Picture Book

Picture Book

A Rumbling Hearts poem…

Dedicated to Haruka…

Disclaimer: No, I do not own Rumbling Hearts.


A simple, brief picture book;

an archive of our history.

For the memories we overlooked…

Of the days past this summary…

. .

The first picture shows of shyness;

A beautiful flower and a majestic rose.

A kiss for the dark to brighten…

A love from there slowly grows.

. .

The second picture depicts of truth;

An honest confession under a tree's booth

Flowers growing towards each other

A promise kept then and forever…

. .

Third image, an image of fidelity;

A lovers' quarrel, but sweet insecurity

A fight overnight 'til the rise of the sun

Both vowed no one will be shunned.

. .

The fourth image depicts of tragedy;

A flower's wither to the hands of envy

A frightful cry, the other one wailed

A shout of despair to the one who failed

. .

From this point on, the book is finished

It has already left its mark on this world

And the rest of it, all but rubbish

To the sad person whose story was told

. .

And now, the story remains untold

But not to the one who knows truth

Now it needs; has to be foretold

For another's knowledge holds no truth

. .

This is my story; a story of tragedy

An archive of moments worthy of pity

However, the truth shall remain unknown

Until the last moments of my life is shown

. .

My love, my life, left behind all alone

As I dance along the floors of the unknown

Hold my hand, my ever-sweet rose

Hold it until a new bud would arose

. .

I loved you and will do, so wait for my awakening

Years run through, but a sour little dressing

Wait for me; wait for me until my eyes awake

A picture book dedicated to a heart that's fake…

. .