Mistaken Transfer

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Natasia: Yay I'm back!

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Asuna: What! Why not?

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Konoka: So who is in the story?

Natasia: Noah is. (Points to Noah)

Noah: Yup! I'm the main Character.

Asuna: What ever dude.

Noah: What jealous?

Asuna: Why would I be jealous of a brat?

Noah: I don't know, you tell me.

Natasia: Well please enjoy, oh and hint-hint, my writing style kind of changed.

It was Monday morning and I was wide awake, ready to head to the airport.

I paced back and forth in my room as I waited for the time to pass by. Tick, tick, tick it slowly went, taunting me.

"Uggh! I can't take this! I yelled as I picked up the clock and threw it across the room causing a loud smash.

"Noah what was that?!" I heard my mom yell from her room.

"Uhh, nothing! I responded looking around for where the clock had ended up.

"Luckily it didn't hit anything." I sighed picking up the thrown object and setting it back down in its original place. Still bored I took out my I-pod and listened to I'd Do Anything, sung by Simple Plan.

"I'd do anything, just to hold you in my arms to try to make you laugh cause some how I can't put you in the past…" Apparently I was too bust singing I didn't notice my older brother, Ritsuki about to throw a football at me.

Whoosh! As the football came spiraling toward me I quickly sensed it's motion and caught it in my left hand, I-pod in the right.

"Drat, so close!" I heard my brother say as he walked into my room dark hair flowing with each step he took, my hair was so plain and blue compared to his.

"You jerk! I'm leaving today and you're still trying to hurt me? I yelled as I heard him snicker.

"Man, I can't wait to get to Mahora and see Cousin Setsuna." I said grinning happily, while my brother complained.

"Geez your lucky, being able to travel to Japan, going to Mahora for boys and girls. Hmm wonder why Cousin Setsuna only talked about 2 boys in all her letters. Ritsuki said getting up to leave.

As I watched him leave with a confused look on his face I pondered on the problem that he had left for me to solve. Brushing off the matter I sat on my bed and waited for my dad to call for me.

After a three minute wait I heard my dad call my name. I got up quickly, slinging my backpack over my shoulder to look all cool with my red shades on.


As I flew out of my room and headed down stairs to the garage I heard my dog's little paws on the wooden floors. Turning around I saw him chasing after me like he always does.

"Come on boy!" I shouted running even faster and watched the little pup scamper after me. Finally reaching my destination I carried the little furry creature in my arms and brought him into the garage where I saw my mom, dad and brother waiting for me.

"Noah time to go, kiddo." My father said patting my head as if I was five again. Mom came over to me and hugged me as tightly as she could. I almost suffocated from the force she had on me.

When she finally released me, I sighed happily knowing I can leave N.C in 1 piece. And than there was Ritsuki, the dude pulled me into a full nelson, which he knew I hated.

Struggling, I tried my hardest to get out of his hold. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. Planting my feet firmly on the ground I used Ritsuki's weight against him, causing him to flip over and smash his head on the carpeted ground.

"Ow, damn you!" He yelled clutching his head. Yes! It worked. I smiled happily as I saw my brother on the ground hands on his head. After a while I extended my hand out to him.

Taking it firmly he got up and patted me on the back.

"Good work, you're finally learning." He said slapping me on the back. It was a slight shock that my brother had actually congratulated me but, that made me feel happy.

Ringo watched happily wagging his little furry tail as he looked up at me with those red colored eyes. Smiling at him I picked him up bring him onto my head, ya he was that small and light.

"Time to head to Mahora academy buddy!" I said rushing into the car and putting my seat belt on. My mom placed my suitcases on the seat next to me while Ritsuki got into the driver's seat along with my dad in the passenger seat next to him.

The drive was long but, seemed short. As I watched the cars pass by us on the highway I got excited when I saw the airport up ahead. Seeing those large flying vehicles flying in the air got me thinking about how it would be cool to fly like that.

Slowly making our way to Northwest Airlines I looked at all the people we passed by. There were so many of them and they all looked so unique, so many cultural clothing.

"There it is!" I said pointing to the sign with the words Northwest on them. I practically jumped out of my seat as I got Ringo in his carrying bag and all of my other bags.

Walking into the airport I ran over to the check in desk and got ready to head to my terminal. Dad and Ritsuki had said their good byes to me, as Ringo and I headed up on the escalator.

"Where here at the airport, isn't this exciting Ringo?" I asked looking into Ringo's carrying case and saw him wagging his tail. That to me was a definite yes. Walking around I made it to terminal B-12 and oh no we were already boarding!

I ran quickly boarding pass in hand, whew I made. I walked into the long tunnel that lead to the plane, as I made my way into the plane I found my seat and was glad that it was an aisle seat.

Setting Ringo on my seat I placed my carry on suitcase in the compartment above me and my back pack under the seat in front of me. As soon as I was done I sat down with Ringo's carrying case on my lap.

"Ok, I'm settled." I said waiting for the plane to depart. After a 7 and a half minutes the plane started to move. We made our way out of the terminal and sped down the runway.

"Here we go, next stop Mahora." I said holding Ringo's case. Ringo was asleep already so I sat him down next to me. I was lucky that no one sat next to me but, I did have someone sitting at the window seat.

He was really mean and reminded me of Ritsuki by the way he spoke and looked. After the plane was in the air for an hour I was already snoozing and didn't wake up till we got into China.

Arising from my slumber I woke to find that we had already landed and that we were getting out. Standing up quickly I grabbed my backpack, suitcase and Ringo, and sprinted out of the plane.

As I got into the Chinese airport I saw Jiang Yuyuan and waved at her. Recognizing me from before she waved back as she went to board a plane headed to Beijing.

Running over to Terminal D-23, I saw a really cool looking dude with black hair and a lot of yellow highlights.

"Wow, wish I had hair like that." I said passing by the man and headed to my terminal. I still had 11 minutes till we boarded so I decided to give Ringo some food and have a bite to eat.

Looking around I saw a salad bar and went there. After paying for my food and beverage I walked back to my seat and ate along with Ringo. The long wait was over when I had finished my delicacy and cleaned up after myself.

Finally it was off to my last destination, Japan! Getting into the plane I sat myself down in my assigned seat and found that only one person was going to be seated in my aisle again.

This time the person that sat next to me was a girl. Her name was Anya and she was really nice and at the same time familiar. We got to know each other; she said she was from Wales, England. The plane was already soaring through the air when she asked me why I was going to Japan.

"Well my Cousin is going to this place called Mahora so I decided to travel to Japan so I can go to school in Japan." I said smiling and scratching the back of my head.

"Really? My friend teaches at Mahora!" She exclaimed in surprise. I was happy to hear that, maybe I'll meet her friend. The flight was only a two hour one so I didn't bother falling asleep.

As we got ready to land I looked out the window and saw it, Japan!

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