Lying beside one another, Henry and Vicki began to explore each other's body. Vicki, used to having to feel or smell her way to something because of her poor vision, closed her eyes and ran her hands over Henry's shoulders, chest, his waist until finally coming to rest on his firm, tight ass. She groaned as she gave it a quick squeeze. Henry was relishing Vicki's body underneath him and the way she responded to his touch. After more kissing and nipping, Henry moved down her jawline to find the juncture in her neck, nipping it enough to make her grunt but not enough to bring blood. That wasn't his intention..yet. Firm soft hands found their way to her breasts, her nipples taut and peaked before he even began working his way there with his hot mouth. His toungue swirled around one, then the other pulling them both up and sucking hard at each one. Vicki arched into him letting him know that she wanted more, so much more he was certain. Shuddering with the anticipation of his next move she felt his hand start to travel toward her hot core. His fingers walked and twirled as he made his way down, his mouth still going between both breasts. Henry was enjoying each curve in Vicki's body, the rising and falling of her chest with her quick breaths and hearing her heart race for him. Vicki's hands moved to Henry's hair, running her fingers through it and pulling it softly. She cried out when Henry's long fingers entered her first one, then two and finally three. He stretched her out until his fingers were slick with her juices then slid his thumb to her hard nub that was feeling negleted. She gasped as he rubbed and twirled her most sensitive part bucking toward him wildy.

She gasped when he suddenly pulled his hand out of her and began to kiss his way to where he had been. The tickling in her stomach got stronger with each kiss he left behind knowing what his fast vampire tongue might be able to do upon reaching the destination she was hoping for.

"Henry.." she moaned his name softly. Henry smiled behind what he was doing. Finally, after all this time, he was able to truly show Vicki how much he loved her in every way. He would make her never want another man as long as she lived. As he made his way to her soft curls, he inhaled her scent and it drove his beast forward but Henry pushed it back willing it to wait. Spreading her legs, he rolled his eyes up to see Vicki's hands moving towards her own breasts to cup them, her thumbs rolling across her own nipples. Henry growled at the sight. His quivering member ached to spear her hot core but he would wait patiently. She was such a bold and secure woman. He had not been with anyone like Vicki. She was not only independent and determined but secure within her sexuality as well. His tongue darted out to find her hard nub quickly flicking it a few times while his hands rested on her thighs and rubbed them to relax her. Vicki writhed beneath what he was doing as he licked her folds then flicked her again, rolling her with his tongue and lips. Vicki's orgasm began to build then subsided as Henry stopped and started purposely. He was driving her mad but in a good way. Finally, Henry relented and focused on her achieving what she was seeking, complete and utter satisfaction. Henry pulled her up somewhat and dove in bringing her over the edge. Vicki arched off the bed, grabbed the silks sheets with both hands and screamed "oh my God" many times as each wave of orgasm hit her hard, harder than she'd ever experienced in her life. She lost count at seven and rode the wave on out until she collapsed, sweat-covered and still spasming on Henry's bed.

Without a word, Henry picked her up, flipped her over and entered her from behind. His tip found her folds wet and inviting but very tight. Stretching her slowly, he was fully sheathed with a grunt from not only him but her as well. Her wet walls welcomed Henry's hardness sucking him up as far as he could go. A low gutteral sound passed Vicki's lips to match the deep growl that passed Henry's. Their union was perfect, more than Vicki could have ever dreamed of.

"Vicki.." Henry whispered out loud as he closed his eyes. At long last, they were finally one. Vicki felt it too and though she may not admit it right now, knew it was right. Henry must have been still too long for Vicki because she was suddenly thrusting hard down onto him, his manhood hitting her womb with force. Their bodies were wet with sweat as they slapped together in rhythm. Henry flipped Vicki so quickly she wasn't aware he was doing it until he was facing her and she was lying on her back on the bed. Her legs were over his shoulders and again, he began to thrust deeply into her. Vicki's nails dug into his arms as she held them. Henry looked down at Vicki, seeing her face full of passion and desire for him was almost more than he could bear. Tears of happiness formed in his eyes, his love for her overwhelming him. He wanted to see her face when he brought her. Another massive orgasm was building within her. Without missing a thrust, Henry took her legs off of his shoulder so that he could get closer to her while they finished together. Vicki turned her neck in aniticipation of him piercing her neck and drinking, the taste of her blood in orgasm would be even more addictive to Henry. Swiftly, he bent and did just as she wanted and together, while he drank, they finished. Henry's hot seed spilled inside of Vicki while she spasmed and clamped around his manhood with her satisfying climax. Loud, grunts and groans slipped out of Vicki and Henry signaling their release. Henry licked her wound closed and lay down still sheathed inside of her, a tear slipping down his cheek. Vicki wrapped her legs around his waist as her arms rested around his neck. His curls fell softly on her shoulder and cheek, Vicki sniffed deeply and closed her eyes a smile of pure satisfaction on her face.

"I love you Vicki, always and forever.." he told her softly in her ear.

"I know.." she said then added, "I love you too Henry, always. It's just my always won't be forever." Henry could hear the sadness in her voice. Pulling up, he brushed her hair to the sides of her face, the sweat making it stick somewhat. She saw he had cried but in her stubborness, again, she refused to ask why. It had taken all that she had to hold her own tears back during their lovemaking and asking Henry would only bring them to the surface.

"What if it could be forever, would you do it?" he asked searching her eyes for a flicker of hesitation.

"I don't know..why?" ever suspicious and he expected nothing less. As he pulled out of her, she hissed out her displeasure and watched him walk to his dresser. Opening the top drawer, he brought out another vial of something dark. She watched his fine, nude body walk back to his bed with the vial. Sitting down beside her, he told her what it was.

"Dr. Rajani made a serum for you out of Mendoza's blood. Whatever properties it holds, mixed with a little of mine would make you immortal. Not a vampire though, just immortal. Your chemistry would change but only to that of being able to live forever, with me if you so choose. I took the liberty without asking, Vicki. I can't imagine living for eternity without you. I know I can't give you children, but..." he trailed off.

"Kinda full of yourself aren't ya?" Vicki snorted as she looked at the bottle, holding it up to the light. It looked almost black it was so dark and appeared to have silver flecks in it, although there weren't any.

"I said I took the liberty and I'll understand if you say no."

"I didn't say I'd say no Henry, it's just a lot to take in," Vicki looked at him and saw, for the first time really, the young man in him. Not the vampire, not the royal but the young insecure man that was underneath all of that somewhere and she truly didn't care. She didn't give a damn he was really a seventeen year old vampire, he didn't act like it and certainly did not make love like any seventeen year old she knew. But all of Vicki's doubts about relationships and men, trust issues and insecurity were still there. They were hazy at best at this point but they were there, nonetheless. Of course, there was the fear too. It was there and wouldn't ever go away she was more than sure.

"I'll let you think about it, how's that?" Henry's eyes were soft blue, the black of night in them gone after their lovemaking had ended.

"How does it work?" she was suddenly intrigued, frightened but intrigued too.

"Dr. Rajani tried it on dead tissue to see if she could reanimate it." Vicki made a yuck face but he continued with," as she wanted to see if like a vampire, it could heal itself and repair on it's own, thereby, attaining immortality."

"And it worked?"

"Apparently, but of course, there are no humans to test it on."

"I I'm the guinea pig," she smiled.

"Sort of," he smiled back. Vicki wasn't sure if she was ready for a long term forever kind of relationship with Henry but she did know this, she was ready to give her heart to him and if that meant taking a shot of some kind of product that he thought would make her immortal, she was up for it. And the sex was beyond mind-blowing but not just because he was good but because they were meant to be together and she loved him.

"So..shot, drink..what?" She asked screwing the cap off. What the hell was she doing? She had no idea but she was at the point of no return.

" the hip she said," Henry grinned looking over at her ass. Vicki turned toward him and handed him the vial.

"Shoot me then," she said wiggling her butt for him.

"You're sure?" he asked as a lump formed in his throat. Was this just a post orgasm high or was Vicki really saying she wanted to spend eternity with him? He didn't know but was thrilled and most certainly wasn't going to wait for her to change her mind.

"Yep..what the hell? If it doesn't work, we'll have lost nothing right?" she shrugged. Henry thought before he answered and then said.."I will have lost everything but gained more as well. I've gained your trust and love, that cleanses you Vicki."

"Cleanses me? What the hell does that mean? Right now, I sure as hell don't feel clean.." she laughed as she moitioned toward her body. He told her the story then added the part about getting pregnant too but knowing that he couldn't do that, she would have to decide if she wanted to do that on her own, with a donor so to speak.

"Who knows Henry, things change. Things have changed..let's just take it one step at a time," she said softly. She leaned up and kissed his cheek then turned back over and pointed to her ass.

"Hurry..before I change my mind!" Henry did as he was told wondering what if any effect it would have on his beloved. Vicki hissed momentarily, gritted her teeth and took it like..well like Vicki.

They made love several more times before sunrise with Vicki falling alseep a very sastisfied and happy woman. Henry himself was one happy vampire. Things would change to be sure, lives would be altered and suprises would come but one thing was certain, Vicki had finally given herself over to the one thing she never thought she would have, a man worthy of her love and one who had gained her complete trust. He was a man that was equal to her in her stubborness, her loyalty and her fire. Mike had been a worthy man but fate had another woman in store for him and all was well within Toronto.

But then again..nothing ever stays calm..does it?

I am so happy that this story was well received. I would LOVE to hear feedback..a sequel to this one before returning to my series or just move on to the series...?? Thanks so much!!