A/N: So, just to warn you, this isn't wait you would normally see in a story, but I got this idea and since my professors are encouraging us to write outside of our box, so I gave it a try. This is sort of like a poem, and if you really wanted to, I guess you could call it that, but I hope you enjoy it.

The Beginning

Panting, heavy breathing, sweat soaked sheets.
The feeling of dread still permeates the air to her.
Shivers up and down spines.
Whispered words of promise sleep in each other's arms.
Nightmares of death and destruction plague one of them. (1)

The next day, a phone call, a sighting, adrenaline pounds.
Preparation, guns, and badges, and jackets.
No flak, no one thinks it will be needed. (2)

Jokes in the car, secrets flash between shining green and brown eyes.
Blue eyes watch suspiciously from the mirror.

The building stands abandoned, not used at all.
Spilt the team, partners with partners. (3)
Never saw it coming, blood pooling, spreading across the pavement.(4)
Last whispered words of love.

So now, I will explain everything.

1.) Obviously, since this, Tony and Ziva are having sex. Ziva has had a bad feeling all night long but Tony's tells her to relax and they end up having sex. Afterwards, when they fall asleep, Ziva has nightmares.

2.) Flak is the bulletproof vest. They were going to apprehend a non threatening suspect, so no one even thought about wearing vests.

3.) What I mean by "split the team, partners with partners" is the usual pairing, Tony with Ziva and McGee with Gibbs.

4.) Tony was shot.

I hope you liked this perspective and the rest of the chapters will be in normal storytelling format. Chapter Two will pick up with the team at the hospital waiting for news about Tony. Please review. I am eager to here your views on my little experiment.