Ok this is my first fan fiction story so don't be mad at me if it's bad.

Bella's pov

"Hey dad," I called across the house, "I'm going to go read on the back porch if you need me!"

"Alright," he called back to me. I could hear the volume of the game go up. Obviously he didn't plan to need me anytime soon.

I smiled and walked outside with Wuthering Heights, my favorite book. I went and sat on the swing Charlie had hung up from the tree in the back yard. I started to swing a little then I opened my book and started to read.

Then I heard something, a gasp coming from the forest. I looked up from my book and saw a big, gray and wolf standing there just staring at me. I dropped the book and stood up. I backed up a few steps.

It just stood there, watching me. It tilted its head to the side and then turned and ran into the woods with a howl.

I just watched it go and the last thing I remember was hearing another howl before I blacked out.

Hours later I woke up on the back of the wolf. I screamed and fell off. The wolf licked my face and threw me back on its back. It started running and I had to hold on for my life. Then I noticed two other wolves running beside the one I was on.

All of a sudden all three wolves froze and looked into the shadowy part of the trees. The wolf slid me off its back and ran into the shadows, followed by the other two wolves.

'This is my chance,' I said in my head, 'I have to run.'

Then I was off. I tripped and cut my palm up badly. The blood was dripping down. Then someone walked out of the trees. He was tall and had black hair. He looked at me and said, "You're bleeding. We have to hurry before they catch the scent."

I looked into his eyes and couldn't look away. It was like something was holding me there, like if I looked away my heart would break.

Two other people ran out of the forest from the same directions as the first guy but I didn't look away from the guys eyes to see who they were.

We both kept staring then he grinned. "You know, you can stare at me when we are safe," he said.

I looked away and blushed. I stood up and checked the cut. "I… I'm going to get home before the wolves come back," I said.

"Wolves," they all asked. Then two of them laughed. The one who I was staring at didn't laugh. He just said, "Paul, Jared! It's rude to laugh at a hurt girl. Let's get her back to the reservation and help her then we can take her home."

"w-who are you," I stuttered out.

"I'm Sam," replied the one that seemed to be the leader of the other two.