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Chapter 4: The Battle

"Ojou-sama, please stay behind me." said Setsuna making sure that Konoka was behind her.

"Secchan why are you here?" asked Konoka.

"I'll explain later…along with something else." Setsuna blushed.

"Damn you hanyo! You just had to interfere with me again!" the demon growled, "I'll kill you and you little mage too!"

"Not as long as I'm here breathing and still have life in me!" Setsuna raised her sword, "Shinmei-ryu Hiken: Hyakka Ryoran!"

The demon smirked, "Is that the best that you can do?! The mage was even better than you!"

'Damn it! I'm still weak from the last battle with this demon! Nakashima! Save at least Kono-chan!'

Kaito sat up and scratched his head angrily.

"That was fast. Not even 5 minutes." said Asuna.

"Change of plans. Birdbrain Sakurazaki just asked for help." Kaito got out of bed and walked a few steps before stopping, "Are you comin'?"

"Of course idiot!"

"If it helps with my boredom…." said Evangeline.

"Well aren't you cute." said Kaito, sarcastically, walking out of the room.

The foursome escaped from the hospital without the nurses knowing and went to where Kaito and Setsuna met the demon.

"Argh!" Setsuna hit the tree hard, coughing some blood.

"Secchan!" Konoka cried, running towards her.

"Stay back!" warned Setsuna, managing to get up herself.

"You really are a stupid hanyo! Die!" the demon pierced through Setsuna's stomach and tossed her to the side, looking at Konoka, "Now you."

"Wait." Setsuna coughed hoarsely, grabbing the demon's leg.

"Secchan!" Konoka was practically crying now, "Secchan please stop!"

"Ojou-sama…." Setsuna smiled weakly, "Don't worry. I kept my promise."

"You did? Die!" the demon was going to pierce through Setsuna's skull, but was stopped when a familiar boy grabbed his arm.

"The only one that can beat Sakurazaki up is me!" Kaito punched the demon and it flew back a few meters, knocking some trees down along the way.

"N-Nakashima?" Setsuna looked up weakly.

"Look at yourself!" Kaito would've punched Setsuna, but knew that he shouldn't right now, "You're makin' Konoe worry too much! Aimi, give that to them."

"Okay!" Aimi said cheerfully. She helped Setsuna up and carried her towards Konoka. Asuna checked on Setsuna and saw large wounds and gashes all over her body.

"Damn it Setsuna, you really pushed yourself too hard this time."

"Asuna-san, can you move please?" asked Aimi.

Asuna moved about two feet away from where she was and saw that Aimi was making a pactio circle.

"You're making a pactio circle for who?" said Evangeline.

"Kon-chan and Setsu-chan. Now Eva-chan, be a nice vampire and help Kai-chan for about 90 seconds." replied Aimi, finishing up her work.

"Fine, but you four will owe me!" Evangeline flew above Kaito who was looking at her uninterested.

"What do you want?"

"I here to help you."

"Gee thanks." Kaito said sarcastically.

"Damn you hanyo!" the demon charged at Kaito, "I'll kill you!"

Kaito scratched his head angrily, "What's up with these demon makin' promises that they never keep? Vampire, freeze it in it's tracks for 30 seconds while I knock off it's head."

"Oh fine." Evangeline raised her arms into the air, "Lic Lac La Lac Lilac! Veniant Spiritus Glaciales! Extentantur Aeri! Tundram et Glaciem, Loci Noctis Albae! Crystallizatio Tellustris!"

The earth's surface to instantly froze, causing jagged pillars of ice to jut up from the ground. The demon was busy thinking of killing Kaito that it never noticed the ground and it's legs were frozen on the spot.

"Now what was it about hanyos?" Kaito drew his sword and hacked the demon's head off.

"Secchan!" Konoka cried, cradling Setsuna's body close to hers.

"Kon-chan, she's not gonna die." Aimi sweat dropped, "Hurry up and make a pactio with her!"

Konoka blushed lightly and slowly pressed her lips against Setsuna's. Setsuna was half-awake at that time and didn't notice what was going on until she felt that her wounds weren't hurting her anymore. Now finally awake, Setsuna blushed about 80 shades of red and nearly fainted.

"Secchan!" Konoka hugged her guardian, "You're alive!"

"O-Of course I-I am." stuttered Setsuna.

"Oi Sakurazaki, we gotta head back now." Kaito smirked, "Take you time."

Asuna and Aimi laughed as Evangeline crossed her arms and followed Kaito back to the hospital where they had to sneak back in.

Konoka and Setsuna were blushing and decided to stay there for now, never noticing the body of the headless demon slowly making it's way towards them.

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