Many thanks to Maryann for beta reading my story!


Kavanagh stood at one of the piers of Atlantis. He looked out over the sea which surrounded the city. The sea was quiet, as smooth as glass, with no rippling waves at all. He thought of his grandmother, and how they had stood together at the coast. "Why is the sky blue?" he had asked at that time.

"Because the oceans of the world are reflecting there," she answered.

A shrill screech distracted him from this memory. He turned around in panic. Shadows. Flying shadows. Wraiths! They were in the city! And he didn't have a radio. He wanted to run away, but another shadow cut his way off. "Stop, pull yourself together!" he shouted to himself. These are not Wraiths, just illusions, he remembered. But the illusions were horrible. Again he stepped back. He felt them. How could it be an illusion? You can't feel an illusion, can you? They pushed him to the edge of the pier. Someone stood there. A Wraith, ready to reach out for him. He'd never felt such fear. And…

"Kavanagh!" He startled. "I was just talking about some essential information, concerning our survival. The least I am expecting is for you to pretend to listen to what I say."

"Uh, Rodney, you were talking about the repair of the coffee machine."

"Yes, Radek? Coffee is essential."

Kavanagh breathed out deeply. Just a nightmare. A terrible nightmare. Because he fell asleep during a meeting. That must not happen again. "I'm volunteering. I'll fix the machine." With those words he left the conference room. Quite irritated, McKay, Zelenka and the other scientists gazed after him for a long time.