A/N: Just a brief preface of sorts. Edward is in love with Tanya and hears she has been killed by the Volturi. Jasper and Alice aren't together. It will make the Balice situation much easier methinks. ;)

"Well then we have to go save him!" Bella shouted, leaping from my lap. "He's our friend, your brother. He'd do it for us."

"Bella, you don't understand. Tanya won't come with us."

"So? We can do it by ourselves. Tanya-"

"-is the only way we can stop him," I tried to calm her down. "Unless Edward sees Tanya and knows she's alive, then there will be no way to stop him from throwing himself to the Volturi. Believe me, I've seen it." Bella sat back down on Charlie's living room couch next to me.

"Oh. So what do we do?"

"I'm not sure. I'm going to keep looking for a loophole though. There is a slight chance-very slight-that if we get to him in time then he'll be able to read our thoughts and see the truth."

"And Edward's already in Italy?"


"Then we're going to have to take that chance, even if it is a small one. We don't have time to think up a master plan."

"Agreed." I wished more than anything that there was an easier way but there just wasn't time to think things through. "Go grab some clothes. I'll be waiting in the car." I watched as Bella raced up the stairs to her room, heard, even from the car, her shoving clothes and toiletries into a duffel bag. Two minutes later and she was racing out the door, jumping into the car next to me.

"Are you ready?" I asked her.

"Sì," she replied. And we were off.

The plane ride lasted about a day but luckily we were both comfortable. The first class seats were more padded and larger, with added legroom. Bella tried to relax but I could tell she couldn't help think about if we were too late. What if Edward succeeded and he was executed? Though I wasn't as close to him as Carlisle, I didn't need to be psychic to know that it would affect me greatly. I stared blankly out the window, searching for what would happen. But there were just too many decisions in the air, some determined, but mostly they were unknown and fuzzy. I sighed, turning to see Bella dozing. Her soft caramel hair looked, as usual, lovely against her pale but rose-colored skin. I didn't know why, but I always had the desire to hold her face, touch her cheek. I told myself it was merely a maternal instinct, or that I was subconsciously missing my days of humanity. In reality, it was neither, but I would find this out not long after the plane landed. I was curious and a little flattered when I foresaw her next dream: The two of us were back in Forks, laughing and walking close through the forest. It was not a memory, yet it seemed very familiar. I didn't have time to work out that it too was one of my dreams.

I woke her gently as people began making their way off the plane and into the airport. We went as fast as her human legs would carry her, speeding through the terminal and finally into the bright Italian sun.

"Sheesh, Alice, could you pick a more conspicuous car to steal?" I laughed as she finally hopped into the yellow Porsche I'd stolen, fumbling with her seatbelt as I raced off.

"Has he done it yet?" she asked me, worry cascading over her face.

"No, but-" suddenly my vision went blank as a new image appeared in my mind. I couldn't feel Bella grab the wheal but somewhere knew she must have. I saw Edward, dazzling in the bright noon sun surrounded by people…saw the Volturi guards coming for him. So that's how he would do it.

"Noon," I stated, taking back the wheal.

"What? Alice, what happened?" Bella's voice shook and I mentally punched myself for putting her under such pressure.

"Edward's going to step into the sunlight at a very crowded event. A festival of some sort. His skin will sparkle, giving him away…" I didn't think I should tell her about the Volturi coming for him so quickly.

"When? Can we make it?" She was on the edge of her seat, brown eyes wide with terror.

"At noon…" I checked the car's clock. "Oh, good. We have time." Bella consulted the clock as well.

"Time? You call ten minutes time?" I winked at her, seeing a new, more optimistic outcome surfacing.

"Hold on." I slammed on the gas, making Bella shoot back into her seat, clutching to the black leather in alarm.