Never underestimate a girl


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Post 2007 movie While struggling to find her own path to life, Lucky finds herself caught up into an intergalactic conflict of epical proportions. All cuz she repaired a trashed silver Pontiac… What no one knew was that she held the key to the most powerful weapon in the universe.

Beware: I am not English, so please, forgive any misspelling. Now, on with the story… enjoy! ;)


This is a story about a girl named Lucky…

Yup, that's me!! I'm Lucky Spelmann and I'm a 20 years old mechanic. Oh, well, I'm the best grease monkey in Mission City! As you can see, I overestimate myself a little… just a little!

I live in my family's old house next to my workshop. I'm currently single, since I spend all my time working on cars. Jamie Coops, my colleague and my dad's old -and I mean really old- friend, keeps telling me that I should exit my workshop more often, or I'll never get a boyfriend, considering that I only hang out with cars. Man, was he wrong…

I just reply that I'm not alone, that I have my Sigma to keep me company, but he just shrug it off.

For those of you who don't know, Sigma is my beloved cat. He's no ordinary cat. He's mechanical and he can talk too. My father found him outside our house when I was 5. Well, he found a crater in the yard and a strange-looking object inside it. He just took it in and, after 3 hours and half of hard work, he managed to fix it.

All the time I was his vulture, observing his every moving as to learn everything he was doing. (yeah, I love learning things I don't know about; I was never scared of 'the strange, the unknown').

When he finished, he decided to give that strange thing as a gift for his 5 years old daughter. I was so happy that I didn't even notice that the 'thing' was scanning one of the images of cats that I've threatened my dad to hang in his workshop. And so, that 'thing' transformed into a black tabby cat and introduced himself as Sigma. My parents never heard him speak, though.

An year ago there was an attack in Mission. Luckily, I was in Europe at my sister's wedding, with great relief from my foster parents. Yeah, my sister and I've been adopted when I was 12. That was the best thing that could happen to me in that particular period of my life. We were adopted by a very nice family: the Witwickys, Sam's uncle and aunt. I've heard that he was in Mission at that time…

Sam has been a very nice and caring sort-of-cousin for me and my sister. He's a good guy, though a little weird sometimes.

Well, now you know almost everything about me. I can talk about my physical appearance, since you can't see me.

I'm tall; about 5'4''. I'm thin, but I've got muscles from my work on cars. My skin has taken a nice bronze colour from the numerous hours spent working under the sun. I have long red hair and dark green eyes.

Though Jamie said I should go to discos and get a boyfriend with the help of my 'hot appearance', I'd rather use it to do a nice job on an engine.

And that was what I did up until a few months ago, when my life was transformed.

Let me start at the beginning, when my cousin did a quite interesting call…

All right, here's the prologue of what I know will be a long and interesting story. Only the prologue, and I think part of the epilogue, will be in first person. From chapter 1 there will be a third person narrator. I hope you want to read more. Until next time… bye!! ;)