Both women were smirking because he really did like touching a woman's ass but Anko just gets out of the bed to get ready for this mission. She wonders how life going to be and hopes everything can work out for them.

Naruto was now walking back to his home as he thinks about his date with Kurenai and Anko. He was shocked that he got a chance to sleep alongside them as they both were naked in the same bed as him; it was kind a dream come true to him or something like that but he does hope that Kurenai was ok with doing that with him, both of them didn't really ask her beforehand so he does hope that she's ok with it.

He just keeps smiling as he wonders if he can do that more of the time because that was the best sleep of his life. But sometimes he wonders if he can make both of them happy because he doesn't want to let them down no matter what happens, because if he lets one of them down then he will hate himself for not being the best for the one he lets down.

But he starts to wonder what Kumo is going be like when he gets to the village but he does also wonder what kind of village is it. He was hoping that he does find people he can fight against that give him a good challenge but he knows that he's going there to talk about the fake Kumo shinobis that tired to kidnap Hinata to start a long battle with Kumo.

This is going be the first time he leaves this village but part of him is scared for the first time because he never has been outside the village walls. There is also another part of him that is glad because first time he goes passed the walls is with both his loves.

"It's time to use my real fighting katana now, not the one that I train with but one I only use in battles or real training." He just smiles because he finally gets a chance to really use his main katana, which also was something he hasn't got to really use yet because he needed more training before he could use the one he's talking about.

When he gets to the door he opens it as he starts to walk in but he was stopped when he notices his kaa coming over to him but he was hoping this isn't going end in a fight. "Where were you and don't you dare lie to me?" Rin asked her son but he just looks at him because how does she not know where he was.

"I was at Kurenai-hime house with Anko-hime." Rin just looks at him because she knows that thanks to Kakashi telling her. "You had sex with them didn't you? Your tou told me that they were naked." He wanted to hurt his tou right now for telling her that because she really didn't need to know that.

"We didn't have sex; we just lied down together like I normally do with Anko-hime.' Rin just looks at him like he was crazy. "What do you mean normally do with her?" Naruto just looks at her then shrugs his shoulders. He starts to head to his room for his gear and clothes as he just looks back to see his kaa mad.

He sometimes wonders why do mothers always act like this because they son or daughter is dating someone. But he guesses that it is because they are worried about him with being alone with someone or something like that.

When he gets inside his room he starts getting new pair of clothes which he goes into for a quick shower. When he comes out he dries himself off then puts on his new clothes. He was now in normal shinobi gear/clothes, he slowly goes back to his room to get his katana but when he gets there he sees Anko lying on his bed.

"What took you so long to get out of the shower?" He just walks over to her as he kisses her lips but he looks at her because he doesn't know why she came here. He was glad that she did because he wants to be around her more of the time now.

"Why did you come here? Don't you have to get ready yourself Anko-hime?" Anko just moves her head to the side as she looks at her boyfriend. Did he forget she was a jounin and it was easy for her to get ready for a mission?

"You truly must of had forgotten how fast I can get ready for a mission, also it's a lot faster than you, Kurenai told me that you better not be late and to get over to the meeting place fast." He was now wondering why Kurenai wants to see him that badly but he figures it's because she's now dating him. She wants see him just as much as he wants to see Anko.

"How do you think this mission going to be like because I never left this village before?" Anko looks at him as she thinks of what this mission could turn out to be. They were talking about one of the most villages that dislike Konoha because of the last war with them.

"I really can't say because this village was one of the ones we fought against in the last war, some of people there still don't like us for winning the war." Naruto could understand them not liking us for the war. He knows that many of their families just like many of their village families had died in the last war.

Sometimes he wonders why most people go to war with each other in the fight place but then again sometimes war most be done in order to keep your love ones safe from people. But other times war is started for power and money but there are times when war is to keep ones you love safe.

Naruto looks at his angel but then he starts to rub her arms because he would do anything to keep Anko and Kurenai safe no matter what the cost is. He knows they can handle themselves in fights but doesn't stop him from worrying about them.

He goes to the box next to his bed and when he gets there he opens it to see his katana that had a blue sheath with the seal of his mother clan Uzumaki. He slowly takes it out of the box but he notices Anko looking at his katana. "This is my real katana that I use in fights, it is one of the last things I have of my birth mother." Anko nods her head as she was glad he had something of his mother.

"I have something else of her but you have to close your eyes ok?" He asked her but when he sees Anko close her eyes which he takes that as her way of saying yes to him. He goes back to the box that had his katana in it, there is a small box inside it that Naruto picks up and opens it. Inside the box is a necklace that belonged to his birth kaa, the necklace looks like a whirlpool going around and it was something he held dear to him because it did belong to his kaa.

"Keep your eyes closed Anko-hime.' Naruto moves behind her as Anko was wondering what he was going to do because she didn't want him to try something that may get him killed slow and painful. She feels him put something around her neck that feels like a chain or something like that. "You can open them now Anko-hime." She looks down to see the necklaces next to the one she normal wears all the time.

She was shocked that he was giving her something like this because no one has even gave her something that means this much. "Are you really sure you really want to give me this Naru-kun?" He just kisses her lips as he stares into her eyes.

"You mean the world to me so I want you to have it." Few tears leave Anko eyes as she holds Naruto close to her because she was finally happy after all the shit the village and her sensei did to her.

She couldn't believe that she has found everything that she wanted back when she was younger, but the village had made her think that she would find no one to be with or to be happy with anyone. Now she has Naruto and she knows that he will never leave her or hurt her in any way or form.

"You don't know how happy you made me by being this way to me." She told him as he kisses him but he just moves his arms down her back. "I'll always be this way to you Anko-hime." With that said Anko just looks at him but she does moves her hands to his chest.

"We just got bad luck that we have to go meet everyone soon." Anko smirks as she hears Naruto said that because she knows what he was thinking of. She knows he's joking but part of her wants Naruto to be the first persons she has it with. People think that she crazy which she is crazy but they think she wants people in bed all the time but she never once had sex with anyone before.

But she knows that Naruto sees passed the mask she wears because he wears on as well. Maybe that why they are so perfect together because they have to both live this kind of life but they have each other now. She doesn't know what she would do if she ever lost Naruto one day because she knows her life would end then, he's the only person that wasn't scared of her and wants to be with her not just for sex.

"You just have to wait for that one day; maybe it will be soon if you keep being this great to me." She stated to him but he nods his head to her because he knows that she maybe be ready for it and he know he's not really all ready for that.

"I know Anko-hime; I'll wait forever if I have to in order to be with you." He smiles at her but she just kisses his lips hard. She really couldn't believe that she has someone like Naruto as a boyfriend and was wondering how in the world she found someone like this.

"I really don't know how I get you in my life but I'm not letting you leave no matter what." She stated with a smirk that can make most people scared for their lives but he wasn't scared of it.

"You don't need to worry about that because even if you wanted me to leave I'm not going to leave you." He stated as he kisses her neck lightly sucking and nibbling it causing her to let out a long moan.

"We really need to go to the Hokage Office now Naruto and you can save this for later." Naruto just gives her a look because he didn't want to levee right now but Anko just gives him a look back saying get moving or feel pain.

"Fine, let's go but you better be right about doing this later." Anko just gives her one of her sexy smirks then jumps out of the bed onto her feet. Naruto gets off the bed but he keeps on looking at his beautiful angel.

Both Naruto and Anko start heading to the Hokage Office in order to meet the other members of this coming mission. He really doesn't understand why everyone has to come on this mission because he was worried about his asshole of a teammate Sasuke and hopes he doesn't do anything to start a war with Kumo.

He knows he can't stop someone from being what they are no matter how much you want to but then again he really wishes he never had to have him or the banishes on his team to start with. Naruto looks at the Hokage Tower and wonders what it will be like when he finally becomes the new Hokage of the village.

When the both of them get inside they only see Kurenai and her team but Naruto was wondering where his team is but also where Hana and Tsume are. Kurenai starts to walk over to the both of them but she notices Anko new necklace and wonders where she found that at.

"Where did you pick up that new necklace Anko?" Anko looks at Naruto but she knows she can't hide it but she hopes that Kurenai won't feel too left out. "Naruto gave it to me and it belonged to his kaa." Kurenai looks down but Naruto lifts her chin up and kisses her lips.

"Don't feel sad or left out ok Kure-hime?" When he talks to her she just smiles because she know she shouldn't' feel left out and that is because Naruto wasn't like that. "Ok I will not feel that way as long as you kiss me again." He kisses her again but team eight was shocked that this was happening in front of them.

"I guess this is how they found out about me and you?" Naruto asked Kurenai who just shakes her head because she knows Hinata's going to be pissed at her. She knows that Hinata loves Naruto but Naruto shows no hint that he has feelings for Hinata.

When she turns around she can see that Hinata was sad because of how her face was right now, a part of her is sad that she did this to Hinata but other part of her isn't sad because it was not her fault that Naruto picked her and not Hinata.

"Jija how come my team isn't here yet but also Hana and Tsume not here to?"The Hokage just looks at him because he doesn't know what is keeping them up.

"I don't know why they aren't here but they better be here soon." Naruto just sits down on the couch that was in the office. Kurenai sits down on his right side and Anko sits down on his left side.

Half hour later they see team seven with Hana and Tsume walk into the office to see a pissed Hokage. "How come you five are a half hour late to this meeting?" Tsume and Hana just look at team seven because this was their fault.

"Kakashi told us that this was the time that we had to see you at but I guess he got the time wrong again." The 3th Hokage is now looking at Kakashi who just shrugs his shoulders and reads his book.

"I see that you're having fun Naruto." Kakashi said to his son because his hands are all over Kurenai and Anko. "I guess I am but it's too bad I have to go on this mission and not have more alone time with my himes."

Hana couldn't believe two of her friends are dating the same person but Tsume on the other hand can't stop smirking. This little brat had got two older women to date him and she wonders who will be the next one he tries to get with.

"Now that you're all here now we can go on with this mission, I'm going tell you what is going to happen once you get there." Naruto just looks at him as he has feeling this isn't going be good because of the tone the old man is using.

"You will go there and tell them what happened but Naruto after few days everyone but Naruto will leave and you Naruto will still stay till the chuunin tests start."Naruto just looks at him as he just shakes his head because he knows Naruto wasn't going to like this. "I'll tell you why once everyone leaves after I get done talking about reasons for this mission." He nods his head but everyone else was wondering what was going on here.

"Remember not to do anything that may upset the Kumo village or its leader, we are not really at going terms and I hope to fix that." They look at the Hokage because they know that fixing the somewhat hostile terms to friendly ones would be a good idea to do if I could work. The last Raikage tried to take Hinata out but what he has heard the new Raikage is an honorable man who would never do anything like that.

"Hokage-sama but I have to ask do you really think that they will allow alliance between us after the war and what happened in the past?" The Hokage turns his eyes over to Kakashi but he just shakes his head to him. The war was now over and he knows that the leader of Kumo knows that as well.

"We have to try because we can't always live in hate and pain tou-sama, someone has to try bring peace to this broken world." Kakashi looks at Naruto as he smiles under his mask because he was just like his real father. Minato always wanted to bring peace to this world but it was just so damn hard because of events in his time of being alive.

"You will leave now but Naruto will meet you up at the gates once he's done here." They nod their heads to their leader and walk out of the office as the Hokage puts up a silence jutsu. Naruto knows this more about a simple mission but he wonders what's going on.

"Naruto you must know that you can't fail with making alliance with them, I know I'm going be stepping down before planned. So in order keep you safe you need made more alliances with the village before I have to step down." Naruto just looks at him because he knows the old man is getting old but he didn't know it be this soon.

"Then you really just want me have something to back myself up when everything goes wrong?" the Hokage nods his head as he just sighs because he didn't like this idea at all. "Are you sure that you will be stepping down soon?"

"I'm sorry to say but yes, I feel something is coming and it's something no one can stop from happening." Hokage takes something out of his desk as he throws it to Naruto which he catches with one hand; Naruto looks to see it to me a scroll and looks at him.

"It's all of the jutsu I know and haven't showed you yet, there is also few things in there that you need to have." Naruto just gives the Hokage a sad look because he didn't like how this was happening.

"You sound like you're going to die soon." Hokage just closes his eyes because he knows one day he will go and die but he hopes it's not soon. "I'm not going die that soon but I just have a weird feeling something is coming Naruto."

"I promise you that I will not fail on this mission." Hokage looks up at him as he just sighs. "Naruto one last thing I have to tell you, the elders may try to force you revives your father and mother's clans." Naruto knows what this means and doesn't like it but no one has say when the elders come together and force someone do something that in a way may help the village.

"I had a feeling this may happen and I hate how this village tires to force that act on everyone, I still remember how they been trying to get Mikoto to have more kids. I'm also glad Mikoto is a hard woman who will not let them push her around." Hokage lets a smile at the end because Mikoto was someone who not let anyone push her around.

"Trust me if I could remove all that I would, but the fire lord is the one that really wants people to force the clans to also be around like this." Naruto just sigh a long one because he knows it true and nothing that can be done to stop it.

"I just hope Kurenai, Anko and kaa don't kill me when they find out." Hokage lets out a long laugh because he can see why Kurenai and Anko would kill him. For his kaa he knows that she will kill him but also Kakashi for letting this happen to their son.

"I sure they will be mad but knowing them they wouldn't dare kill you may be hurt you but never kill you." Naruto just looks at the old man as laughs causing Naruto to give him an evil glare. "This isn't funny you damn old man." Naruto starts walking out as he looks back. "See you when I get back to the village."

Naruto slowly walks out of the office as he thinks of what he has to do and doesn't know if it truly will work or not. He wasn't going give up without trying because that wasn't who he was or how he was. Naruto looks up at the sky as he knows he has to try his best on this mission not just for old man's sake but his own as well.

Naruto heads to the gate to meet up with everyone but his worries don't go away at all as he just hopes that one day he will truly be safe in his own village. Sometimes he wonders if he will ever become Hokage with all this hate towards him like it is right now. Was there truly no way to show them that he wasn't a demon but a human being who is a jailer to a demon?
He knows that some people don't hate him for what he has inside of him but so few do and so many do hate him for what he holds. He sees his team and shakes his head because not causing things with Kumo going be hard with Sasuke coming along with them.

"Naruto-kun is everything already?" Anko walks over to him and hugs him but he just stares at her because how can he tell Anko and Kurenai about what these fools may turn to get him to do. He doesn't know how he's going to tell them but when he does he hopes that they will understand and not kill him.

"The old man told me something and you may not like it, hell you may even kill for about of it." He leads Kurenai and Anko away from the group but both of them are wondering what in the world is up with their boyfriend.

"What is it Naru-kun?" He looks at Anko sweating up a storm because this is the most fearful thing he has ever done. "The old man told me once he steps down the fools may try to get me into having more wives in order to carry on my bloodlines." Anko and Kurenai just smile evilly as their eyes had fire in it.

"What do you think of all this?" Kurenai first time he has seen her mad and was about to do a fast run away from them right now. "I didn't like the idea but the thing is that I have no say in the matter and please don't kill me." Anko and Kurenai let out a giggle as he was begging to live at the end of that.

"We would never kill you but we may kill these assholes that trying to force my Naru-kun into having more lovers, but maybe you should find peoples you want so they can't force you with people you don't like?" Anko and Naruto were both shocked that Kurenai was saying that but Naruto was glad he was going to live.

"What in the world are you talking about Kurenai-chan?" She smiles to Anko before she begins to talk. "This way he isn't being forced into married he doesn't like, you know how bad that be if someone gets forced into married with someone they don't like or even know. So wouldn't it be better if he had pick people he did like?" Anko though it over as she nods her head yes and kisses her Naruto.

"What is going on here and what happened?" Naruto really didn't understand any of this but he was too scared to try and figure it out. "We agreed that you're allowed to find other girlfriends so these assholes can't force you into married like Sakura or Hinata." Naruto was glad he won't be forced into marry being like these but he wants to know if they are truly ok with this.

"Are you truly ok with me doing that? I mean you two are sharing me as it is so I want to know are you truly fine with me doing that?" Both women smile because they are glad he was a caring person that asks them how they feel about things.

"Yes we are but I'm going be first person to have my way with you." Anko kissed his lips and whispers into his ear. "That way my first is also your first." Naruto blushes as he looks away but he can hear Kurenai giggle and saying it was ok with her as well but she was going be his 2rd and no matter what he says.

Kakashi walks over and looks at his son because he has a feeling what they are talking about. "It's fine to start going so I hope everything is ok now?" They nod their head and fallow Kakashi to the gate then head to the village of Kumo.

"How long do you think it will take us in order to get to Kumo?" Kakashi looks over at his son because he thinks it over inside his head. "About four to five days this is why you have time to train as we make stops." Naruto smiles as the idea of training as everyone just shake their heads

Kurenai and Anko doing some talking to themselves about this whole clan thing but part of them didn't like it but other part wants him not to be forced into meaningless married with people.

Tsume and Hana were talking about how their life was going and just talking about things as Naruto was more forced on how the village is going to act towards them. He wants to break the chains of hate that cause so many wars.

When they finally stop for the night it was an inn inside of a local village close to Konoha as Kakashi does all the talking and buying as he gives everyone key to their room. Hana and Tsume were sharing a room but Hinata. Shino and Kiba are sharing one. Sakura and Sasuke were sharing one as Kakashi had his own and Kurenai, Anko and Naruto were sharing their own.

Team eight couldn't believe that Naruto was dating their sensei but also the fact they are sharing a room together with that other woman. Tsume was smirking as he watches the three of them walking to their room because this was going be fun to tease them tomorrow.

When Naruto and his two girlfriends get to the room he opens the door to notice one bed. "That perverted tou." Kurenai and Anko didn't understand till they see only one bed and shake their head because they did have a feeling Kakashi was going to do this.

"Why are you so shy now Naru-kun?" She smirks as she starts to undress down to her panties and bra and goes on the bed. Kurenai smirks and wasn't going not tease Naruto as well. "Mhm what about me Naruto are you shy around me to?" She walks in front of him and strips to her panties and bra and goes on the bed.

Naruto didn't know what to do but blushes as he stares at Anko in black panties and bra that looks great on her but he moves to Kurenai he blushes more because she had on an orange pair of panties and bra as he slowly feels his body walking towards them. When he gets closer to the bed Anko pulls him on the bed and in the middle of both women as they just cuddle up to him.

"You don't need be so shy around us Naru-kun because I'm always going be with you because of your kind hearted self so please don't ever change." He can tell Anko voiced showed how much she cared about him as he smiles to her but he feels Kurenai against his back as her boobs are rubbing against his back.

"She's right because if you stop being that caring Naruto then I may just have to hurt you badly. " Kurenai moves her arms around him as Anko does the same because his kind heart was what got them to like him or love him in Anko case. Anko moves her head to his chest and rests against it but she can't believe she fall in love with someone so young.

Naruto stares at Anko and sees the two necklaces that she wears and smiles because he hopes that this can last forever. He moves his arms around Anko because he can't do that for both of them with how he's facing but he can sense that Kurenai doesn't mind.

"Goodnight my two himes and I hope you can sleep well." Anko kisses him "Goodnight my Naruto-kun" He can feel Kurenai kissing his neck and whispering a goodnight. He was the must luckiness person in the world right now and he was great for it.

Naruto was glad he found these two women that showed him what happiness truly felt like after all the hell the village is pulling him through every day of his life because of Kyuubi being inside of him.

Naruto slowly falls asleep with a smile filled with true happiness on but that didn't go unnoticed by Anko who just smiles as well before letting sleep claim her. Her last thought was that she was happy that Naruto was smiling like that.

When Naruto wakes up he sees his two angels still sleeping but his hand moves down Anko side to her nice butt giving it a nice grab causing Anko to move in her sleep. He did it few times as Anko eyes start to open up giving him a smirk. "Your hands like to grab me there don't they?" He just nods his head before giving her a kiss on the neck and another good grab of her ass cheek.

"So Naruto has a pervert side to him does he?" Kurenai speaks as Naruto just turns around and kisses Kurenai's lips but he moves his hand to her breasts and flicks them with his finger causing her to moan little bit and look at him.

"I wonder who caused me to be a pervert. Maybe it's the two goddesses in bed with me that did it?" Naruto smirks then turns over as he was staring at the wall and uses each hand to wander all Anko and Kurenai's bodies which they let him.

"I guess we did have a part in turning you into this, so we can't really me mad at you for doing this now can we?" Naruto smirks and kisses Kurenai chest and moves his hand to her right breast playing with it causing Kurenai to let out a moan.

"No fun time because we have to get ready now, you should of thought of that last night." Anko smirks but Naruto just turns over and kisses her neck causing her to moan but he moves his hands under her panties then grabs her bare ass with his hands.

"I guess I should have done that shouldn't I of? You're both are all my and." He kisses both them on the lips as he gets up and looks at both of them. "I'll always promise to make you happy." Both of them smile to him because they were glad that they truly have a caring boyfriend.

Anko slowly gets up as she changes her clothes but Naruto moves to her once she was naked and rubs her ass and chest causing her to let out a moan but Kurenai slowly pulls him away then strips in front of her.

Naruto moves his tongue to her nipple and gives few sucks causing her to moan but Anko pulls him away. He sees Anko was now changing her clothes as he back up to watch both of them get done changing before he does. Once he was changing he can see both of them staring at him as he smirks.

Once the three of them were ready they leave the room as Naruto hands were on each of their asses as he walks in middle of the three of them. Kurenai and Anko just shake their head but also give a little shake of their asses to make him happy.

They see that they weren't first ones up as Tsume was standing there in there waiting but Naruto took few looks at her because she was great to look at. She had a great chest but her ass was thing that always catches his eyes.

Tsume looks at him causing her to smirk because how the three of them were walking like but she wonders what in the world he was going to do. She was one of the clan heads and knows that people are getting ready to try forcing him into bring back his clan.

"How was your sleep? I bet it was filled with fun and pleasure last night." Tsume smirks as she sees all three of them blushes a deep shard of red. "Sorry we didn't do anything like that, you really are pervert one aren't you Tsume-chan?" Naruto smirks as he sees Tsume blush but looks away.

"Is Tsume-chan blushing now? I can't believe you of all people are blushing because of little Naruto here." Tsume just glares at Anko who just smiles innocent and feels her ass being slapped her causing her to blush as Kurenai and Tsume giggle.

Anko didn't like that but she did like him touching her like that but that was because it was him and no one else is allowed to touch her like this. If anyone else tired doing what he did she would cut their balls off.

"I'm guessing everyone is still sleeping?" Tsume nods her head as she hears her daughter finally coming to her, she didn't know how her daughter could sleep this long after being shinobi for few years now.

She knows one thing and that was her son better get his ass up now or else he was going be hurt badly for sleeping this long. She starts to head for the rooms as Naruto wonder what she was going to do because she was heading back to the rooms. He just figured it was to get his tou up or team eight and seven.

He looks at Hana who was just staring at the three of them causing Naruto to smirk and grab each of Kurenai and Anko ass causing Hana to blush and look away. She can't believe what in the world she was seeing and it was something she would never have seen coming.

Both Anko and Kurenai shake their heads because Naruto really loved to touch them little too much because they still think he was little bit to young right now, Naruto on the other hand didn't think so as he kisses their necks than moves to Anko's ear causing her to moan as he teases her again.

Anko was regretting letting him find out about all her evil spots like this because he always used it against her to get her to moan out for him. She did feel pleasure from it but she didn't want him to do thing kind of thing in front of her friends like this, she didn't mind Kurenai because she was also dating Naruto.

After about ten or sixteen minutes they finally see everyone walking to them but he just shakes his head because they were wasting time by taking forever to wake the hell up. He notices Sakura is walking into walls which was kind of funny to see as he lets out a laugh.

"You guys are finally just waking up? Come on now we are wasting day light with you sleeping in like this." They all just stare at Naruto like he was nuts, who the hell wanted wake up this early.

Naruto wanted to go so he can train already because if they going sleep in then he would have had his himes in bed longer and who knows maybe have fun with them. He just smirks at the idea of having real fun with his himes but his images are ruined when pink hair banshee's yells about being woke up to early.

"Shut the hell up already you pink hair bitch!" Anko had enough of this fan girl for one lifetime but she wasn't in good mood now thanks to her. Sakura looks at Anko who was ready to kill her causing her to shut up as she was told to. Anko then cuts Naruto cheek and licks the blood creepy the genins out but Naruto just smirks then kisses her lips.

"We going be leaving once we get something to eat, we need make sure we eat and not push ourselves like that." Naruto nods his head to Kurenai which the group went to eat breakfast before leaving the village behind them. Naruto wonders what's in the scroll the old man gave him but he's going find out once he gets time to train.

When they get inside a place that open for breakfast Naruto wonders what he should get to eat. When they inside down at the table which he was shocked that there was a table this big but he wonders what kind of place this was.

When waitress gets to them she gives them their menus and asked them what they wanted to drink, genins but Naruto ordered juice. Everyone else ordered sake which everyone looking at Naruto but waitress knows that a headband means his an adult.

"You do know your mom going pissed at you." Naruto just shrugs his shoulders. "You can blame baa-chan for me getting into drinking." Kakashi just shakes his head because Tsunade really was the one that got him into drinking when she visited from time to time.

Everyone just ordered eggs because they weren't in the mood to think on what they would want. Once they get their food Anko whispers into Kurenai ear causing both of them to giggle before Anko takes piece of egg into her mouth and kisses Naruto who was shocked. They slowly start tongue war as they share the piece of egg.

Naruto was going ask but Kurenai cuts him off with some more egg as his hands wander down her back as everyone else just roll their eyes but Tsume wonders how close they really were. "That was great." Both women smile as they just giggle than because this was fun doing with someone for the first time.

Naruto just take slip of sake as Anko moves her lips back on his before he can sallow as she tastes the sake and his mouth at the same time. She moves her hands around him and deeps the kiss which was to Naruto enjoyment. Once the kiss ends Kurenai takes some sake into her mouth and does the same but this time Naruto was one inside Kurenai's mouth and takes in the taste of everything.

Everyone else who was watching was really wishing not to be here because they don't want to watch three people doing this as they are trying to eat their breakfast. Naruto didn't even pay mind to the ones around him because he just wants more of his himes.

Naruto loved the tease of their lips and how they mouth felt but also he just loved the times where he can be this close to them. He wants no he needs to be close to them in order to enjoy life because of what the village has done to him and still is doing.

He just wishes he could tell them all the things he's hiding from everyone but he knows he can't or at least not now. They are things that no one can know till the right time and he was told to promise the Hokage that he will not tell anyone unless it was the right time to.

Things that not even his tou know is going on but that was for the best, he knows that one time comes everyone will be shocked but he hopes they don't hate him. This world may even change from what going to happen in the future.

He just keeps looking at two of them throughout the breakfast but both women were just glad that their boyfriend pays this much time like this with them. They know that shinobi life is hard and you can end up died at anytime. This is one of the main reasons why they want to spend as much time with him as they possibly can.

Once they leave the village Naruto wonders how long till he can train but he just wonders still about what could be inside the scroll that the old man gave him, could he be anything unsafe? Naruto didn't know but more he thought about the more he wanted to find out but he knows he can't do that in front of everyone.

Most of the time it was same as last time, same people were talking to each other but something strike him as odd. It was to quiet and they were somewhere that should have had animals around. He hears something which he looks to his tou who nods his head, Naruto starts to walk by himself to where the sounds where coming from.

First thing he sees when he gets there is group of Kumo shinobis, one had red hair with yellow eyes with her headband being on her head like a hat she also had darker side than the 2rd woman of this group. The other one had breast size that was little to bit for her chest; she had blonde hair and blue eyes. The finally member was a man who looks like he could work great alongside the red hair with their katanas.

Naruto sees the ones that this group is fighting against but his eyes become shocked when he sees the other group being shinobis from his village, he didn't know any of them but he sees four of them with Konoha headbands. He knows that they can't be real ones just like the fake Kumo attacked them; this must be fake Konoha trying to do the same.

He has to fight out what was going now and fast, he jumps in front of the three Kumo shinobis causing them to wonder what the hell was going on. "Who the hell are you; I know you aren't from Konoha! Your same people that tired to look like Kumo and attack Konoha!"

Kumo shinobis were shocked that someone tried to do that and started to grow pissed that someone who try to ruin their image like that, who in the right mind would fake themselves off to be a Kumo shinobi.

Naruto looks back at the three Kumo shinobis and lets a smile across his lips before he begins to talk. "Don't worry you three I'll here this, you're not going to die today that's a promise of a lifetime."