Chapter 2: A More Innocent Place

Chapter 2: A More Innocent Place

Luigi ran and ran for several hours, well conditioned for extended physical strain. Once he was sure he was far enough away from the Mushroom Kingdom, he finally thought about where to go next. He thought back to his recently recovered memories of being kidnapped as a baby, of the one period in his life where he wasn't the one who had to defeat an entire army.

The ones who had helped him and his brother during that time were the Yoshies, a race of dinosaurs nearly impervious to damage. Unlike the Toads in Mushroom Kingdoms, the Yoshies all worked together, taking turns on the death courses and somehow they even transported their hollow (Luigi sincerely hoped, anyway) eggs to each other in the middle of battle.

Luigi had decided, he would escape to Yoshi Island. It wouldn't be the exact same place where Luigi had been captured as an infant, in a truly tragic turn of events Bowser had conquered the original Yoshi Island and set up systematic discrimination against the natives, not allowing them in any building. But from what he had heard about Mario's fight against Smithy, the Yoshies had relocated to a new island.

The world outside specific towns and battle areas in Murshroom World was surprisingly small, and Luigi was able to reach the new Yoshi's Island by sunset. Some Yoshies came to greet him. Yoshies were only able to say their name vocally, but they had a rather bizarre form of telekinesis.

(Hi Luigi, what bring you here?) a Yoshi asked. He appeared to be the leader of the group, since he was green.

"I just can't take any more of the fighting or go kart racing with Bowser. I need to get away, can I live here with you?"

(We don't really do much here, it's mainly just waiting for Mario to come by to recruit us. The one who got to go wait on the castle roof was thrilled to finally get a job, we're all pretty bored.)

"I don't care, anything's better than being forced on adventures. Please, can I stay?"

(If you really want to, I guess so.)

"Thank you, I'll stay out of your way."

And so Luigi began his new life on Yoshi's Island. He learned how to function in their cookie based economy, and did what Mario never could, mastered the unique type of Yoshi riding necessary to compete in their races.

Luigi was happy and led a peaceful life for a few weeks, but like every time of peace Luigi had ever known, it wasn't to last. One night, Luigi was woken up by a loud rumbling. He rushed outside.

(Help! My house is burning!)

(It got the egg storage building, everyone eat something alive before we go extinct!)

(IT HURTS! This isn't a normal attack, it's really damaging me!)

Outside there was chaos, Yoshies running around in blind panic.

Luigi stumbled around in shock until he found a green Yoshi.

"What happened? What's attacking us, where is it?"

(The… the sky! Some kind of lasers just started shooting at us from the sky… there's no time to talk, RUN AWAY!)

But before Luigi could run, he was knocked off his feet. Another laser hit just a few yards from him, and the rumble knocked down everyone within a 100 foot radius.

(Who's doing this? What do they want!)

(They're not going to stop, we have to get out of here!)

(Everyone evacuate, we'll meet up at Raphael's place!)

Luigi was prepared to follow them, but another laser blast came right at him. Luigi managed to dodge and breathed a sigh of relief. But a few seconds later, another laser came directly towards Luigi. His reflexes trained on the koopa battle field, he managed to dodge it, but after it yet another headed right for Luigi. After a few more shots homing in on him, it became clear: whatever was attacking was trying to hit Luigi.

"It's… they're… whatever's doing this is after me! Go north, I'll go south and try to lure it away!" Luigi shouted. Not waiting for a response, he bolted south. Running at full speed, the lasers didn't seem to have a chance of hitting him, but they persisted. Luigi ran and ran, but whoever was targeting him was tireless. After running for miles, not even a Mario brother could keep going. Luigi began to slow down, and a beam finally hit him.

Luigi went flying several yards, landing face down. He managed to stay conscious, but he couldn't move or even turn his head. He heard something landing, and then someone approaching.

"DAMMIT! It's the wrong one!"

"Should we capture him anyway?"

"No you idiot, have you ever heard of capturing a hero not backfiring?"

"Then what should we do with him?"

"I guess we can just kill him, one less to worry about."

Luigi heard a faint shuffling, a weapon was clearly being drawn. He heard what sounded like something charging, but right before it fired…


The sound of dozens of lightning fast kicks was heard, and then two thuds as the would be killers fell down.

"What the hell?"

"I've heard about these things, a stomp from then can turn a skull into dust, forget killing the green guy, let's get out of here!"

Luigi heard a whooshing noise, his attackers seemed to have returned to whatever they were firing lasers from. He heard a much louder charging, what could only be the massive laser that had destroyed the Yoshi village. Luigi finally managed to turn his head, and saw a green Yoshi firing eggs at a large brown wooden ship. The eggs were surprisingly powerful, and seemed to convince the attackers to flee. Luigi and the Yoshi were safe.

"Thank you… you saved my life. But how did you find me?"

(I followed you since you left the village, I couldn't let you sacrifice yourself.)

"Who were those people who tried to kill me? Neither sounded like Bowser."

(They weren't koopas at all. They were cloaked, but there was something weird about them, about their shape. I've never seen anyone like that before.)

The Yoshi pulls out a mushroom and gives it to Luigi. Instantly, Luigi is in perfect health.

(They dropped something when I attacked them, this could be our only clue.)

There is a piece of metal on the ground, it looks like part of an armor.

"It just looks like normal metal."

(Wait, there's something on the back, in really tiny text.)

Luigi turns over the piece of metal and squints at the tiny print. It's very blurry, but he can just make it out:

L is real 2401