Make it Last


Thank you for your reviews and I'm glad I'm finally wrapping up this series. Again I am so sorry for the long delay. The last chapter was so long that I broke it up and I think it was a good thing I did that as it helps wraps up the whole "Make It" series up. And also helps sets up for this season's premiere. I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous. I can't imagine the show with out Lucas. Peyton, yes, but Lucas and Nathan, they are OTH. Oh the sadness. But Naley is still there and I think that making Julian full time and adding in Clayton and Haley's sister was a good idea but I don't think they should be the main focus, it should be Naley and Brooke with Julian in the forefront and then slowly increase the roles of Clayton and Quinn. As far as the other girl is concerned, I think she's not needed. Well, here's hoping for the best!

Like I said before, I went away on vacation and just got back, I hope to get writing on some other of my stories this weekend. I hope to wrap up Stillness soon, Behind the Scenes and the Mourning After could take a little longer. I know I promised the Thicker than Blood sequel for the summer but as you can see it didn't happen. I'm going to try something different with the sequel by actually writing a few chapters in advanced before posting, I think it'll avoid long breaks in case real life gets me busy.

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. . . . .

Nathan and Haley snuggled close underneath the throw that was on Dr. Schwann's leather couch to cover their nude form.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I wasn't pregnant."

"But the pregnancy test?"

"False positive.. it happens, but when I went for my blood work up, it came back negative and by then we all thought I was and.." Haley sighed. "and I got off the pill and I got pregnant anways.. Can you forgive me?"

Nathan kissed the top of her head. "I'm sorry for acting like I didn't want to have sex with you." Nathan said softly as he started caressing her hair.

Haley laughed softly. "Look at us.. we're such a mess.. no wonder we needed therapy."

"Well I rather enjoy this type of therapy." Nathan wiggled his eyebrows as he hugged his wife tighter.

"You would." Haley playfully rolled her eyes.

"Like you don't love it." Nathan challenged and Haley blushed. Nathan smirked, knowing he was right.

"But look at us, all the lying.. I think we both should be punished." She teased.

Nathan laughed. "I like the sound of that."

. . . .

"Thanks for lunch."

"Any time dear." Dr. Schwann replied as her and her assistant made their way back to the office. As they walked, Dr. Schwann saw another one of her patients walking their way.

"Dr. Schwann!" Lucas greeted her.

"Lucas, you're early." Dr. Schwann looked at her watch. She had been helping Lucas with his indecisiveness when it comes to the opposite sex. As much as Nathan and Haley frustrated Dr. Schwann, she couldn't be too mad, they did help keep her in business.

"Yeah I had some free time, I thought you had a session with Nathan and Haley."

"Oh about that.."

"Dr. Schwann!!" A security guard from the building came running towards her.

"We were about to call the police, we heard some yelling and things breaking in your office. We tried to get in but the main door is locked."

"Oh, no don't worry about, I have it covered." Dr. Schwann along with her secretary and Lucas quickly made their way into her office. She forgot to unlock the main door and so when they left.

They heard a few sounds from inside Dr. Schwann's office and Dr. Schwann went over to the door and tried to open it but it too was locked.

"Nathan, Haley!" Dr. Schwann called out.

Lucas stood back, he had a bad feeling about this.

They heard some rumblings inside and a minute later, the door flew open, a disheveled Nathan and Haley came walking out.

"Dr. Schwann!" Haley and Nathan greeted her.

"What's.. what's going?"

Nathan looked down at his wife. "We… umm.. we worked it out."

"Yeah, I told Nathan I'm not pregnant, but.."

"You're not pregnant!" Lucas came forward.

Nathan and Haley looked at Luke, a little surprised to see him.

"Luke, umm.. yeah I thought I was pregnant but turns out I wasn't but then I got off the pill and guess what I found out a couple of days ago that now I really am pregnant.. for sure now!" Haley quickly rushed out.

"So when you told us you were pregnant, you really weren't but now you are?" Lucas scratched his head, wanting to make sure.

"Yes Pucus." Nathan rolled his eyes, eager to get out of here. "But yeah, like we said, we worked things out." Nathan turned to Dr. Schwann. "And.. we have to get going so that we can.."

"Get Jamie." Haley finished for him.

"Yeah.. him." Nathan nodded his head. "Look Doc, thanks for everything.. I think… I think Haley and I .. we're going to be okay." Nathan wrapped his arm around Haley, the two of them still blocking the doorway into Dr. Schwann's office.

"And we are sorry for the mess.. we'll.. we'll pay you back." Haley looked over to Dr. Schwann, a little embarrassed.

Nathan reached into Haley's purse and pulled out her check book and a pen.

"Here.. this should cover the cleaning costs.. and a new desk, chairs, couch.."

"Area rug." Haley coughed.

"You know what." Nathan ripped the check up.. "We'll pay to remodel your whole office.. oh look at the time.. bye Doc.. Luke!" Nathan rushed Haley along.

"See you later Luke.. bye Dr. Schwann.. thanks for everything!" Haley yelled back as Nathan practically pushed her out the door.

Dr. Schwann stood there for a second, baffled at the scene that just took place. She looked inside her office and stepped inside, her mouth dropped. The place was a war zone. Papers were everywhere, pictures on the walls were now on the floor, the couch was flipped over. Dr. Schwann couldn't believe it.

Meanwhile, Lucas pulled out his phone and looked at the calendar making sure of the date.

"YES!! I won!" He threw his hands up.

Dr. Schwann turned to him with a curious look. Was he actually happy that his brother and sister in law trashed her office.

"Oh, sorry about the office doc.. but turns out I won the pool. This was my week." Lucas said proudly. He couldn't wait to get his winnings back from Brooke.

Dr. Schwann shook her head in disbelief. These Scott's are something else.

. . . . .

"So the baby is growing in there?" Jamie sounded unconvinced as he looked at his mom's still flat tummy.

"Yes buddy." Nathan padded the top of Jamie's head.

"But how did it get there?"

"Well, you know how me and daddy are always together?"

Jamie nodded.

"And since me and daddy are married and love each other very much." Haley at first said slowly. "We're able to transfer your daddy's DNA and mix it with mine and so the cells join together and then divide and keep multiplying until 9 months later, you have a baby brother or sister." Haley rushed out quickly.

"I don't get it." Jamie pouted as he held onto Haley's old and very thick biology book.

"Don't worry son, it's all in there in that book." Nathan replied.

"But I don't understand it."

"That's because that book is meant for high school."

"But I'm not in high school."

"Exactly buddy, you just need to go to school more and then you'll finally get it."

"When, I'm in high school."

Both Nathan and Haley nodded.


Jamie looked at his parents curiously and then shrugged. "I'm going to feed Chester."

"Sometimes that boy is too smart for his own good." Haley commented.

"He must get it from his mother." Nathan smiled as he wrapped his arm around Haley.

The silence was broken when Haley heard a beep and she saw that she had a new voicemail.

She saw the number and motioned Nathan over to hear the message. Putting it on speaker, "Haley, it's Dr. Schwann, I want to let you know that there's no hard feelings, the new office is great and the couches even have plastic coverings if you and Nathan wanted to stop by." Dr. Schwann said in an upbeat tone. She certainly sounded like she was in a good mood. "I also got good news, that show I was pitching to my brother in law, the CW network picked it up and even better they decided to go along with all my suggestions, they are even filming it in Wilmington, we're still working on a title but it'll come out in the fall, Mondays at 8pm !"

Haley smiled and put her phone away.

"Looks like everything is going to be okay." Haley hugged her husband as she told her about Dr. Schwann's message.

"I never had a doubt." Nathan reached in between them and rubbed his hand on Haley's tummy and turned back around to their son's room where Jamie was feeding Chester. His heart swelling with love, pride and joy as he watched his young son and felt the small but growing bump on his wife's stomach.

"Really?" Haley looked up at him and smiled, her heart skipping a beat. The way he looked at her sometimes, it would literally make her weak in the knees.

Nathan smiled back and nodded his head. "Not a single doubt.. even in our darkest times.. in the best of times.. I knew that we would make it."


Keep Bleeding – Sequel to Thicker than Blood. Falling in love was the easy part, it was everything else that got in the way. Naley!!