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SUMMARY: Two years after the destruction of Sauron, Legolas is wounded by an evil thought destroyed - can Aragorn and his friends save him? More importantly, can he save himself before he succumbs to the evil within him?

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CHAPTER 1: An unexpected meeting.

The arrow was pointing directly at the deer's heart, its silver head shining in the shadow of the tree. The archer pulled his arm further back to ensure maximum power and held his breath. Just as he was about to release the arrow, his sensitive ears picked up the uncanny rumble of hooves."AGH!! STOP! STOP!"

The deer's ears pricked and it bolted off into the trees in fright. Legolas sighed, shook his head in disbelief and laughed at the dwarf who was now on his back on the floor.

"Experiencing problems controlling Arod are we?" he asked with a smirk as he placed his arrow back in its quiver. Gimli glared at him. Just as he was about to come out with a retort, Aragorn entered the scene on Brego, tears of laughter streaming down his face. He casually dismounted and walked over to Gimli, offering a hand to help him up.

"Confounded beast won't let me ride it properly," the dwarf grumbled as Aragorn pulled him up. Nodding his head in thanks, he then turned around and glared at Legolas, who was trying to keep a straight face. "You've said something to the horse haven't you?" he accused the Elf to whom he was now pointing a stubby finger at.

Legolas blinked and feigned shock "Me? I do not know how you could possibly blame me for your somewhat," he paused with a smirk. "Amateur riding." Gimli's face went red. "By the way Aragorn," the Elf continued looking at the man. "I have realised why we have not caught anything yet…we simply have not been quiet enough."

"Sarcastic, pointy-eared…."

"This sarcastic pointy-eared Elf can hear what your saying," Legolas called out to Gimli in a singsong voice as he approached Arod.

The three friends mounted their horses (Gimli behind Legolas as usual) and took a relaxed walk across the glade. The sun was now in the centre of the sky and was pounding heat upon the riders.

Gimli started licking his dry lips, which caused Legolas to turn around. "What are you doing?" he asked with an amused look on his fair face.

"Licking my lips, as I am thirsty and there is no more water left in the skins," came the reply.

"I think we should stop off by that stream further along," Legolas said to Aragorn who was riding beside them. "We could refill the skins, and get out of this heat." Aragorn lazily nodded his head in answer.

They pushed Arod and Brego just that little bit further, and dismounted when they reached their destination. The horses headed straight for the flowing stream, and all that could be heard was the sound of their gulping down of the water. When refreshed, they headed towards a patch of lush green grass.

Aragorn pulled out the water pouches from the sides of the two saddles and bent down to fill them up further up the stream. The cool water was refreshing to the skin. Trying to ignore the lovely cool feeling, he focused on his task of refilling the skins.

When finished, he made his way to a tree and sat against it relaxed. Gimli was also sat quite comfortably against a large yew tree, his eyes closed, helmet and axe by his side.

Legolas, however, remained standing with his back to the group, his arms crossed over his chest, his blue eyes penetrating the forest. He remained like this for a few minutes, before lightly making his way over to the willow tree by the stream. He placed a hand on the smooth bark and closed his eyes, silently speaking to the whispering of the tree in his elvish tongue.

Aragorn briefly opened an eye to see his elvish friend with his hand on the tree, and made his way over, stepping around the now snoring Gimli.

"What is it?" he asked.

Legolas opened his eyes, but did not retract his hand from the tree. "Nad no ennas," he replied, not taking his gaze away from the trees. "The trees whisper of an evil that is afoot within the forest. I heard the sound of heavy running by a number of no less than two dozen not long ago," he whispered. "We should remain wary."

Aragorn nodded his head in acknowledgement and cast a weary eye to the forest. He unsheathed his sword and sat against a nearby tree.

Some while later, Aragorn opened his eyes and was surprised to realise that he had fallen asleep. He hastily stood up and stifled a yawn.

"I fell asleep?! How long for? You should have woken me mellon-nin!" Legolas merely smiled at his mortal friend and continued to gaze out into the forest.

"It was not that long," he said. "Anyway I do not mind, as nothing has happened. However, our friends we heard earlier crossed the stream further down."


Legolas nodded his head. "Aye. I think we should get moving before they pick up our scent. I have already picked up theirs unfortunately." He wrinkled his nose. Aragorn noted that his friend had fit an arrow to the string of his bow.

Memories of the past entered his mind, as he recalled the countless times that Legolas had said something similar to what he had just said, and he had ignored it. Whenever Legolas had said they should get moving, he had not heeded the warning - often resulting in a death. Gandalf at Moria, Boromir at Amon-Hen…

"Gimli!" Aragorn whispered loudly to the snoring dwarf who merely grunted and turned his head. "Gimli!" he called out louder this time and gave the dwarf a small kick.

"What!" he cried reaching for his axe. " In the name of Balins tomb?!"

"Orcs are near," Aragorn answered who was placing the water skins on the saddles. Gimli woke up a bit at that answer and pulled his helmet on. The man was now leading the refreshed horses to their riders.

Legolas lightly stepped onto a rock, peering out into the trees, his bow and an arrow ready at hand. His eyes were darting from tree to tree, as he tried to assess the situation. Aragorn approached him. "Do we fight?"

Legolas did not answer straight away. The warrior in him was considering their remaining options. "No," he answered slowly. Aragorn looked questioningly at the elf. "There is a second group perhaps with the intention of surrounding us. We should ride whilst we still can. The odds are against us," he added.

"Well quit talking about it and get on the horses you two!!" Gimli called out as he attempted to pull himself up on Arod who was bent on his front knees trying to help. He finally got up in an undignified manner.

Legolas put his bow and arrow in his right hand as he gracefully mounted in front of Gimli, his left hand holding onto both reigns. He turned to look at his dwarf friend. "That, my friend, is how you mount a horse," he taunted. Gimli merely grumbled, unable to think up a retort.

Once they were all on their horses, Brego and Arod began cantering without instruction, sensing the surrounding danger that was looming closer.


Nad no ennas – something's out there

Mellon-nin – my friend

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