Chapter 1: Year Three Begins

Author Note: I was starting off with an Introduction, in Jinx's eyes, because I am trying something new out. It's different but at least you get to see an insight into the main character's life and personality. Not just that, you probably have also seen that I've got only a few of the canon characters. The teachers are the only ones I'll be using, but I've made some children of others and references to others in middle names and such! Enjoy.

The carriage door opened, to allow four passenger's into one of the train's compartments. They were smiling and cheerful as they sat down; the shortest one, a boy, seemed quite nervous. He seemed younger than the others but looked a lot like the older boy that he was with.

"So Pedro, brother," the older boy announced, "I'll introduce you to my two best friends"

"Yeah," laughed the black-haired taller girl, "Without your mother swooning over the future Mrs Henry Xavier." She laughed cooing over the blonde girl next to her.

"Shut up Jinx!" she frowned.

"So, yeah Pedro, this is Jinx. She's the annoying one, just like you."

"Hey!" Jinx huffed, "I'm not that annoying! Thank you very much."
"Oh, thanks," the boy muttered feeling offended.

"Yeah, she can be a bit blunt," he added, "You'll learn to ignore her ways," he then turned to blonde girl, "and this is Jazz. Her previous name, like Jinx's has been wiped from my memory."

"Can't be worse than ours," Pedro said depressingly, "I know someone's going to find out most of my name's are from our three great-aunts! Unlike you, I don't know anything to defend myself against them."

"It can't be worse than Hiapinx here, surely?" Jinx added, giggling.

"Hey! I warned you about using that name," Henry said, pulling out his wand from the inside of his jacket pocket. Jazz started to giggle too as she suddenly remembered what 'Hiapinx' was. "Oh, not you too!" he scowled.

"Hiapinx?" asked Pedro, perplexed at what was so funny that the girls kept giggling.

"Hiapinx: Henry Isaac Alban Peter Ignatius Neville Xavier, Jinx thought of it, she's brilliant," Jazz laughed.

Henry wasn't at amused. The girls calmed down a little, but they couldn't help laugh. That joke would have been running for three years after their first week at Hogwarts.

"You know, Henry," Jinx added, having calmed down and stopped giggling, "I think you should have kept the name."
"I like Henry," he pointed out, "It stops people finding out about all our middle names. Believe me Pedro, they won't find out about them. They only you up by your surname and first name," he explained.

"Yeah, it was terrible last year when there were two Jane Cooke's. Both spelt differently but said the same," Jinx reminisced.

"So what are your names then, Pedro?" Jazz asked, quite kindly.

"I don't want to say," he frowned blushing slightly.

"Oh come on, Pedro," Jinx smiled, "If you don't tell us, we'll get it out of Henry."

"No you won't," Pedro said angrily, "Henry, you promised not to tell anyone!" His face went slightly red as he glared angrily at Henry; an angry temperament obviously ran in the family, but it seemed worse in Pedro.

"I know. I don't break promises, and I won't tell them," added Henry, "But if you don't tell Jinx, she'll hound you down and keep asking. She's very persistent. So much so, sometimes it scares me," he said coolly, being quite serious to him.

"But, I don't want people to know," Pedro muttered quietly.

"Well, I'm not going to tell anyone," Jinx added, "Neither will Jazz, we've never let out what Henry's names are. No one's ever guessed with Hiapinx, either! Obviously, though, if we paraded around calling him Hiapinx people would have asked"

"Like I've said," Henry butted in.

"Yes, like he said," Jinx added.

"If you tell us," Jazz added, "We'll make sure that no one ever gets wind of those names, either."

"Yeah," Jinx added, "If someone found out, we'd shoot our wands towards their mouths to stop them from laughing or telling anyone else."

"We'd make them swear never to utter your middle names ever again, to anyone," Henry added.

"You'd promise not to laugh, though?" Pedro asked. Jinx looked at Henry and so did Jazz.

"Hey, don't look at me! I don't know if you will want to laugh, you might, but I've lived with it and I don't find it funny," Henry added.

"I won't laugh Pedro," promised Jazz.

"Hey, I can't promise anything," Jinx added, "But if I feel a titter coming on, my hand will be over my mouth before a sound can come out of it! Is that fair enough?"

"Hmmm, well, it'll have to do," Pedro frowned, unsure whether he should talk, "Okay, I'll say it."
"Well, be quick," Henry added, "The trolley lady should be down soon. We don't want you blurting it out when loads of students are in the hall. Then you're cover is completely blown!"

"It's Pedro Oregon Luke Regalus Eral Xavier," he said, still rather embarrassed.

As Jazz and Jinx had promised they didn't laugh. Jinx looked like she was holding back laughs as she bit her bottom lip. Jazz smiled sympathetically.

"Luke's a nice name," she added, watching Jinx carefully. She knew that if Jinx laughed or said something out of order it could offend the boy.

"Jinx," Henry warned, "What are thinking?" he looked at her with a slight worried look.

"Polrex?" she smiled, seemingly holding back some laughter, "Hiapinx and Polrex!"

Henry shook his head; he wasn't sure why she'd said it and he covered his eyes awaiting an angry storm out from his little brother.

"Hey," Pedro exclaimed, "that's pretty clever!" he smiled along.

"Yeah," Jinx said pleased with herself. Henry and Jazz where shocked. They thought it was going to go down badly. "'Course, Hiapinx is funnier Polrex! Hiapinx is girly" Jinx beemed.

They all began to laugh again, except for Henry who just sulked in the corner staring out of the window.

A few hours later, and lots more laughs, a knock came from the compartment door. It swung open and there stood a heavily badge-clad, seventh year, Slytherin Prefect will peroxide blonde hair. Next to her stood a rather large built, sixth year Slytherin boy who was eating and taking no attention to anyone.

"Oh, so you're in this compartment," she faked a smile of greeting, "You should all be getting ready. We'll be arriving in Hogsmede soon enough. Okay?"
"We know, sis, we were just about to," she commented. Her sister coughed loudly, moving her wand quickly under her robe.

"What have I told you about calling me that!" she growled, "as long as you are in Gryffindor you are not to be known as my sister! What would have happened if he'd have heard?!" she pointed her concealed wand towards the boy she'd just cast a spell on.

"Sorry, I forgot," Jazz rolled her eyes. "I don't think he was listening anyways. Who is he?"

"It's Trevor Cleaves," she sighed, "He's been given a prefect badge this year because Professor Othra thought he'd be a better candidate than some of the new fifth years! He's useless, all he does is confiscate food!"

"Talking of food," Henry perked up as he'd completely ignored Catha when she'd walked in, "The trolley lady hasn't passed. Have you seen her?"

"She must have ran out, all the new first years seem to have lots but I've not seen her," Catha said, annoyed at the fact that she had to answer his question. "Oh, and remind the first year there to get on one of the boats. Last year one got left behind and we got moaned at because it cried."

"How rude of it," Jinx commented, "to have emotion and feeling. But I guess not everyone can be like you, eh Catha?"

"Ha ha ha," she snapped, "You keep up that cheek and I'll hex your nose into your-"

The train jerked and screeched on the tracks slightly. Catha almost fell on the floor, and Pedro clenched at the seat's arm. The trio looked shocked and then at each other. The train was still moving, but going slightly slower.

Catha stood up, brushing down the area of her robe that had touched her sister and looked down the isle of compartments in the train. Henry got up and stood beside her. She moved away from him slightly and walked out, still looking down.

Other's seemed to be as confused about it as they peering out down the corridor from their own compartments. They glanced at Trevor who, although having regained his hearing, had fallen on the floor and seemed very scared.

"What happened?" asked Henry.

"Nothing!" he barked back at him, looking as if he was about to spit at the Gryffindor.

"Come on Trevor," Catha moaned angrily, "We'd better get down to the Prefect carriage and see what's going on." He walked off, still stuffing his face, and she followed rolling her eyes.

As they walked off Henry closed the compartment doors. There were a few moments of silence before anyone spoke.

"I'm guessing that normally doesn't happen?"

"Yep," nodded Jinx a little worried, "but as we are still moving I'm guessing it's nothing to worry about."

"Probably," added Jazz.

"Hmm," Henry muttered to himself, "Well, we'd better get our robes on and get ready. Especially if we are to be arriving soon."

They all nodded and started to get ready.