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The Other Side Of the Coin

Summary: When accidents happen things change, sometimes accidents make people change. After an accident, Tedd changes. Gradually then suddenly. But is the change for the better, or for the worse? Remember people are like coins, everyone has at least two sides to them. But what happens when Tedd becomes the other side of the coin?

Chapter One: First Chapters Are a Blast!


The alarm clock sounded, waking Elliot from his sleep. He hit the button on the clock and walked over to the calender mounted on his wall. He counted the days until Sunday which was circled. He crossed off the current day

"Wednesday" he said "Only four more days until the party"

He went to the bathroom and took a shower. After which ran back to his room and got dressed for school. He came to the livingroom to see his sister on the couch, soggy, crumpled tissues littered the floor around her.

"Still sick?" Elliot asked

She coughed a few times "How did you guess?" she asked

Elliot sat on the couch next to Ellen "You really should have toned down the hugging when Grace got sick" he said

"It's not like I really had a choice" Ellen said "You know how Grace is with close contact" She sniffled a bit "I hate cold season" she said "I never got sick when I"

"Hopefully you'll get better in time for the party" Elliot said "I'm going to call Tedd to let him know I can pick him up"

He grabbed the phone and quickly dialed Tedd's number.

"Hello" said a voice

"Hi Grace" he said "How are you dealing with that cold"

Her answer was a loud sneeze and a clattering sound which indicated that she had dropped the phone.

"Never mind" Elliot said as she picked the phone back up "Can I talk Tedd for a minute" he asked

She blew her nose and said "Hang on"

She put the phone down and walked off. Elliot could here a conversation going on in the background Grace picked the phone back up "Tedd wanted me to tell you that he's not going to school today"she said

"Is he sick?" Elliot asked concerned for his friends' well being

"No" Grace said "He says he has something very important to do today, so he won't go to school"

"OK then" Elliot said and then lowering the volume of his voice he whispered "Are we still on for his surprise party this weekend"

"Yes" Grace said happily "He gave me the best birthday party ever, and I want to do the same for him"

"I'll talk to you later, Bye" Elliot said as he hung up the phone "See you later Sis" he said

Elliot grabbed his backpack walked to the car. After about 10 minutes of driving, he arrived at Moperville North High School. He began walking toward his locker

"Hey Elliot" Tony shouted with a mean grin on his face "Where's that jelly-headed girlfriend of yours?"

Elliot turned his head in Tony's direction "Do I need to remind you what happened the last time you said that?" he asked crossly

Tony gulped. As a football player he wasn't afraid of many people, but Elliot was not one he wanted to aggravate. They had gotten in many fights in and outside school, all of which Elliot won. Tony turned and walked away.

"Bigmouthed, Brainless Jerk" Elliot thought as he continued his walk. When he arrived at his locker he found someone waiting for him, his girlfriend Sarah

"Hi Elliot" said Sarah said

"Hi yourself" he said "I'm glad to see you're feeling better"

He gave his girlfriend a once over. She herself had recovered from a cold. While she was healthy again, her nose was still sore and red, it looked like a cherry tomato. A downside to all the wiping and blowing she had done while stuck in her room. Elliot began snickering at the sight

"What's so funny" she asked

"Nothing" he said "Nothing at all...(snicker)...Rudolph"

Sarah frowned "It's not funny" she said "How would you like it if I laughed at you when you had a cold?"

"Maybe if I ever caught a cold I could answer that question" he said "But there's one good side about your nose"

He bent down and planted a soft kiss on her nose which immediately caused her to blush. "If I'm with you in a dark room I'll see the first place I want to kiss"

"Cut it out" she said turning around trying to hide the blush on her face

"Yes, please do" Susan said as she walked up "I don't want to see my breakfast a second time today"

"Are you busy later?" Elliot asked "I want to go over our plan for Tedd's surprise party"

"I've got a meeting after school" Susan said "But I think I can make time""I was wondering though...can I invite some of the members of my feminist group?"

"That's your choice" Elliot said "If you want to invite a gang of feminists to the house of a teenage pervert/mad scientist, be my guest"

"The only one we really need to worry about is Catalina" Susan said "She came to my last birthday party and believe me she puts a new spin on the term Party Animal"

"Catalina probably won't be there" Sarah said "She's going to be busy that day"

"With what?" Susan asked

"I heard that yesterday she sneezed on Principal Verruckt and then blew her nose in his tie" Sarah said "So if she's not home sick, she'll be in Saturday detention"

"That figures" Susan thought

"Where is Tedd anyway?" Sarah asked

"He's at home" Elliot said "According to Grace he's working on something that's more important than school"

"Oh please" Susan said "If I know him he's probably making a machine that will blast the clothes off girls"

Sarah rushed to defend him "Hey that's mean he could be...never mind you're probably right"


"There's the first bell" Elliot said "Let's get to class"

The school day seemed to go on forever, but soon it ended. After talking to Sarah for a while, Elliot quickly went to his car. As he drove he let his mind wander

"I wonder why Tedd didn't come to school" he thought "I think I'll pay him and Grace a visit"

While he was his thinking, his cell phone rang

"Hello" Elliot said

"Hey Elliot" a voice said "This is Nanase"

"Seriously?" Elliot asked

"Yeah" Nanase said "Why is that so hard to believe?"

"I guess I just expected you to use a fairy doll spell to contact me" Elliot said "After all, that's what you do with my sister"

"Ha Ha" Nanase said obviously not amused "I was just calling to ask what time the party is"

"I've told you at least four times, Nanase" he said "It starts at six"

"Thanks again" she said "Are you coming to martial arts practice today?"

"No" Elliot said "I'm skipping out today to check on Tedd and Grace"

"Justin and I are on our way to the mall to pick up gifts for Tedd" Nanase said

"Why are you shopping so early?" Elliot asked

"Because by the time his birthday comes, I'd have spent my money on clothes" she said "And Justin would have bought trading cards"

"OK then" Elliot said "I'll call you after practice"

"No need" Nanase said "I plan to meet with Ellen with the Fairy Doll Spell so we can talk then"

"See you then" he said

Soon he arrived at Tedd's house. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell


The doorbell rang and the door opened. Elliot saw Grace in her squirrel form, she looked slightly disheveled, but otherwise she was her normal perky and bubbly self.

"Hi Elliot" she said "Come in"

Elliot entered the house "Are you feeling any better Grace?" he asked

Her first answer was a loud, wet, foghorn-like honk into a tissue.

"Yeesh" Elliot said" That answers that question" Elliot said

"Actually I'm feeling much better" she said "Mr Verres said that I might be well enough to go to school by Friday"

"You are the only person I know who likes school" he said

"I can never find anything interesting to do when I'm alone" Grace said "I've been wanting to play with Jeremy, but he stopped playing with me after I sneezed on him too many times"

Elliot smiled to himself "So where's Tedd?" he asked "I want to talk to him"

"Tedd's downstairs in his lab" Grace said "But I wouldn't suggest you go see him""He's working on a super, secret project and he doesn't want to be disturbed"

Elliot was intrigued "This project must be pretty big for the way he's been acting" he thought

Elliot walked to the basement door, on the front of it there was a sign that read


"Keep Out"

"This means you!!"

"NO Elliots', NO Sarahs', NO Justins',NO ugly cousins, ABSOLUTELY NO SUSANS', NO Ellen's, NO Parents (mine or anyone else's), and NO Graces'...OK Graces' are allowed"

Elliot laughed to himself "He must really want to keep whatever he's working on to himself" he thought

Elliot had one hand on the doorknob when he thought "Maybe I shouldn't interrupt him". He fished a quarter out of his pocket and said "If it's heads I'll open the door, If it's tails I won't"

He flipped the coin and let it hit the floor. It came up heads

He opened the door and the second he did a voice yelled out "CLOSE THE GODDAMNED DOOR"

Elliot was so shocked that he complied with the demand. "OK, no need to yell" he said in a meek voice that was completely unlike him

He walked back to the livingroom and sat next to Grace "I told you that you should leave him alone".She pulled out a video game case "Do you want to play this game that Tedd made for me?" he asked

Elliot read the title "Bloody Roar: The Tedd Verres Edition"

"Tedd designed characters based on people he's met and gave them animal forms" she said happily "He even made my character with a squirrel, cat and Jeremy form""Do you want to play?"

"Sure" he said "Let's play"

As they played Elliot asked "So has he been dropping any hints about what he wants for his birthday?"

"No" Grace said "He mentioned last week that his birthday was coming up, but he hasn't spoken about it since""He's been completely focused on finishing his project"

Elliot had a pensive look on his face "Now that I think about it" he began "When he came over to my house last week and saw my calender, I actually had to remind him that his birthday was coming up"

Elliot turned to Grace and asked "You don't think he's forgotten about his own birthday, do you?"

Down in Tedd's Laboratory

Tedd stood in front of his table "Finally, after so many months of work I've finished my project" he said.

He walked to his closet, pulled out a box of Christmas lights and walked back to the table. He plugged the lights into a small, metal box. Then he took the cable that led into the box and jammed it into a large chunk of cheese. The lights immediately began to glow.

"I have finally harnessed the electrical power of cheese" Tedd said proudly "Someday you'll be able to light an entire city with a single wedge of Brie" "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

"Tedd" his father shouted from his office "You know how I feel about diabolical laughter"

"Sorry dad" he shouted back "Now let's get to my real project"

Tedd walked to a machine he had just finished building. It was large and looked incredibly intricate. He hit one side of it with his fist and a keyboard panel popped out. He began typing furiously.

"It's taken four years of work" Tedd said "But now I've finished my ultimate creation""My Dark Matter Dimensional Gate""And with it I can go to any dimension, to any world". Tedd gave a maniacal grin "With this machine I can transcend time and space""MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

"Don't make me come in there" Tedd's father shouted with a bit of anger in his voice

"Sorry dad" he shouted back "Now let's get started"

In the Alpha Dimension:

A purple anthro-skunk was watching Tedd through a crystal ball.

"So he isn't just a pretty face" she thought "Tedd-chan is so intelligent"

"Are you still peeping in on the boy, Nioi" said a voice from behind her

She turned to see General Shade Tail "Yes, as a matter of fact I am" she said "Do you have the vial"

He reached into his cloak and pulled out a glass tube. Inside of it was a substance which looked like very thick, black smoke.

"Here" he said handing Nioi the vial

"Excellent" she said "Now to begin our masters' plan"

She lightly tapped one side of the crystal ball with a claw, and soon it cracked. She opened the vial and emptied the contents on her crystal ball. It was a thick, ink-like liquid, but after a few seconds it was absorbed into the crystal ball. The crystal ball was completely clear, and now it looked like it was filled with black smoke. But soon the black liquid disappeared, leaving only the image of Tedd's face.

"How will we know it works?" Shade Tail asked

"It will reach him through the machine" Nioi said "Most likely through a burst of energy" "Everything should go according to plan...if he lives"

Back in our Dimension

Tedd began turning knobs, flipping switches, and pressing buttons on the Dimensional Gate.

"The power levels are stable" he said "Now I just need to clarify the portal"

The machine fired a beam at the wall. The beam became a swirling blue vortex.

"Yes" Tedd shouted "It works"" And now for the important part"

Tedd walked in front of the portal and slowly put his hand in it. The vortex gave his hand a cool, almost wet sensation.

"My left hand is in another dimension" he thought

He pulled his hand out and examined it. It looked the same and it felt the same. He sat down and took off his sock. He stuck his foot into the vortex. He felt the same cool sensation

"My left foot is in another dimension" he thought

He pulled his foot out and stared at the portal for a few seconds. Suddenly a long, scaly, yellow claw reached out of the portal, swiping desperately at Tedd.

"HOLY CRAP" he screamed scrambling to get back to his feet

He ran over to the machine and hit a large button. The portal vanished, sucking the claw back into whatever world it came from. Tedd wiped sweat off his forehead

"That was close" he said dusting himself off "I could use a soda right about now" he thought

He began to walk up the stairs but a loud noise made him stop in his tracks. He turned back to his machine and saw that it was shaking and sending off multicolored sparks.

He ran back to the machine "Oh no" he said "The Dark Matter Engine is overloading"

He turned the machine off but it continued to short out. A look of horror passed his face "The energy is too much for the machine" he thought

Suddenly the machine released a shockwave which knocked Tedd into the wall. He put his hands to the back of his head, feeling the lump that was beginning to form. And was horrified to see blood on his fingertips. His vision started to get fuzzy, and a strange heaviness began to set in the back of his head.

"I'm gonna pass out" he thought "I have to get out of here"

With his consciousness fading, he summoned the last of his strength and moved toward the door...but he didn't move fast enough.


A massive explosion destroyed the basement. Grace, Elliot, and Mr Verres immediately ran to the source of the noise.

"What happened here?" Mr Verres asked as he examined the door which had been blown off its' hinges.

Grace ran through the wreckage "Tedd" she called out frantically "Where are you"

"Calm down"Elliot said "He's caused plenty of explosions""I'm sure he's fine"

Grace stopped and her face paled, she fell back on her behind, mouth agape.

"What's wrong" Elliot asked as he approached her "You look like you've seen a..."

He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence, because he was treated to the same chilling sight as Grace.

Tedd was buried up to his neck in chunks of debris. He was bleeding from his nose, as well as from an unseen wound on his head. They could tell from the trickle of blood coming from his hair. He was out-cold, completely unmoving like a stone statue. Seeing the boy she loved in this state, unconscious with blood smeared on his face she did the only thing she could.

She screamed.

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