Hi guys! To everyone who had been reading "Trapped", here is my new story, as I promised! It will eventually be a Brucas story, but it will take time for the two of them to get together, so be patient! ;-)

The story takes place in season 6, right after the events of episode 6.01, so whoever watched it doesn't have to worry about spoilers. It begins right after Brooke being attacked and from then on, it's written out of my imagination, so any similarity to the real storyline on the show is simply a coincident.

So here it is! I hope you'll enjoy it! ;-)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the OTH characters.

Chapter 1

Red had always been Brooke Davis' color. Whenever she would put on her classic red lipstick, she knew that her immaculate features would stand out even more. Whenever she would choose to wear her self-designed fitted red dress, she could already predict that heads would be turning her way. Brooke Davis knew that she was pretty, but when she would accentuate her features with red, she absolutely felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. It was such a daring color, yet so associated with emotions and life, that upon looking at herself in the mirror while wearing red clothes, jewelry or lipstick, Brooke actually believed that she was "brilliant and beautiful and brave", just like Lucas had once written about her.

Until that day.

While helplessly lying in a pool of her own blood on her store's floor and feeling her face, wrist, arm, ribcage and thigh swell up as the red liquid trickled down from her forehead and poured out of her mouth, Brooke Davis came to a new understanding. She felt dirty and repulsive. She felt weak and powerless. And she hated the color red.

Forty eight hours earlier, things looked completely different, almost as though they were a different person's life. As Brooke was preparing Angie for their fun day at the beach, she couldn't help but feel happy; she still had eight more days to spend with the precious little girl she had gotten so attached to, the store was doing great and she was successful in managing it on her own, she and Lucas had gotten very close and he had been there for her when she needed him, and she finally felt like she had found her place, her home, among Haley, Nathan, Jamie, Peyton, Lucas, Millicent and Mouth. Of course, she was suppressing a great sadness due to Angie's upcoming departure, but she decided to make the most of the time she had left with the silly little girl instead of moping around all day. It had been working extremely well until she received the phone call from the adoption agency, informing her that she had to give Angie back that very day. And from that moment on, things started to get worse and worse.

As she lay on the cold floor and coughed out more blood, Brooke thought back to the torturing moment when she had to give Angie away. Even though she had tried very hard not to, she had already grown so attached to the little baby, she began to think of herself as Angie's mother. Therefore, as Angie was taken out of her arms, Brooke felt like something in her heart cracked. She could vividly remember the comforting feeling of Lucas' arms wrapped around her, leading her back to her car and resting on her leg as he drove her home. He was effectively consoling her, even though he had barely said a word to her, and as she flinched in pain in the darkness of her wrecked store, Brooke wished that Lucas could just come and hold her in his strong arms again. She just wished that he could take away everything that had happened since the last time she had seen him.

Brooke groaned in pain as she felt herself beginning to drift away and came to the understanding that her life was a mess. Her own mother was trying to steal her company away from her, which sadly proved to Brooke that all the time Victoria had spent with her when they had been business partners was strictly a business arrangement. Even though she had fired her, Brooke cherished the four years in which they worked so closely to each other, and had secretly hoped that Victoria had wanted to become a part of Clothes over Bros' at least partially as an excuse to spend more time with her daughter. Now, however, that she understood that she was wrong, that he mother never really cared about her but only about her money, she felt as if she had been backstabbed, and not only due to the piercing pain that coursed through her body.

As Brooke's vision began to blur, a frightening thought entered her mind- maybe she was about to die, slowly bleed until her body would be drained out of blood and only be found accidentally when it would be too late. Brooke gasped at the horrible thought and immediately let out a defeated whimper of pain, as she felt her ribcage's injury attacking her senses once more. Trying to prevent herself from panicking, Brooke tried to think rationally and told herself that somebody had to be looking for her. When she tried to think of who it would be, Brooke felt an awful feeling in the pit of her stomach and realized just how lonely she was- Peyton was gone and Lucas was gone, and maybe they were even together, forgetting that she ever existed, Millicent and Mouth were on their way to Omaha for the start of a new life together, Haley and Nathan had Jamie and their own issues to deal with, Rachel had stolen money from her and vanished, and her own parents couldn't care less about how she was doing. She had no one.

Brooke felt a sole tear slip from her eye as she acknowledged how lost and alone she was in the world. Even a complete stranger had hurt her- invaded her store- her pride and joy, trashed it and beaten her up, leaving her to lie in her pool of blood and realize how her world was falling apart. It was almost a relief to Brooke when she finally felt herself slipping away and thought that maybe that was it- maybe she wouldn't ever have to wake up again, maybe it was time for her to move on to a better placeā€¦

AN: I know that this chapter is pretty short, but I promise that the chapters will become longer as the story builds up. I really hope this was any good, and would be really happy to hear what you guys thought! ;-)