Walking home from her boyfriend's apartment, Misa suddenly felt like she was missing something. She looked down and shrieked. "My purse!" she yelled horrified, it had her Death Note in it and if anyone were to find it, it would have horrible consequences.

She thought back to where she could have left it. She couldn't have left it at the Task Force Headquarters since she hadn't been there since her imprisonment. She didn't leave it at home in case someone found it, carrying it on her person at all times. Frowning, Misa rubbed her temples and bit on her thumb until it suddenly hit her; it must be at Light's apartment!

She turned around in the road and started giggling and skipping down the road back to Light's apartment. When she arrived, she saw a strange car there and frowned. Who could be visiting her boyfriend's house at this late hour? Come to think of it, who would be visiting Light at any hour? she thought to herself as she snuck up the driveway.

She reached the door, and heard the dull murmur of voices and opening her mouth to scream at Light to open the door when she had a better idea. She knocked on the door, rang the doorbell, then ran and hid in some nearby bushes where she could peer into the apartment when Light answered the door. She heard footsteps approach the door, the slight sound of a voice at the door, then footsteps walking away.

Pouting slightly and now more than curious, Misa tip-toed around to the window on the side of Light's wall and tried to peek in the windows but was upset when dark curtains were pulled across the narrow frame of the window. She pressed her ear to the window and listened, but could only distinguish two male voices, and gasped. Was Light gay? That's the only reasonable explanation for thisΒΈ Misa thought decidedly, and stomped around to the front door, before knocking loudly.

Footsteps approached the door, and the sound of a latch being pulled back before Light body filled the doorframe. "Misa??" he asked in surprise. "What are you doing back here?"

Misa frowned and poked him in the chest, "I forgot my purse and I come back to find you have a gay lover?!" she shrieked and the bewildered Light.

"You mean me?"

Misa glared angrily at the other man in the room. "Yes you! You strange gay-- Oh it's just you Ryuuzaki," she said with relief.

"What were you saying about me being your boyfriend's gay lover?" L asked calmly, looking comfortable perched on a kitchen chair with a bowl of cherries next to him.

Misa blushed. "I was jumping to conclusions again I guess," she said embarrassed. She spotted her purse lying on he table, dashed over and grabbed it before running back outside. "Sorry!" she cried before running in the opposite direction of her house in her confusion.

Shaking his head in wonder, Light closed the door and bolted it before rubbing his temples. "I don't know how to put up with her sometimes," he muttered.

L hopped down from his perch to rub Light's back reassuringly. "It's a good think Amane-san is naturally dimwitted isn't it?" he murmured.

Turned to face L and swooping down for a kiss, Light agreed. "If only she knew how accurate her guesses were," he said, before being completely distracted by his lover.