Spankings: A One Shot

Spankings: A One Shot

"And the first Match is... Uchiha Sasuke vs. Haruno Sakura!"

Sasuke grunted, displeased that he didn't get a more worthy opponent.

But then again, perhaps it was for the best, seeing as he wasn't allowed to use most of his skills.

Sakura whimpered.

'This isn't fair! I don't stand a chance!'

"Haha, forehead! Now you aren't going to make it to the finals for sure!"

Sakura's face twisted in anger, as Ino jeered her from the crowd.

But, standing in the arena... Ino was right.

Sakura dropped her head.

"I... I forfeit."

Sakura watched sadly, as Kakashi bustled Sasuke out of the arena.

"There there, Sakura... I think you could have made it. You're better then half the people here!"

Sakura smiled wanly at Naruto, happy that at least someone believed in her.

Even if it wasn't Sasuke. Or herself.

"Haha! Sucks to be you, Sakura!"

'Ino-pig... You're gonna get it!'


"And the next match is... Uzumaki Naruto vs. Yamanaka Ino!"

While Ino looked relieved, Sakura's lip curled.

Because she knew that Naruto was vastly improved, much better then Ino suspected.

And Naruto would do anything Sakura said. This included embarrassing Ino...

"Naruto, come here! I want you to do something..."

The whole crowd looked on in curiosity, as Sakura began whispering something into Naruto's ear.

"What? No way! I can't do that!"

'What the hell is going on up there?'

Ino watched as Naruto protested something that Sakura wanted him to do.

"Get your ass down here, Naruto! Too bad Sasuke isn't here for me to impress, by beating you up!"

Naruto's face hardened.

Seeing Naruto start to get upset, Sakura moved in for the kill.

"If you do what I asked perfectly... I'll go get ramen with you..."


'Hehehe... Oh, you'll get yours, Ino-pig... You'll get yours...'


The fight, at first, was rather disappointing.

It seemed to be Naruto creating clones, and dodging around Ino.

Who sucked. Any who watched her fight could tell that, while she was rather passionate about fighting... she sucked.

It was also odd that Naruto's clones didn't seem to be getting in on the action.

They were just standing there... Surrounding the two.

And then, Ino made a mistake.

She over-extended on a kunai strike.

Naruto dodged to the side, grabbing her wrist...

... And pulled her down, even as he himself sat down.

Onto a convenient Kage-bunshin that henged itself into a chair.

Immediately, his other Kage Bunshin rushed forward, grabbing Ino's limbs.

Most people looked on in confusion, as Naruto sat with Ino held down over his knee.

All except for two.

The first was Sakura, who wore the most evil grin anyone had ever seen on her.

The second was the newly returned Kakashi, who was flipping at a rapid pace through one of his Icha Icha Paradise.

Because the scene looked rather familiar to him.

"What the hell are you doing, Naruto!? Let me go!"

"No can do, Ino. Sakura-chan asked me to get back at you for insulting her, and this was the way she suggested. For a date with Sakura-chan... You'll just have to deal."

And the room went silent as he flipped her little purple skirt up, revealing her bandage-covered behind.


Before Ino could protest further, one of the clones had ripped part of his shirt off, and thrust it into Ino's mouth, effectively gagging her.

Asuma, who had been about to protest where this match was going, decided it was worth it to let it continue, just so that Ino would be quiet, if even for a little while.

"You should have thought before trying to embarrass Sakura-chan during her fight, Ino."

And, with that, he spanked her.



Ino's body jerked, from how hard Naruto had hit her.

It had been years since she'd been spanked... The last time it had happened, she had been two, and had broken one of her mother's favorite vases.

And now, in front of her peers, she was being spanked.


And another.


And another.

Ino could feel tears welling up.

The Konoha genin were strangely silent.


The foreign genin... were not.

"Hah! Look at that bitch! What kind of ninja lets herself get spanked in a fight?"


Ino was crying, now. She could practically feel the heat burning off her ass, from how red it had to be.

Luckily, she wore a pair of panties under her bandages, just in case.

Unfortunately, Naruto had just realized that.

"Well... Sakura-chan said it should be as embarrassing as possible..."

After hearing Naruto mutter that under his breath, Ino swore that she would kill Sakura.

The tension in the room mounted further as Naruto gently pushed aside the bandages, revealing Ino's little white panties underneath.

Panties that barely covered her glowing-red ass, from how hard she'd been spanked.

"Ino... You can always just give up, and end this..."

'No! I can't give up! I'll break out of this, and kick your ass, Naruto!'

Ino didn't even realize she didn't, she couldn't say that aloud. Both because of the gag, and because of the tears she was doing her best to hold back.

Waiting a second for a response, Naruto raised his hand again.




Tears were silently falling down Ino's face.

The crowd was silent once more, with both Hayate and the Hokage ready to call the match at any second.

While this WAS an unusual fight, there was nothing in the rules against it.

They were ninja, and ninja fight in all manner of ways.

Even sexual.


"Now, Ino... Are you ready to give up?"

Seeing Ino shake her head, Naruto sighed...

"Well, I didn't want to have to do this..."

... And he pulled down Ino's panties, just a little.

Revealing all of her ass, with hand marks covering every inch of it.



NOW Asuma had had enough.

This was going too far... Her father would KILL him for letting this happen.

He might just have to step in and interfere...

"Ino... I think you're done. Are you ready to give up?"

And, to no ones surprise, Ino nodded.

Tears were streaming down her face. Her throat was hoarse from her constant muffled screams.

And she doubted that she'd be able to sit down for a week.

"Winner: Uzumaki Naruto."

Gently, ever-so-gently, Naruto removed the gag. Naruto pulled Ino's panties back up. He retied her bandages, and flipped her skirt down.

Ino was too tired, too drained to yell at him. After Naruto placed her on her feet, she started to stumble, and nearly fell before Naruto caught her again.

Everyone was surprised that Ino didn't object when Naruto picked her up, bridal-style, and walked out of the room.

Author's Notes: This idea was posted on TFF by Prince Charon. I decided to extrapolate on it. It ain't going any further, though.