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Chapter 2: Demon

'Where's that demon that hurt my Secchan?!' Konoka paused and blushed lightly, 'Wait, why did I think 'my Secchan'? We're not going out or anything, she nothing but my best friend.'

She continued to walk around the base of the mountain for a little while longer and saw a cave. She walked into the cave and saw a demon bleeding badly and pounding it's fist into the wall.

"Damn it!" it shouted, "Those damn hanyos! I'll kill them the next time that I see them!"

Konoka's eyes widened, she found the demon! But it seemed too easy, maybe there were more.

"Huh?" the demon sniffed the air, "Well what do we have here? A little human! If I eat you, I can regain my strength and kill those damn hanyos!" The demon stomped towards Konoka as she glared at the demon.

"You're the one that hurt my friends!"

"Friends? Those hanyos has friends?! All the more reason to kill them!"

"P-Practe Bigi Nar Sagitta magica series lucis!" Konoka waved her wand and three beams of light hit the demon.

"Hmm? Was that supposed to hurt?" the demon scratched it's chest where the beams hit it, "Felt like a mosquito bite!"

'W-What do I do now?!' thought Konoka.

"Eva-chan, you're coming with me to find Konoka!" growled Asuna.

"Why should I?" said Evangeline.

"Don't you care if your student dies?!" Asuna shook Evangeline, "She's our friend! Go help her!"

"I'm nobody's friend." Evangeline shook Asuna's hands off her, "Besides, Setsuna and that kid are gonna go help her soon."

"What do you mean?" asked Asuna.

"Argh! How stupid are you baka red?!" Evangeline growled out of frustration, "Right now, that kid is making Setsuna wake up faster. If she cares about Konoka that much, she would wake up and come to her rescue; however, she might end up dead. Either way, one will be dead just to kill this demon."

"How heartless are you?!"

"I'm a vampire that lived for hundreds of years! Of course I'm heartless!"

"But you can't be that heartless!"

"Asuna and Eva-chan are fighting again." Aimi sighed, "Oh well. Kaito! You in there?" Aimi went into Kaito's room and saw him deep in a trance, "Again with the dream travel." Aimi sat next to him and waited for him to finish, "Kaito, if you take too long, I'm going in there too…."

"So tell me, what does those two mean to you?" Kaito asked again.

"I told you, they're my friends!" Setsuna repeated the answer for the tenth time.

"Konoe's not just your friend. You're not bein' honest with yourself, neither is Konoe." Kaito scratched his head, "Why can't you two just be honest with your feelings instead of sayin' that you two are just friends. Even the Baka Rangers can see right through you two!"

"W-What are you trying to say?!" Setsuna blushed.

"I'm sayin' that you two should admit your love for each other! God! I swear that you might be stupider than the Baka Rangers put together!"

"I-I don't love Ojou-sama in that way! It's improper a-and…"

"Why would she fall in love with a half-breed crow demon? Come on Sakurazaki, both of you two aren't honest here. Love has many forms." Kaito turned away from Setsuna, "Oh and you better wake up soon otherwise Konoe's gonna die."


"Just wake up and protect your princess." Kaito gave Setsuna a serious look, "Don't die and don't come back here."

"How can I if I don't know what you're talking about!"

"This is a dream Sakurazaki; I have a hunch that in real life, that vampire most likely convinced Konoe to kill the demon that got you here in the first place." Kaito scratched his head in frustration, "And here I thought that you were smart."

"Wait, if this is a dream, why're you here?"

"To wake your sorry ass up, now you better hurry otherwise Konoe is as good as dead."

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