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Chapter 5: The End

"There you are! Do you know how much trouble you are in now?!" said a nurse, waiting for Kaito.

"I uh…had to use the restroom…?" said Kaito, scratching his head nervously.

"Why take three girls? Why didn't you call for the doctors or nurses instead?" the nurse crossed her arms.

"I don't wanna be helped by them…" Kaito said uneasily.

"Nurse what he's tryin' to say is that he didn't want to bother them. He rather have someone that he knows go with him." said Aimi, noticing the hurt expression that the nurse had.

"I see…next time tell us then…" the nurse left.

Kaito plopped onto his bed, "Thanks for the save Aimi…"

"Rest now." giggled Aimi.

Within a few minutes, Kaito fell asleep.

"I guess things are fine for now."

"How can you tell?" asked Asuna.

"Kai-chan fell asleep when I told him too. He never does that unless everything is alright."

"Can I leave?" said Evangeline as she left the room, not even waiting for them to answer.

"Secchan…are you alright?" asked Konoka, holding onto Setsuna.

"O-Of course I am Ojou-sama." Konoka held onto Setsuna tighter, "I-I mean Kono-chan…"

Konoka stayed quiet for a bit and pressed herself more onto Setsuna, "Kono-chan?"

"Why…?" Konoka said that barely above a whisper.


"Why would you go through such lengths just to protect me?" tears started to fall from her eyes, "You could've died Secchan! Why?!"

"Ojou-sama…" Setsuna wiped some tears from Konoka's eyes, "Ojou…Kono-chan…I just wanted to be strong enough to protect you. I can't protect you the way that I am now." Setsuna pulled Konoka into a hug.

"You're strong enough Secchan…" Konoka leaned more onto Setsuna, "No matter what, I don't want to lose you…"

"Kono-chan, I promise you that I won't leave you. Not as long as you call out to me, I'll be there." Setsuna hugged Konoka tighter, "Just remember that Kono-chan, I love you."

Konoka smiled and blushed a light shade of pink, "I love you too." she wrapped her arms around Setsuna's neck and pulled her into a kiss.

"So…are we official?" Setsuna smirked as she pulled away from Konoka.

Konoka giggled, "Not yet."

Setsuna leaned in and Kissed Konoka, filled with her love. She pulled away a few moments later, "How bout now?"

"Now we are!"


"You damn hanyo…just you wait…I'll get my revenge on you!"


A small kid about 7 years old ran towards the top of a hill. She had shoulder length brown hair with white streaks here and there, gentle grey eyes, wearing a white kimono shirt and dark blue hakama pants.

"Hey Akemi-chan!" said a 28 year old woman, "Where's your parents?"

Akemi ignored her, pulled out her wooden sword, and practiced to swing.

"Asuna-san, where's Setsuna-san and Konoka-san?" asked an 18 year old man, "Weren't they supposed to meet us here?"

"Their kid is here though. Akemi-chan! Come and greet Negi!"

Akemi continued to ignore her and practiced to swing.

"Exactly what did Konoka and Setsuna teach their kid." huffed Asuna.

"That's because you didn't ask nicely Asuna." giggled a 27 year old Konoka.

Asuna crossed her arms, "Very funny, where's your lover?"

Konoka just pointed to where Akemi is and saw a 27 year old Setsuna teaching Akemi the 'right' way to swing the sword.

"When did she…?"

"That's my Secchan for you!" Konoka giggled as she went to join her family.

"Ok Setsuna! You seriously need to teach me how you do that!" Asuna walked over to them, Negi following close behind.

Akemi saw them and hid behind Setsuna's back.

"And what exactly did you teach her?"

Setsuna smirked, "That's our secret."

Akemi smirked as well.

"Please tell me."

Setsuna and Akemi looked at each other then at Asuna, "No!"


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