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The bonfire burned calmly in the middle of a beautiful garden underneath a starry sky. Lucky marvelled at how large the garden the Autobots gave her indeed was. It even had a large area paved with gravel, currently occupied by a multicoloured assortment of various cars, trucks, a helicopter, and a jet. Music played in the background, as the Autobots and their friends were all laughing, playing, and generally partying, celebrating their victory.

Firestar dragged a rather reluctant Ratchet to the dance floor. They looked so cute as they twirled around on the green grass, the well built, quite tall hologram with brown hair and blue eyes, covered by fake glasses, was really a good dancer, who gracefully showed off his gorgeous partner, an orange-haired woman in a red dress.

A black-haired man set up a rather powerful-looking telescope; he had grey pants and a white sweatshirt with red and green stripes. He was explaining something to a breath-taking young woman sitting next to him. But the girl, wearing a purple tank top and fitting blue jeans, and who had pink and curly hair cut to the chin, looked more interested in the man, rather than in what he was saying.

Not far from Arcee and Wheeljack, a hologram with blond hair and mint green streaks, wearing a green blouse and white pants sat comfortably on another hologram's lap; he had greying hair, and was wearing some sort of black and white uniform. Moonracer and Prowl were talking about things… like a relationship. And it looked like the tactician didn't dislike the conversation, or the beautiful femme on his lap.

A rather tall man in a blue shirt with red flames, and blue jeans, helped a white-haired woman, wearing a pink jean jacket over a white sundress, put the tablecloth on the long table. A man with red hair, looking ready for the beach, watched them curiously, as he drank some kind of hot pink liquid. Jetfire teased Optimus and Elita once in awhile, as the two discussed about human camping, while Red Alert's hologram, a young man with blue hair, blue jeans and a white and red shirt, sighed, and told the Vice Commander to cut the couple some slack.

Ironhide sat beside Will and Sarah Lennox, and Chromia was sitting next to the blonde, gently stroking a purring Sigma. The two human parents, who sat next to Epps and his wife, looked anxiously at their daughter, who decided to use the giant Grimlock like a slide. The T-rex didn't mind it; on the contrary, he looked pleased to have the small girl sliding down his back and tail, giggling happily all the way.

Ron and Judy Witwicky sat chattering at the table next to their son and his girlfriend, Mojo barking happily on Judy's lap. Sam and Mikaela sat with Glen, Bumblebee and Maggie, talking about normal teen stuff, while the blond boy cast a glance at the blond girl, sitting beside him, every now and then.

Another couple joined Ratchet and Firestar on the dance floor (actually, it was just grass, since they were in a giant garden). Hotshot and Angel danced so gracefully, they made almost all stare in slight awe at the energy they had. Lucky's sister decided to come, after Hotshot talked to her before the battle, and they all welcomed her with open arms… especially Lucky. They spent almost all afternoon talking… they had much catching up to do.

Mirage was talking and drinking with Cliffjumper, both sitting at the long table. The first had blue hair, and was wearing a white and blue t-shirt with jeans, while the latter was wearing a red sweatshirt with black pants, trying to brush his long red hair away from his sparkling blue eyes as he talked and laughed with the spy.

Sunstreaker, wearing a yellow jacket with black jeans, and Sideswipe in a red sweater also with black jeans, sat on the corner, watching and whispering to each other. It was clear they were plotting something…

"Alright, boys," Lucky chuckled, interrupting the whispering twins, "Stop plotting, and give me a hand!" Lucky called, as she walked towards the table with many large dishes.

"We weren't plotting!" both twins whined, standing up.

Lucky rolled her eyes, and, the next moment, a blue blur took the dishes from her hands, setting them on the table, in front of everyone. A second later, a young man, taller than Lucky, with blue hair, and wearing an azure shirt with blue pants, was in front of her.

"Wow! It doesn't matter how many times you do that, it's always awesome to see it!" Lucky chuckled, as she brushed away the blue locks Blurr's gust of wind made fall in her eyes. "Thanks, Blurr."

"That'snothingcomparedtowhatyoucando!" The speedster grinned from ear to ear, and winked.

Lucky giggled, then Blurr sped away, taking a seat next to Red Alert. The redhead chuckled as she made her way to the table, and sat next to Jazz. When everyone was settled, they started their dinner, talking about 'normal' stuff, such as giving Grimlock other friends, or scolding Sigma because he was making Ironhide jealous.

After they finished their dinner (and Lucky still marvelled that holograms could eat), Wheeljack walked up with Ratchet, both carrying what looked like a bucket of bottle rockets, miscellaneous fountains, and enough assorted fireworks to light up the whole Autobot base for at least three weeks.

"I sure hope you're not too tired, because we're gonna have fireworks!" the engineer stated cheerfully.

"Are those your old inventions, Jack?" Sunstreaker chuckled, nudging his brother with his elbow, and causing said twin to snicker.

Wheeljack sighed, glaring daggers at the two, as he and Ratchet put down the fireworks. Ratchet called Blurr, and he appeared beside the two so fast they didn't even have time to blink.

Lucky chuckled, looking at the three discussing where to place the fireworks, and all her friends just enjoying themselves. Her gaze soon locked on a blond couple. Maggie said something to Bumblebee, probably excusing herself, before reaching Glen. Lucky approached the blonde.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" she asked accusingly, coming up from behind the scout, and making him jump.

"Lucky!" Bumblebee turned, and glared at her.

One surprisingly green eye started to twitch ever so slightly, and then, abruptly, the redhead burst out laughing so hard she clutched her side and wiped some tears from her eyes.

"Glad you're enjoying yourself," Bumblebee muttered sarcastically, though he had to admit that the sound of her laugher still made his spark skip a beat.

"Sor-ry," she choked out in between giggles, and then tried to calm herself. "So, how are things going with Maggie?"

Bumblebee blushed a bit. "I… we… uh, we're just… good friends…" he stammered, and trailed off.

Lucky raised an eyebrow understandingly. "Oh, I'm so happy for you!" she beamed, wrapping her arms around the blonde's neck. "Maggie's a good girl. You deserve to be happy." She added the last sentence in a lower voice, so low it could be heard only by him.

Bumblebee smiled, hugging Lucky back. "Thanks, Lucky." He whispered back.

"No, thank you, Bumblebee." She kissed his cheek, then whispered. "For everything."

As they parted, Maggie came back, and Lucky gave her a big smile. "Well," she said, starting to walk away. "Looks like you have many things to talk about…" she trailed off, winking at Maggie, who blushed.

Then she sent a private message to Bumblebee over their comm link. "Go, Bumblebee! She loves you… I know."

"Thanks, Lucky. I'll try." He sent back, then turned to Maggie, and took her hand as both walked to a nice spot where they could watch the fireworks. And remember… I will always love you, he added in his processor only, as he saw Lucky walking away in the side of his eyes.

Lucky walked up to the tall willow tree in the center of the garden. A handsome man, leaning his back to it was watching the night sky. When he heard her approaching, he looked at her, smiling. Lucky reached him, stopping less than an arm-length away, smiling brightly at him.

"Hey, Flyboy!"

Jazz pushed himself off the tree, and wrapped his arms around her waist. She snuggled closer to him, sighing slightly. Jazz felt something was wrong with her. "Lucky? What's wrong?"

Lucky looked up to Jazz, his blue eyes so full of concern. She sighed, a sad smile on her lips. "I… I can feel the Decepticons are not done with us. Starscream's going to return." She looked out to the still darkened skies. "I want to start a new life with you, but…" she turned her green stare to him, "If the Decepticons attack us again, I can't…"

Jazz pressed his finger to her lips, shushing her, and smiled. "Shhh, don't worry, Lucky. We fought 'em for millions of years," He shrugged, "We'll fight 'em again. Right now," the dark-haired hologram turned her to the skies ahead, and grinned, "Let's just make the best of our lives." He held her tightly, making her smile. "Let's relax, and try to be happy."

"Aww, they're so cute!" Firestar cooed.

Her words startled the couple that parted, and turned to see every hologram and human come there apparently to spy on them.

"Sheesh! My optics are burning!" Sideswipe joked, and Prowl slapped him on the back of his head.

"No one forced you to come," he pointed out.

Lucky and Jazz just smirked to them.

"Quit it. Lucky needs to relax, especially…" Ratchet sighed, turning to the couple, and Jazz shook violently his head. "…In her conditions."

"What conditions?" Lucky raised her eyebrows.

"Give it a rest, Ratch!" Jazz screamed out. "Do ya wanna her to spark our sparkling right here!?"

Silence fell after that statement, as every Autobot (minus Firestar, Moonracer, and Ratchet) froze, while the humans looked confused. Jazz cringed, glancing at Ratchet, who looked askance at him, and wanting to smack himself. Slag it!

"Sparkling?" Lucky blinked in confusion, and tilted her head.

Firestar sighed, and folded her arms. "Nice going, you two."

"Have you ever heard about delicacy?" Moonracer scolded both of them, her hands on her hips.

Ratchet turned disdainful eyes on the shorter woman. Moonracer not only held the stare, but returned it as well. Ratchet sighed.

"Please, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't a sparkling the equivalent of a human infant?" Lucky asked, feeling her cheeks warm up with every word she spoke, and looked between Ratchet and Jazz.

Jazz shifted nervously under her stare. "Um… Lucky…" If his hologram could sweat, they all probably ended up drowned. "You know… that time… and… um…"

Lucky blinked, then smirked. "I'm not pregnant. With my power I would have felt…" She stopped in mid-sentence, and her eyes widened. The strange force she felt, the same one that made her choose to stay with the Autobots… Realisation struck her like a lighting. "Oh, boy…"

"I know, love." Jazz held her a bit tighter, as it seemed that Lucky started to stagger. "I reacted dat way too." He muttered to himself, remembering when Ratchet told him that Lucky was carrying his sparkling.

It was what left Jazz speechless; when Lucky passed out after fighting Blackwidow, Ratchet took him to another room to talk to him privately. He said Lucky was carrying an extra spark, that was certainly their sparkling. The words hit the First Lieutenant like a lighting, and left him shocked, and gawking like a fool… much like how they left Lucky.

The girl was staring blankly at Ratchet, her mouth open in shock, until Jazz reached over, and shut it gently. That action caused her to snap out of her trance, and she looked around at the smiling faces of her new family.

"Aww, wow! I love ya, Tough Luck!" Angel cheered. "I'm gonna be aunt!" she jumped, and punched the air. Hotshot looked at her oddly, then shook his head, and chuckled.

Elita One chuckled as well. "It will be nice having a sparkling running around the base,"

"Oh, suuure." Jetfire patronized her, rolling his eyes.

"Aww, what a wonderful news!" Chromia beamed, clapping her hands together.

Lucky looked at her, and smiled nervously. She then looked at Jazz, equally nervous, and he squeezed her hand, in a comforting way, as if to say that she wasn't alone. "Whoa! I really don't know what to say, except for… Whoa!"

Judy, Epps's wife and Sarah were talking to each other, satisfied smirks on their faces, while their husbands just shook their head, smiling sympathetically at Jazz.

"Hey, Luck? How do you feel?" Angel asked, walking closer to her sister.

"I'm… fine. I mean, I'm scared as Hell, but… this is great!" she smiled, then her expression changed into a frown, and she glanced at all the Autobots, and especially at the mothers. "Help me when I ask, because I don't know how to be a parent."

"Don't sweat it, girl." Sigma waved as he walked up to the couple. "I'll help you!"

Lucky grinned. "Aww, Sigma! What would I do without you?"

"You'll have many problems raising your children." Sigma said nonchalantly.

Lucky blinked. "Children? What do you mean, children?"

They all turned to Ratchet, and a red laser shot out of his vehicle form, and analyzed Lucky's. The hologram took out what looked like a small datapad from the pocket of his green jacket, and read it. Suddenly, the CMO started to chuckle hysterically, one hand flying to his head.

Firestar walked up next to Ratchet. "Is he right, doc?"

Ratchet handed her the datapad, and she gasped, almost dropping it in the process.

The crowd started to murmur and whisper silently, as Lucky and Jazz grew more and more preoccupied by the second.

Moonracer had had enough of it. "For Primus' sake, Ratchet! What is it?" she demanded.

The medic rubbed his head. "She is carrying a double spark."

"Holy scrap!" Arcee gasped.

"Wait… double spark… which means…" Lucky stammered, and Jazz's eyes started to twitch.

Ratchet nodded, and sighed. "Yes. You are now mother to two sparklings."

"TWINS!!" Sunstreaker and Sideswipe high-fived each other.

"Oh, boy." Bumblebee gulped.

Lucky stared at the crowd blankly; Jazz's eyes rolled back up, and he fainted. The thud he produced when he passed out, and hit the ground was enough to make Lucky snap out of it, and she crouched down, shaking Jazz lightly, and calling his name.

Optimus cleared his voice, draining everyone's (minus Lucky, Sigma, and the fainted Jazz) attention. "Let's set up those fireworks!" he ordered, and they nodded, leaving the couple, but continuing to chatter about the happy news.

Ratchet hesitated for a moment, and looked to Lucky as she successfully awoke Jazz.

"Jazz?" Lucky's voice was feeble. She was still shocked by the news.

"Lucky," Jazz sat up. He looked at her worried expression, and then hugged her tightly.

Lucky looked startled for just a second, before she hugged him back. "You're not upset?"

"Upset!?" Jazz asked in disbelief, and held her tighter. "How could I be!? I love ya, girl! I love ya wit' all mah spark! We're gonna do dis right dis time. I promise ya!"

Lucky hugged him tighter, and both failed to notice Ratchet looking at them with the same eyes of a father looking at his daughter the day she marries the man she loves. The CMO sighed.

"Might as well get used to it." Sigma interrupted the medic's trail of thoughts, and he looked down at the cat, who patted his leg sympathetically.

"Yes." He sighed. "Like I said before, I still think that the bot is hardly worth Lucky's time, but if she's happy with him…" Ratchet sighed again, glancing at the hugging couple, then at a satisfied Sigma, and smiled.

He and Sigma headed to the grass, near an awaiting Firestar, leaving the couple a little privacy. Lucky and Jazz stood under the willow tree for a few more moments, before they both headed to the grass, and sat down, awaiting the fireworks.

"Okay everyone! Grab a nice spot of grass: we have fireworks!" Wheeljack announced.

All the holograms sat down, either embracing their mates, or just talking with their friends. The humans did the same, while Grimlock crouched down, much like a giant dog, with little Annabelle perched on his big nose, and waggled his tail.

After everyone was settled, Blurr set up all the fireworks and pinwheels in a split-second, and set them off a second later. Several bottle rockets popped into the air, attracting everyone's attention, and applause. The multicoloured wheels spun, spraying blue, yellow, red, green, and purple all over the grass below. The fireworks danced in a miscellaneous array of colours, lighting up the faces of the spectators as they exploded in every imaginable fanciful way.

When the fireworks show was in full swing, Firestar looked up, and pointed, "That firework looks weird!"

They all looked to where she was pointing and saw a brilliant streak descending the dark sky; it seemed that it was heading towards the ground in a rather mischievous way…

Before anyone could dive for cover, the firework hit the grass right in front of Ratchet, and exploded, causing white foam to spill forth and soak the medic. Few holograms (mainly the youngest) cheered and laughed along with the humans, while others looked too shocked to produce any sort of sound.

Ratchet's eyes started to twitch, and he glared at you-know-who and his twin brother, who were practically laughing their heads off. That action alone labelled them 'guilty'.

Ratchet didn't say anything. He calmly approached the twins, who were still laughing. When the CMO was near enough, Sunstreaker wiped away the tears from his blue eyes, and his face fell. He elbowed his twin, who looked first at him, then at the approaching medic, and stopped laughing, while both started to back away slowly.

"Uh, c'mon, Ratch!" Sideswipe tried, eyeing the nasty-looking tool in the medic's hand.

"Yeah, can't you take a joke?" Sunstreaker added, hiding behind his brother.

"You can take a head start." Ratchet grumbled, smacking the tool to his hand.

The twins looked at each other, and made a run for it, all the way chased by an enraged CMO, holding a nasty-looking wrench, cursing the twins' existence, and eliciting well-needed laughter from everyone in the crowd.

Lucky looked between the exploding fireworks, and the three holograms chasing on the ground. She laughed, although a yawn soon escaped her lips.

Jazz blinked at her. "Lucky?" she looked at him, as the arm around her shoulders tightened the grip. "Are you tired?"

Lucky looked at the laughing Autobots, and her human friends; then she glanced at Jazz, the fireworks brightening over her face. She smiled, "No… I'm fine."

Jazz nodded, and smiled as well. "Same here, Lucky."

The fireworks continued as a new day and a new life began for all of them. The bright lights falling from the sky seemed to be made just for guiding everyone in the new future that awaits them… As well as providing good illumination for Ratchet to hunt the running twins!

Lucky smiled at what she had now, thinking briefly about what she left behind. I accepted my fate by finding the courage to defy my destiny. I had the power to change my life forever. And I used it. I broke free from the shell of fears that caged my soul in my old, human existence.

Her green glance looked at the Autobots, as they cheered either for Ratchet or the twins. Lucky inhaled deeply, feeling the air so sweet and new… maybe because, for the first time in what seemed like forever, she felt like she was right home.

I began a new life with the people I love the most. I don't know where the new path I took will lead me, but I look forward to know it. Lucky nuzzled back into Jazz's arms, and he placed his head on top of hers. She smiled, and glanced again at the three holograms chasing on the grass.

and, this time, I'll live it to its fullest.



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