Kakashi looks down at the new born baby that he's holding and remembers how he ended up with this baby but he's not mad that he did. He the other way around about this because he is glad he has this baby in his arms.


"What do you mean sensei gave his life for the village!" Asked a really piss off teenage girl with brown hair and also has a red mark on each check.

"Rin-san your sensei the 4th Hokage has gave his life to seal the demon Kyuubi inside his new born baby Naruto." The old man said back to the enraged Inuzuka then looked down at the little blonde new born baby Naruto .

"Sensei die giving his life for the village to stop the Kyuubi and his wife die giving birth to Naruto right with that will you please let me rise my sensei son." This come not from the brown hair woman but the silver hair teenage that has his headband coving his right eye standing next to the door.

"Kakashi you are only 15 are you really sure you want to do this?" Reply the old man.

"Please I feel like I most do this for my sensei and Naruto." He said in a sad voice as he remembers his sensei.

"If you're going raise him then I'm going to help you no matter what Kakashi." As the Inuzuka said that she kissed Kakashi on the check which made the silver hair boy turn red.

"Why?" Was only thing the silver hair boy could say back to her.

"Because you really do suck with kids and I like you." After saying that both of the teenage gone into a deep blush.

"Very well I will let you two rise the hero of the village but made should you take good care of little Naruto" The Hokage man said back in a serious tone of voice.

"Thank you!' Both of them yelled to the old man.

End of flash back.

."He is a beautiful baby." The teenage girl said to him

"Yes he is Rin." the silver hair boy replied back to her.

"Let's get going now." She starts to push the silver hair boy out of the Hokage office as she holding little Naruto in her arms.


Four years later.

The little blonde hair boy woke up from his dream that was like a nightmare then a dream. He slowly got out of his bed and changed into his clothes which was a crimson sleeveless shirt and a deep blue pants after he get done changing he walked to his door. When he got to his door he opened it and walked to the living room.

"Good morning Tou-san and Kaa-chan." Naruto knows who his real mother and father really are but he still calls them daddy and mommy which makes them happy to hear from him.

After saying good morning he ran to his mother and hugged her. Rin looks down at her little blonde kid and started rubbing his head.

"How is my little boy doing today?" Asked his mother in a caring tone of voice like she normal does when she around him.

"Good Kaa-chan and Tou-san said I can start learning how to be a Shinobi today!" He yelled happily to his mother who just looked at Kakashi, then started to reply back to her son.

"Really now did he say that to you?" Rin said as she gave Kakashi another death look for letting him start learning to be a Shinobi at a young age.

"Yes really and I going grow up like white fang." Once he said that Kakashi smiles because he just heard Naruto saying he want to be like white fang who is his father. Kakashi starts to remember his father and the good and bad times that he was with his father.

"Why do you want be like daddy father?" Asked his mother in a calm loving voice also little bit of worried about him.

"Because he's a hero to this village and no one can change that. He picked saving his teammates lives over his mission. A mission means none thing if you teammates die that why you need to kept your teammates safe no matter what even if you must give up your life" Kakashi was happy hearing Naruto think of his father like a hero because most don't think he is and hates him also he was happy for things he said about giving his life up for his teammates. "He's going to be a true Shinobi one day"

"Tou-san can we go out and buy ramen please!" Naruto looked at his silver hair father as he asked him to buy ramen.

"Sure, but you're only getting one bowl because it's still morning." When Kakashi told his son it caused Naruto ran up and hugged him to death.

"Let's get going you two." Rin start to walk to the door of the house.

"Yes Kaa-chan." He started to run after his loving mother.


Outside near the ramen place Kakashi sees someone that is one of his teammate's friends and tries to hide from her behind a tree.

"Why are you hiding Tou-san?" he asked worried about his father.

"I hiding from her." He said back to his son as he looks to a purple hair woman that looks like she is 16. She has lovely purple hair and beautiful lips that you just want to taste, long sexy legs and she was wearing a long brown jacket with fishnet shirt under it but what get Naruto the most was her lovely brown eyes that look like their could stop you dead in your tracks because of beautiful they are.

"Why would you want to hide from her she looks like a pretty goddess?" He asked/said to his daddy before he starts to walk up to her. "My only son is now going be doomed. I think I should stop him but I get killed then. What should I do?"

"Hello." Naruto said nicely to the woman in a friendly tone of voice.

"Who said that?" She turns around and sees Naruto with a fox smile on his face.

"Hello." Naruto said again.

"Hello to you." She looks behind Naruto and see a man with silver hair behind the trees hiding.

"Kakashi why are you hiding from me again and come on out now?" She asked him in a mad tone of voice.

"Tou-san a big chicken and is hiding like one" After Naruto said that Kakashi jumped in front of them. "Why is this kid calling Kakashi Tou?"

"Calling your dad a chicken is not nice Naruto." When Anko hear the name Naruto she know in seconds who he was which she then realizes the looks of the people around them are not just for her but for both of them. She was hated because of the fact her sensei was the snake asshole and gave her this cruse seal mark which people think she still works for him so their curse her behind her back and call her insult words that make her look dirty but the worst part is that it all wrong because she hates her old sensei and never had done things like that. Here now was Naruto the Kyuubi jailer who has lived the last four years being hated for saving the village by having the Kyuubi inside of him.

"Why are you a chicken to talk to her? She's a beautiful looking angel, I also bet she is a really nice and kind person." When Naruto realized what he said then he turned beat red which made an angel with purple hair giggle. "A beautiful angel, am I really? He thinks I am a kind person. I guess he's the first to think that." Were the thoughts in her mind as she giggles to the little boy in front of her.

"Am I really a beautiful angel Naru-kun? She asked him in playfully voice.

".." He said back with a tone of nervous and is trying to hide his beat red face the best he can.

"Hello Anko." When Rin get up to them and says hello to her friend which she then sees that Naruto face is all red and wonders why.

"Anyway I have to get going more fucking missions to do and thanks for calling me a beautiful angel." she kisses Naruto on the cheek with made him blush all over his body. This got both of the women to giggle, at the little blushing kid.

"So Naruto looks like you starting to like girls at a young age, you made me a proud father." Kakashi said in a joking way but he pats his son back.

"I wonder what get him into girls, maybe it's his pervert father?" She gave Kakashi a death look after saying that to him in a mad tone of voice.

"She is a beautiful angel and a kind person but she is beautiful." Naruto was now in a day dream statue. He had the image of him kissing her and wanting to be with her. He maybe only four but he grew faster than most people his age and it does not help that his father read pervert books and thinks like that.

"NARUTO STOP DAY DREAMING right this second!" The yell came from his mother that is now pissed off for three reasons. First one, is that the woman he day dreaming about is one of her close friends. Second one, is because she is older than him by 12 years. The last one, is because he much too young to be thinking that. "Damn you Kakashi for this damn you damn you!"

"Sorry Kaa-chan but." Naruto looks where Anko had left and start day dreaming again.

"Stop it now!" Rin yelled again at her son in a mad tone of voice and also little bit of guilt.

"Why Kaa-chan what is so bad about it? Why can't I like someone?" He asked her, seriously unsure of why he can't.

"It's because you to young and she's too old for you." She said having a lot of guilt inside of her gut for telling her son she can't like someone that older. "I really want him be happy but I don't want him thinking that way about one of my close friends."

"But I still like her and no matter what someone says I not going to stop." After he said that he starts to walk to the ramen shop.

"Looks like are son not going give up just because his mom told him so." Kakashi smirks to his girl friend after saying that to her.

"And it's your fault!" She yelled then walked nice and calmly inside the ramen place.

"What can I get you?" The old man said to the three people in a calm and friendly tone of voice.

"We have three beef ramen." Rin told the ramen chief.

"Old man can I ask you something and you tell me if it right or not? Naruto asked him

"Sure what is it Naruto." He replied back to the man.

"Can someone like someone that older than them?" He's asking the old man wanting to hear the word yes because he doesn't want his kaa to be right about this.

"Yes and that is because there is no age in loving someone." The old man said back to little Naruto with a smile on his face.

"Don't tell him that." His mother yelled which made the old man laugh.

"So who do you like little Naruto?" The chief asked him in a friendly tone of voice but was still giggling.

"Anko-hime because she a beautiful purple hair angel." by saying that made Kakashi start to smirk and his mother starts to get mad but the old man just pats Naruto on the back.

"Don't give up on her then." He said back to him in a calm, helping tone of voice.

"I'm not going to." Naruto replied back to the old man in a happy tone of voice.

"Yes you are." His mother yelled again at him. "Please I don't want you think I am a bad mother but this is the best. I hope it is I really do"

"I'm not going to stop liking her, so sorry Kaa-chan but no I'm not going give up without trying." He said as he stick his tongue out at her.

"Tou-san what are you going to teach me first?" Naruto asked his father in a calm tone of voice.

"How to use chakra." He replied back to his son.

"Can I learn your jutsu" Before he could finish asking his mother cut him off. "No way are you learning that at your age!"

Kakashi said into Naruto ear so Rin could not hear ever with her Inuzuka hearing. "I teach you it when you're five or six"


Two years later Naruto has learn a lot from his father Kakashi, but today was a big day because it was the day he join the Shinobi School. As Naruto walking to his school he sees Anko that he still has a crush on and still thinks of her as a beautiful purple hair angel. He starts walking to her but when he gets their he see that she being pushed by three people one of look like he a chuunin and two people from the village that are non Shinobi.

"Stop being mean to her!" The blonde boy yelled at the three of them.

"Now it's the demon brat and we can't because we going have some fun with her right now." one of the three men said back to him in a taunting way

"Just leave me alone!" Anko yelled at them. "Why is this little gaki helping me? He's too kind for his own good but he should know I can handle myself."

"Leave her alone assholes." The three men look back at Naruto as he yelled at them with a pissed off tone of voice.

"What you going to do weakling? You can't stop us from fucking her." That did it Naruto become pissed off to his max he moved his hand out and starting making his Chidori which all four of was shocked that little kid know a high rank jutsu but their did not know is that Naruto can only used it once a day and it takes about ¾ of his chakra up.

"Now will you leave her alone?" but all he got as a replied was them laughing and started to rush at him. Naruto moved to the non Shinobi first and put his hand with the Chidori in it into the first man chest then he did a side step into the 2nd man chest after he took down the two men he start to go after the Shinobi with a pissed off face that means one thing you going to die. The chuunin was not taking Naruto at his full because he thought that he was just weakling little brat so he was hardly ever looking at Naruto when he jumped then did side step around him and hit him right into his back. After he got done with his fight his arm and hand was covered in blood of the three men.

"Are you ok Anko-chan." she nodded and walked to him. "I'm glad you're ok."

"You do know I can handle myself? I am going taking the Jouin test soon. But are sure that you're ok?" Anko asked worrying that he was not ok because he had just made his kill, and the first step being a Shinobi. "Thank you but now you have deal with your first kill at a young age. I going help you I promise."

"Can I come and watch and I know you can but I just don't want you to. I be fine don't worry." Naruto replied lying to her. Naruto is now feeling sick and he can't believe that he just took not one person life but just took three."I took someone life. I killed three people but at least Anko is safe and that all that matters to me right now"

"Yes and take this" she kissed both of his cheeks which turn red after words but it got Anko to giggle. "Let's take you home and wash the blood away and report to the Hokage so you don't go to jail then after we can talk about it because I can see that you're not feeling good about what you did and its ok because it happens to everyone because the first kill is the hard and 2nd kill is the hardest" he nodded to her. "I wondering does Naruto has a crush on me."


Naruto walked inside his house but then stop by his mother and father that notice the blood and get worried.

"Why are you home and why is there blood on your hand and arm.' Ask Kakashi because he know damn well that he used Chidori but did not know why,

"It's my fault. He used Chidori in order to help me from three men that trying to rape me." Anko walked inside the house and put her hands on Naruto head. "I have my own hero."

"I see and who say you can learn Chidori?" Asked his mother who pissed and asked in a really serious and also pissed tone of voice to him. "Thanks for saving her but you're too young to kill, dammit."

"Here we go again." Naruto said as he signed.

"What does that mean?" She replied more pissed. "Naruto please forgiven but I just don't want to see you hurt like your father and Obito."

"Every time I learn a jutsu or skill you get pissed! Sorry, but I being a Shinobi and you need to get over it." Naruto walked to the bathroom to clean his hand and arm.

"I hate said it but his right. He want be a Shinobi and we have to teach him. Just because Obito and sensei dead doesn't mean that you can tell him to stop being a Shinobi." Kakashi said as he put arm around her.

"I know but why can't he wait and have a childhood." She asked sad and tears in her eyes.

"He can't have one because of the hate everyone has for him because of Kyuubi that inside of him and because his father thought he would be a hero for sealing it inside of Naruto but he was wrong because everyone sees him as the demon and not a hero." He pulled her into a hug. Anko for her part was shock for one thing he knows he has Kyuubi and that other is that he the son of the 4th Hokage. Anko walked to the bathroom to see Naruto cleaning the blood off his hand and arm because she starting to really worried about him. "Why am I worrying about him?"

"Naruto tell me how are you doing right now?" Anko asked. "Please get thrown this ok."

"Fine and you?" he replied to her. "I hate to see you worrying Anko-chan."

"You're not fine, let's talk about it." Anko said in a caring way. "Please talk to me, please let me help you."

"I know it is wrong taking life but they were going to hurt you, so I just wanted to help you. I did what had to be done." "I hope he would if he was in that kind of thing"

"Who are you trying to be?" Anko asked as she rubs his head.

"I'm going try to be like White fang." He said back with a smile on his face.

"I think you can do it so don't give up." She replied back to him which he just nodded to her then pulled Anko into a hug which Naruto is now blushing because he is now hugging his crush and loving every second of it. "That's why Kakashi is proud of him. He blushes a lot ahah"

"Also, I am good because of you but how come you don't want be like the other kids and play?"

"Because everyone tells their kids not to come close to me and also I have burden that I must be stronger because if I don't the burden will kill me one day and that is why I must be stronger so it doesn't kill me and I also want be stronger in order kept people I care about safe." Anko was shocked again by what this kid was saying. He was talking like a adult but he only six years old. "He acts older then he is by at least 6 years older."

"If you want because you act older then you are. I guess I can train you a little bit." After she said that he hugged her again and smiled to her.

"Thank you Anko-chan." He replied back to her with a happy tone of voice and she starting to like being called Anko-chan by him.

"We have to go tell the Hokage what happened now, Kakashi." She said to Kakashi and Rin which he just nodded to her then Naruto and Anko walked out the door.

"He really does love her." Rin asked Kakashi.

"Yes, he does and he will be stronger than ever because of that love but also she help him get over his first kill." He replied back to his girl friend soon to be wife.

"When you going tell Naruto we going married and I think I should thank her?" She asked/said to him.

'Soon that's because I want him to take Anko as his date to the wedding and besides its going be when he is ten years old." Kakashi thinking of evil plans get them together. "He will thank I'm the best father in the world soon."


When Naruto and Anko walk inside the office to see both the Hokage and Iruka waiting for them but both of them know why they're waiting for them.

"Can you tell me what happen outside the school just now? Naruto and Anko will you please tell me now?" The Hokage asked both of them in a serious tone of voice.

Anko told them the story how she being force and was about me raped and how Naruto come and saved her by using Chidori on the three men.

"Naruto you have get stronger but tell me why do you want to be strong and powerfully." Iruka asked him.

"Because I have the burden of the Kyuubi inside of me and if I am weak it will kill me one day and because of that I must be stronger in order to kept moving with this burden and also I want kept the people I care about safe and so that is why I want to be stronger."

The old man was taking back by what this little kid was saying. "Naruto you really are a powerfully person right now."

"Naruto you have become a strong boy but let me ask you something what is your dreams?" Iruka asked little Naruto.

"I have three dreams. First one is to become like White Fang and 2nd is to be the next Hokage but the biggest dream is to kept Anko safe" Naruto blushed after saying the last part.

"So I'm one of your dreams?" Anko teased Naruto about his dream.

"Yes." after he said he dug his head into her side which shock everyone in the room.

"Thank you Naruto-kun." she said back to him as she rubbed his head.

"You don't need to thank me Anko-chan." He kissed her side and blushed for doing that but that get wide eyes from all three of them and giggle from Anko. "He must really have a strong crush. But I don't need date anyone for while so maybe I will wait."


A year later and at the jounin test. Naruto is sitting beside Anko which normal you're not allow next to the fighter in the test but Hokage allowed it.

"Anko-chan you going be a Jounin after you win." He hugged her and rest his head on her side. "I glad I can be this close to her."

"Don't get so far ahead I have to win first and who said you can rest your head on me?" she teased him which get him to blush. "He's got it really bad for me, ahah."

"I know you going to win because you're the only beautiful angel here" He said back to her as he blushes more.

"I glad you think so." "I have to ask Kakashi about how much he really likes me. I have not been with anyone in a year now and I going kept waiting if he really does like me that much."

The next match is Anko Mitarashi vs. Asuma Sarutobi.

"I have to go and fight now but you batter cheer and watch Naru-kun." Before she could leave she was stop by a hand grabbing her arm.

"What is it?" Anko asked him.

"Take this as good luck Anko-chan." He kissed her cheek which made him blushes like a cherry and her little pink around the cheeks.

"Thank you Naru-kun." Then she jumped down and walked to the middle of the battle field.

Once both of get to the batter field they look at each other.

"You should just give up now Anko." says a prideful Asuma.

"If I did that my Naru-kun would be mad at me and I can't have that." She said back joking.

"How about you just forget about the kid and we can have fun after this match but this after you lose." He said back with a smile.

"Sorry but I not dating right now and if I was I would never forget Naru-kun to date a fag like you." She replied back with a pissed tone of voice and which pissed him off to a great level because of what she had said to him.

"Anko kick his fat ass and win! You can do it!" Naruto cheering for his crush like a mad man which made her smile a real smile.

"If you both ready then start the match." The man said giving the ok to start.

Asuma come at her with his two hand blades which he had Futon coming from them. Anko jumped out of the way of him and used Hidden snakes which snakes start to come from her arm and attack Asuma which he did not seeing coming because to him women can't be good Shinobi. The Snake tie around him and start binding him.

"Do you give Asuma?" Anko said hurting his pride.

"No." he used his blade to cut the snakes that are binding him but doing so also cut his own hands a little. He then come after her again when he swing his blade at her it cut her jacket and little bit of the fishnet at the chest.

"What you trying do, you pervert!" Anko yelled at him then notices that Naruto was getting pissed at Asuma and wanting to hurt him badly.

"Take this for pissing off my Naru-kun." She said back to him in a mad voice which made Naruto turn red once he heard that she know he was getting pissed. She bit her thumb and did the hand signs for summoning and which she summon a snake that was little bigger then a human being. It come after Asuma which he try stopping it with his hand blades but no luck it warped around him and it was stopping from breathing which made him passed out. He lost in a bad way no one could believe that someone could lose that fast. Naruto was cheering and saying good job Anko-chan over and over which made her give him a 2nd turn happy smile. "You're one great kid."

She starts to walk back to Naruto. "I want give you a gift for wining Anko-chan." he smiled and sat next time to her.

"What kind of gift?" She teased him. He kissed her on the lips which made her shocked that she was getting his first kiss and he was as bright as a sun. When the kissed end he put his head on her side again. "I finally did it." That was Naruto thoughts. "I guess he likes me a lot. But I am too old for him and I don't know how to tell him." She was come back to the world when Naruto started to talk.

"Anko-chan I know I to young right now but do you think when I am older I can be with you?" He asked hiding his face in her side.

"Yes and I promise I hold off on dating men just for you." She said back to him as she rubs his head.

"Thank you Anko-chan." He kissed her lips again. After the kiss ended she smiled again. 'Because of you I can smile again and not lonely this is the less I can do for you Naru-kun."

After the tests Naruto and Anko said goodbye at his house and told her to meet me tomorrow at 5pm which she agreed to.

Naruto walked inside his house and into the living room where he seen both his mother and father.

"How was your day Naruto and why you all red." asked his father.

"Well I kind of..." he said nervous.

"What did you do." his mother asking.

"I kissed Anko-chan." that made his mother pissed and Kakashi happy that his son finally did it.

"Then I kissed her again and she told me that she wait for me to be older and she also promise that she not going be dating any other men." He said turning all red.

"Naruto what did I said to you!" his mother yelled. "I guess I can't stop this now."

"Naruto do you truly want to be with her?" he nodded "Then you have my blessing." His father said. Naruto headed to his room.

"What with that! You said he has you blessing?" She yelled at him.

"They're not going be doing things because their waiting to he is older. Is that what you wanted, for him to wait until he got older to do those things, right?" Kakashi words hit her hard because it true that what she wanted but the real reason is because it's her friend.

"But.." She was cut off by him "Or is it because it's your friend he loves" Kakashi hit the nail on the head.

"Yes it is and I feel guilt that this whole time I been saying he can't just because it is" Kakashi pulled her into a hug.

"It's ok and I know he's not mad at you" He said to calm her down.