Chapter 3: The knight

"Come on Sakurazaki, wake up otherwise your beloved will die." Kaito crossed his arms.

"H-How can I wake up? What do you mean Ojou-sama is going to die?!"

Kaito punched Setsuna out of frustration, "If you don't help her soon, she's gonna die so just wake up already!" Kaito grabbed Setsuna by her collar and pulled her so that she was looking in his eyes, "Maybe you're afraid."

"I'm not afraid of anything!" Setsuna growled back.

"Ho. Then why're you still here? Afraid that Konoe's gonna hate you or somethin'? She already saw your wings, she already told you that she didn't care about it, she even called you an angel when she saw them! Why the hell are you afraid?!"


"If you're afraid of yourself, then Konoe's gonna have a hard time with you. Don't be afraid of what you are, otherwise, you'll never be able to protect the ones you love and care about." Kaito slightly blushed and release Setsuna, "Must sound weird coming from me."

"No." Setsuna got up and smiled, "Thank Nakashima, you were a great help."

"Just shut up and wake up."

Setsuna slowly opened her eyes and saw Asuna and Evangeline arguing.

"Asuna-san? Evangeline-san?" Setsuna got up and winced in pain a bit.

"Setsuna-san!" Asuna went to her side, "Don't get up yet, you're still hurt!"

"Where's Ojou-sama?"

"Um….h-how do I say this….K-Konoka's not…here…"

Setsuna got out of the bed and grabbed her sword.

"Where do you think you're going Setsuna?" said Evangeline.

"To where Ojou-sama is."


Setsuna didn't answer her and just left the room.

"Asuna, let's go to that kid's room. He knows something." Evangeline left the room, Asuna soon following behind.

'Ojou-sama! Don't be reckless!' thought Setsuna running towards where she last saw the demon.

As she ran, she saw light firing into the sky.

'That must be Ojou-sama!'

Konoka ran away from the demon, not caring if she could beat it or not anymore.

'Secchan and Kaito-kun actually managed to injure this demon?! I can't injure it at all!' thought Konoka, not caring where she ran to as long as she's away from the demon. Unfortunately for her, the demon followed.

"Get back here you damn mage!" the demon growled.

"Shinmei-ryu Ougi, Hyakuretsu Okazan!" shouted a voice.

Sakura petals appeared from the trees and hacked the demon's left arm off.

"Argh!" the demon looked towards the direction from where the sakura petals came from, "Damn hanyo! Get out here!"

Setsuna came out from behind the trees and glared at the demon, "I am your opponent! Don't lay one hand on Ojou-sama!"

"So Setsuna went out to fight the demon again?" said Evangeline.

"You got that right." Kaito fell back on the bed and closed his eyes, "Not let me sleep. I haven't done that trick for a long time and it's pretty taxing on your body."

"Wait!" Asuna make Kaito sit up again, "What if Setsuna-san and Konoka doesn't defeat this demon."

"It's ok Asuna-san." smiled Aimi, "Knowing Kon-chan and Setsu-chan, they won't let anything and I really mean anything happen to each other."

"Shouldn't we go there just in case?" asked Asuna.

"Wait till dawn then." Kaito laid on the bed again, "Shut up, rest up, and let me sleep."

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