This takes place after Eclipse before Breaking Dawn… the time Fabulous Mrs. Stephenie Meyer left out. But as if Breaking Dawn won't happen the same way. Sorry. But you'll still love it….. Hopefully.


I was having a really good dream. Surprisingly, because Edward had left the night before to go hunting and wouldn't be back for another full day, and I never had good dreams when he wasn't with me.

Anyways I was dreaming of what our honeymoon would be like. This time I imagined it in Paris. We got a hotel room right by the Eiffel tower. Who cares if one really exists? It existed in my dream, and that's all that matters.

So I was having this awesome dream and when I was suddenly awaken from my bliss by an annoying tapping on my window.

I groggily sat up in bed and looked out to see what was making that noise, and I see none other than, my bestest werewolf buddy, Jacob Black. Wait I thought he had left everyone, and was out and about, trying to forget everything… Whatever! Who cares! I thought as I rushed to the window suddenly wide awake. I flung open the window and took Jake into a huge hug.

"I'm so glad you're here! When did you get back? Why didn't you contact me? Do the others know?" I asked him quickly not waiting for a reply to any of the questions.

"Hey Bells." Jake said wrapping his arms around me. "Where's the Le— Edward?"

"He's out hunting," Jake cringed, "He won't be back till tomorrow night… Hey what time is it?" I asked, noticing for the first time that it was fully light outside.

"It's about 1:30 and it's time for you to get up… Want to get out of here?" he asked hopefully. How could I resist? I hadn't seen him in forever. Well not really, but still.

"Yeah! Sure Jake, but I need to get out of my pajamas fir—" I stopped talking and looked down seeing that I was still in my clothes from last night. "Oh… well I don't need to get out of pajamas I guess."

"So can we go now?" he asked happy that I had no other reason to wait.

"First, I need to know something." I said standing on my tipsy toes and lifting my armpit as high to his nose as possible, "Do I stink?" I asked trying to keep my face serious. Jake burst out in laughter.

"No Bella you smell fine now let's go to La Push… you need to talk to the pack." he added, noticeably not as happy as he was seconds ago.


"They just need to talk to you. They want you to feel welcome again. And they also are super bored… there aren't any crazy vampires running around so there isn't much to do… and you are very entertaining." he smiled at me.

That was all the explanation I needed. "Okay… let's get this show on the road." I said. And we were off to La Push.


Sorry it's so short. The next chapter won't be so short. It will be up shortly after this one is. The Truth or Dare part will still be in next chapter. And please can you guys tell me if you think I should continue! Or do you guys think that Truth or Dare is a pretty used out subject on fanfiction? Somebody please tell me!! Thanks Much!