The only thing I could think of was leaving. After my date with Scott and the drama that unfolded after, I locked myself in the house and haven't left in two days I had even disconnected the phone. After my partial flip my father realized that I couldn't repress my wolf for much longer and came to the idea for me to leave and continue with the idea of going to Venice. I argued at first until he stated the one thing he knew I would hateā€¦losing my freedom. Once I flipped the pack would own me and all of my decisions and my freedom would be gone completely, they would rule every aspect of my life. I finally caved in to dads request for me to go. He called my uncle immediately and told him the change of plans. So here I am bags and suitcases packed and ready to go, sitting on the sofa waiting for my father to get back from the station.

"Going somewhere Sophia?" Jumping in surprise I turned around and found myself facing a naked chest, slowly glancing up I found myself staring into flashing golden eyes. I was so lost in my thoughts that I hadn't even realized I wasn't alone anymore. "I asked you a question Sophia. Are you going somewhere?" Taking a step back I took a deep breath.

"Yes, I am going to live with some relatives." I weakly replied, inwardly wincing at my weakness, slowly inching backwards from the enraged young alpha. Snarling Luke walked around the sofa and stalked towards Sophia making her move backwards, trying to escape from the male before her.

"I don't think so," Luke growled out, "You are mine, Sophia and I am not letting you go, not now or ever." Shaking her head Sophia inched backwards towards the back door.

"You can't tell me what to do Luke I am not part of the pack and I most certainly do not belong to you." Sophia stated gaining some of her lost courage.

"Not yet you aren't." Luke purred out, smirking slightly as he continued to stalk Sophia. Shaking her head Sophia bumped against the door, taking a glance behind her Luke took the opportunity to advance on her. Facing back around Sophia gasped at how close Luke was, "Your mine."