himself and tried to hug Bill back without putting his hands, well anywhere!

"What are you doing out here?"

"It's the full moon, Ron, I'm supposed to be an animal."

"But you're not, you're a man," Ron said as he pushed Bill back to hold him at arm's length so he could look at his face.

"I'm a chewed up man," Bill said before pulling away from Ron and singing to the moon again, "he chewed me up, and spat me out, I faced it all and I stood tall, and I did it myyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaay!"

"Keep it down, you'll wake Fleur," Ron said as he tried to pull Bill back towards the house.

"Fleur is dreamlessly sleeping," Bill said with a shrug, "as should you be young man. I drugged you when I dosed her."

Ron frowned.

"The hot chocolate?"

"Why didn't you drink it?"

"Why did you spike it?"

"Hello?" Bill said as he stood before Ron with his arms wide and his tackle swinging.

"Did you not think about doing what I did and not getting tanked, stripping off and running around the garden singing instead of knocking out your loved ones?"

Bill let his arms fall to his sides and looked at Ron with a sad frown that crinkled the scars on his forehead and made them shine in the moonlight.

"I have a bit of a beast inside me, Ron, and if I don't howl at the bloody moon I'll be a snappy pain in Fleur's arse all day tomorrow."

Ron frowned too.

"So it really makes you feel better?"

Bill nodded.

Ron looked up at the moon and then down at his t shirt and pyjama bottoms. Then he peeled them off.

"Ron, what are you doing?" Bill asked, uneasy about seeing his baby brother in the nude, especially seeing as he hadn't seen Ron naked since he was about four years old.

"I'm gonna get naked and howl at the moon," Ron said as he kicked his clothes away and took in a bracing breath of cool air.

"But why?"

Ron looked at his brother and then thought about the thing that had driven him away from his friends.

"Because I had a beast inside me too, and I'm sick of running away from it.