Make it Last

Make it Last

Summary: Sequel to "Make it Stop." Once again, Dr. Schwann is thrown into the personal lives of Nathan and Haley, as well as their friends and family. Mostly Naley.

Note: So here it is, the 3rd and most likely last in the "Make it …" series. Thank you guys for all the reviews and praise for the stories in this series. I hope I make this latest one worth your while. I'm sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, I wanted to post this up fast. I'll have more to say at the end.

. . . . .

Dr. Schwann looked at the young couple in front of her. She thought she had gotten rid of them, but once again they have proven her wrong once again. They were like a bad itch, you couldn't scratch, an unwanted guest who never wanted to leave. When she first met them, she already knew they weren't going to be your typical couple. Most of the couples she dealt with fell into one of two main categories. The first being a couple who married too fast and realized that they may have gotten married for all the wrong reasons and that they didn't know each other too well. The other was couples who have been together for a while but for some reason lost their magic. Nathan and Haley Scott were in a category all their own.

At first, their problems were legitimate. Nathan came off a devastating injury, coupled with a slut of nanny that strained the young couple's marriage, not to mention the history they had before Nathan's injury. Dr. Schwann just helped the reconnect during their very first session.The love and passion was there, it never left, it just got channeled the wrong way and Dr. Schwann thought she set them straight. She was proven wrong when Haley showed up again, this time claiming that they were too close, or rather excessively intimate.

That was a few weeks ago. A few weeks since Dr. Schwann thought that Nathan and Haley finally made a compromise, where Nathan agreed to keep his boxers on. A few weeks since she thought the Scott Circus, which includes relatives and extended friends, had finally come to an end. Once again, Dr. Schwann was terribly wrong.

"Haley.." Dr. Schwann said, scratching her head. ".. I'm a little bit confused.." Dr. Schwann said as Haley complained about Nathan not giving her attention.

"You and I both Doc.." Nathan chimed in. Haley turned her head and gave her husband and glaring look.

"You .. shut up.. this is all your fault." Haley retorted.

"Haley.." Dr. Schwann said in a gentle tone to calm the situation down. "I have to agree with Nathan here.."

"Ha!" Nathan exclaimed proudly, but received another glare from his wife and this time from Dr. Schwann as well.

"Sorry.." Nathan mumbled as he slouched down on his chair.

"Like.. I was saying.. I have to agree with Nathan here, I thought this is what you wanted… I thought you wanted to make it stop.. with Nathan's .. umm.. antics.."

"Well.. I meant stop.. not stop completely! Nathan is completely freezing me out !!" Haley exclaimed.

"I'm not freezing you out .. I'm just doing what you asked!" Nathan shot back.

"Right.." Haley said sarcastically.

"What? It's the truth!" Nathan replied.

"Yeah.. like I believe you when you said that you caught your mom swimming topless in our pool.." Haley shook her head. "How absurd! Your mother wouldn't do anything like that, especially with Jamie in the house."

"You can ask her yourtself!" Nathan exclaimed.

"Whatever… it's always about the nanny swimming in the pool.. that's a poor excuse Nathan!"

"Haley.. I wasn't telling you the truth.. besides.. you know how she is." Nathan said in a calm but frustrated mood. "You try getting in the mood after seeing that!" Nathan said

truthfully. It was one of the few, rare times, where he really couldn't get it up.

"Fine.. let's just say I believe you.." Haley tried to sound calm. "It doesn't change the fact that you're also hiding behind Jamie."

"What? I am not hiding behind Jamie.."

"Really.. what about this morning?"

"What about this morning?" Nathan asked.


Haley's eyes fluttered open and she instinctively stretched out her arm, only to find an empty bed. Haley sat up and looked around. There was no sign of her husband. She instantly groaned to herself as she looked over at the clock. Getting up, she mumbled to herself, complaining about Nathan. She got up from the bed and put her bathrobe on. She stepped outside the master bedroom and walked inside Jamie's room. Haley wasn't surprised to see that Jamie wasn't there as well. Haley clutched her stomach and tightened her robe as she reluctantly headed for the bathroom to start her day.

After getting ready, Haley looked at herself in the mirror and was checking herself out. She had to admit that she loved the red dress she had on that Brooke had given her from Clothes over Bros. She applied one last layer of lipstick and straightened the hem of skirt. She could already smell the coffee that Nathan most likely made. She straightened her hair one more time and left the room. She could only hope that Nathan would see her and drag her back up to the bedroom. Maybe the cup of coffee was what Nathan needed to get up, this morning, Haley thought to herself. Her hopes were quickly dashed as she made her way to the kitchen.

"NBA is a pipe dream son, you might as well give it up." Nathan said, playing with Jamie.

"No, it's not.. I'm Nathan Scott!!" Jamie exclaimed.

"Ohh.. two points.." Haley laughed, as she saw Jamie pretend to dunk. She had to admit that Jamie always put her in good spirits. Her husband, on the other hand, always seemed to put her a certain type of mood. She glanced at him and cursed him for wearing a black, raven's coach shirt and basketball shorts. What I wouldn't do for him to lay me up, Haley thought to herself. She hated how the fabric clung to him, leaving her with images of with out it. She also thought about Nathan coaching, blowing his whistle and giving orders. She would love for Nathan to boss her around, wearing the whistle around his neck.. only wearing the whistle around his neck.

"Hey Momma.." Jamie said, bring Haley back from her daydream.


"You should've seen Daddy last night.." Jamie spoke. You're not the only one who wished she saw daddy last night, Haley sighed to herself. "He's going to play in the NBA for sure."

"Oh we'll see huh." Haley said picking Jaime up. "Hey listen, umm I was talking to Chester and apparently he hasn't been fed this morning."

Jamie sighed. "He always tell on me."

"Uh hu.. you better get out of here you wascally rabbit feeder.. go.."

Haley put Jamie down as he ran back to his room to feed Chester. Now that he was gone, Haley focused her attention to her husband, who was pouring her a cup of coffee.

"Making progress on the court, hun?"

"Yeah.. first time I felt like I was on my way back."

"Really.." Haley said leaning up close to him. "How about some progress on my court.." Haley said seductively, running her hands across his chest.

"Hales.. I have to take Jamie to school.."

Haley grabbed and sighed again. She could already here Jamie running back downstairs. "God Nathan, I could kill you if I didn't want you so badly."

Nathan laughed and gave his wife a kiss on the forehead.

"Don't' try to be sweet." Haley pouted. "Now.. I have to go to the bathroom again.. thanks a lot!" Haley said, getting up and walking away.

End Flashback

"Right.. you had to wake him up early huh.. and conveniently drop him off."

"What!? I really had to drop him off!" Nathan shot back.

"He can be late.. it's pre-school.. not a college midterm!"

"See!" Nathan turned to Dr. Schwann. "She's the crazy one.. not me!"

Dr. Schwann contemplating about committing both of them. It seemed only yesterday, Haley was complaining about too much sex, now she craved for it like an addict. Dr. Schwann didn't know whether to feel annoyed at the situation, or jealous that she had a husband like Nathan.

"I'm crazy!" Haley mocked. "My husband doesn't want me .. and I'm the one who's crazy." Haley said choking up.

"Baby.. I'm just doing what you asked.. I toned it down.." Nathan tried to soothe his wife by placing his hand on her back but she pulled away.

"No.." She pouted. "You don't want me anymore.. you don't think I'm sexy.."

"Babe .. how can you not think that.."

"You think I'm fat don't you!"

"Haley.. you are not fat!" Nathan sighed. Dr. Schwann shook her head, poor Nathan, she thought.

"Yes.. I am .." Haley said on the verge of tears. "You were never like this with Jamie… this is all your fault!" Haley turned her head the opposite way.

"Haley.." Nathan pleaded but Haley continued to ignore him.

"Haley, what's going on?" Dr. Schwann chimed in.

"My husband thinks I'm fat and unattractive, weren't you paying attention!" Haley exclaimed.

"Wait.. hold on.." Dr. Schwann paused. "Haley.. are .. are you pregnant?"

"Yes.. didn't I tell you.."

"Actually.. you didn't.." Dr. Schwann responded.

"Oh.." Nathan and Haley looked at each other.

"Opps.. must've slipped my mind." Haley waved her hand dismissively. "I guess I was too mad with Mr. Tease over here.." Dr. Schwann shook her head again. At least this explains everything, Dr. Schwann thought to herself. Dr. Schwann had to bite her tongue, she would like nothing more than to yell at them, but they paid good money and their unnecessary therapy sessions were paying for her new car.

"So, let me get this straight." Dr. Schwann tried to stay calm. "You're pregnant and you don't think Nathan is giving you enough attention."

"Exactly!" Haley exclaimed.

"No.. it's not .. I give her all the attention in the world." Nathan shot back.

"Yeah.. up here." Haley motioned to her face and then motioned to the rest of her body ".. but not here."

"Hales.. I've been busy with basketball.."

"Nathan.." Dr. Schwann interrupted, looking at her watch to see that her next appointment would be coming in soon. "The simplest advice I can give to couples, especially expecting couples is to listen to your wife. Listen to her and do what she asks."

"Yes… Dr. Schwann, finally someone makes sense. Did you hear that Nathan?"

"Yes.." Nathan mumbled.

"Now.." She turned to him and grabbed his shirt again. "If you get to score on the basketball court, you bet your sweet ass that I better score in the bedroom.. now let's go home." Haley said as her hand gently grazed Nathan's chest.

Haley got up and shook Dr. Schwann's hand. "Thank you doctor.. I feel better.. and hopefully this one over here will make me feel a whole lot better soon." Haley motioned to her husband. "Nathan the doctor and let's go..." Haley said as she walked out of the office.

Nathan reached into his pocket and pulled out a check he had already written out earlier.

"Here you go Doc.. thanks." Nathan handed her the check.

"Nathan.. I am serious about what I said. Congratulations on the pregnancy.. can't say I'm surprised.." Dr. Schwann chuckled. "But a pregnant women's hormones plays a toll on her emotions, as you can see, and also increases her sex drive."

"Oh I know." Nathan said, trying to hold back his smirk. Dr. Schwann gave him a curious look.

"Look, when I toned it down, I almost damn near killed myself, this pregnancy is the best thing ever." Nathan smiled. "The more she thinks I don't want to be with her the more she wants me.. I have her right where I want her."

"Nathan!" Dr. Schwann gasped.

"Hey look Doc." Nathan slipped her another check. "Don't tell this to my wife.."

"Nathan, let's go!!" Haley yelled from outside.

"Luckily I parked far away from the security guards, she's probably going to pounce me as soon as we get in the car." Nathan's grin grew wider. "8 more months of this.." Nathan rubbed his hand excitedly.

Dr. Schwann shook her head.

"NATHAN!!" Haley called out again.

".. I'm definitely going to milk it for all it's worth… hey Doc.. don't look at me like that.. a baby is a big deal.. it took us five years for the birth control to fail.. the way Haley is right now… she's such a firecracker in bed.. " Nathan smirked. ".. I have to make it last.." Nathan let the words fall out of his mouth as he eagerly left the office.

Dr. Schwann watched as Nathan left the room with an extra step in his walk. She shook her head once more, they are definitely by far the strangest couple she ever dealt with.

To Be Continued . . .

I hoped you enjoyed. This chapter only featured Nathan and Haley, but other characters will show up, at least for now, Lucas will definitely be back. I barrowed a scene from last night's premiere. I stopped writing the next chapter of Thicker than Blood to finish this chapter. The premiere last night inspired me with this story. But look for the next chapter of Thicker than Blood sometime this week. Now that OTH is back, my creative juices are once again flowing. Since I am still pretty busy, I am considering having someone beta/ review my work before I post it so it'll save me time. If someone is interested, please let me know. Anyways, please review!!

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Speaking of the premiere, I was hoping for Brooke, but we all knew it was going to be Peyton. I'm not counting Brooke out just yet, I will once the show ends haha! As soon as I saw Carrie, I wanted to hit her with a bus. I hope Dan escapes and strangles the beotch. I did read that Carrie is back and I was afraid that her and Dan were working together. Hopefully, this kidnapping will at least soften him up in Nathan and Haley's eyes and let Dan spend some time with Jamie. I know what Dan did was horrible but if Dan does the right thing, then I'm all for him to be in Jamie's life, in a small role of course. Nathan should tell Dan, that he should be the one to explain why his parents don't want him near his grandpa. Lastly, is this the last we're seeing of Mouth and Milli? Aww.. and skills and deb, I don't know but it's pretty funny. We'll see where this goes. Nathan is going to flip when he finds out! Poor Skills and Deb! Poor Brooke!! Ahh.. didn't see that one coming.

Now, I agree with people with the lack of Naley, but at least they aren't fighting or anything like last season. I mean they weren't all over like Lucas and Peyton, but I could understand the writer's not wanting to give them so much PDA. I did love the breakfast moment with Naley and Jamie once again steals with show. His dancing was so cute, especially when he's with the team and Haley. I hope Nathan's back problems isn't serious and that someone like Haley spots it. It was nice to see Nathan and Haley act so comfortable around each other and the short kisses and the loving looks they gave each other was nice but I do hope for some more Naley moments with just the two of them. It'd be nice to see them intimate again. Can't wait for next week!