Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Secchan!" Konoka shouted, running into the hospital room.

Unfortunately, Setsuna didn't answer her.

"Konoe…I'm so sorry." said Kaito, his head hung low. Unlike Setsuna, who was in a coma on the bed, he had bandages all over his body and covering his left eye.

"No, Kaito-kun…this wasn't your fault…" Konoka started to cry loudly, "It was mines! I should've been with her until now!"

"Sakurazaki would've killed herself if you were there." Kaito leaned on the wall for more support, "But you wouldn't care would you?"

"Kaito-kun Secchan is here dying, while you're telling me thing like that! Why?!" Konoka slapped his face, "Why?!" More tears ran down her face.

"What I say was the truth. She's just lucky to be clingin' to her life like that." Kaito stumbled out of the room.


"Setsuna-san!" Asuna went into the room, seeing Setsuna 'sleeping' and a teary eyed Konoka.

"Asuna!" Konoka latched herself onto her, "It's all my fault!"

"Kaito explained everything to me. By the way he told me, it's wasn't your fault." said Asuna, trying to calm her, "And you know how Setsuna-san can be. She cares a lot more about you than herself or anyone else."

"But if I was there, Secchan wouldn't be in this state right now!"

"Argh! You are so annoying!" Evangeline went into the room, "Setsuna knew what would happen if you were there. If you were there, you, Setsuna, and that kid would've been dead! That kid had to remind Setsuna what she was going to protect and what she loved most!"

"Eva-chan knock it off!"

"Why should I?! I need to knock some sense into her!" Evangeline smirked, "You know, I think that you'll really impress Setsuna and that kid by destroying the demon that caused this."

Konoka and Asuna's eyes widened.

"Eva-chan!? What the hell were you thinking?!" shouted Asuna.

"Where is it? That demon?!" Konoka grabbed Evangeline by her shoulders, "Where is it?!"

"I knew that you would be interested." Evangeline shook Konoka's hands off her, "It's somewhere in the mountains. You're in luck since that it's still close by."

Konoka ran out of the room, leaving Asuna glaring at Evangeline.

"Eva-chan?! There's no way that Konoka can defeat something that even Setsuna-san and Kaito can't completely defeat without coming back barely alive!" Asuna nearly shouted Evangeline's head off.

"Better than having her waste her time moping and waiting for that half-breed to wake up." Evangeline smirked again, "Besides, I want to see how much of her magic has grown."

Kaito sat in his room, thinking that there was a faster way to wake Setsuna up without harming her.

'I haven't done that trick in a long time. Better hope that I do it right.'

'Huh? Where am I?' thought Setsuna.

"You're in a dream state genius." said a voice.

"Kaito?" Setsuna noticed that her voice a bit higher than normal, more like when she was about 6 years old. She looked around and saw that she was inside the Konoe Mansion.

"Wow, give the winner a double prize!" A 7 year old version of Kaito walked in front of Setsuna, "So genius, know why you're here?"

"No I don't, and quit calling me a genius!"

"Notice anything or anyone else besides you an' me?"

Setsuna looked around again and saw a 6 year old Konoka playing with a 5 year old Aimi.

"Kono-chan and Aimi-san."

"What do they mean to you?" asked Kaito.


"What do they mean to you?" Kaito asked again.

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Setsuna: What happened to me?!

Me: Um….not gonna tell! Konoe! Your girlfriend's here and save me!

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