Title: Opposites

Title: Opposites
Day/Theme: August 23, 2008/Understand my hate for you
Series: Skip Beat
Characters: Kyoko, Ren, Sho
Rating: K+

Summery: Love and hate go hand in hand. Sometimes, though, it is easier to do one than the other.


Kyoko, with everything she has in her, truly and entirely hates Sho. That is what she says and that is what she believes. She also, because of his behaviour, hates Ren. There are many reasons for the first, while there are only a few reasons for the second.

Sho, her prince charming, her hero, her everything shattered her dreams and showed them for the illusions they were. She had loved him and he betrayed her.

Most of all, she hates him for making the clock strike midnight, destroying Cinderella's spell.

Ren she hates as well. He smiles like a gentleman, but that just hides the darker side of him that only she sees. He points out all her flaws and puts her down for every mistake.

Everything she finds a way to fly, he finds a way to chain her back down.

However, in a place that she thought died long ago, she loves both of them. Maybe not love love because that disappeared and will not return for a long time, but a type of love that grew out of admiration and respect. Sho used to be her world and by crushing that world, made her realize she was nothing without him.

By breaking her dreams, Sho made her find herself. He helped her start a journey of self-discovery.

Ren always gives her the cold shoulder and knows when she's about to blunder. In that way, he lets her understand the world of show-biz that she just joined, a world that she's new to.

For these things, for these completely small but entirely huge things, Kyoko loves both of them.

Loving them, though, is something she never wants to feel because love means betrayalhurtpain and she never wants to feel that again. Loving them means she's starting to trust them and trust is so easily shattered in the world.

Sometimes it is better to hate than to love.

A/N: This is going to be a series of one-shots on the characters in Skip Beat. Mostly, I'll be focusing on Ren, Sho, Kyoko, and Moko, but the other characters will be appearing every now and then. I'm sorry about the length, but these are just drabbles on their characters.

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