Okay, I don't have a Psych or English class this semester, and I'm feeling a little literary analysis deprived. When that happens, I start to dissect TV shows and movies. Buffy is absolutely fascinating for such things, besides being awesome in all other ways anyway. So here's me going psychoanalytical on it. I've been toying with the idea of Buffy, Kendra, and Faith as the three parts of the Freudian Split for a long time now, and here I've actually justified that through the voices of each of the three characters. Aside from this concept, though, I pretty much think that Freud was a crackpot. That, or the typical crude male with higher than average eloquence.

I am superego. I fulfill this calling because it's right. Not because I want to. Not because it's my duty. Destiny chose me and that is why I'm here. But that's not why I stay. Not why I came back twice to keep fighting, no matter how much of myself I lost for a while in the process. It's the good fight, not the easy fight. Strength, courage, will. The world continues to turn, and I'll give my life again to keep it turning, because every last person on it is worth fighting for, and they can't do it alone.

I am ego. I fulfill this calling because it is my duty. Not because it is right. Not because I want to. Because it is required of me. I do not exist for myself, for I am the instrument. I fight with form and technique so their numbers will dwindle. Balance, justice, order. Without them we are nothing. I have fallen but the cycle continues, as it must.

I am id. I fulfill this calling because I want to. Not because it's my duty. Not because it's right. In fact, screw duty, and screw what's right. I'm in this for the fun: the fight, the action, the kill. Want, take, have. So the bad guys go poof and the day gets saved in the process? Yay me. I'll pick that fight and take them out until I'm not the one left standing. That's gonna be one hell of a battle, so bring it on.