TITLE: Indignant Relations of Faith


SUMMARY: Both Mackenzie and Becca are at important, but different times in their lives as Mackenzie is faced with an impending breakout of war between Europe and South East Asia and Becca is about to leave for college; but a secret they both share is about to ruin many lives.

AUTHOR: M.C.Dunnigan

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This piece contains sensitive material, such as violence and sexual references. I apologise if this causes any unintended offence. Any notes/criticism/ideas are very welcome, I'd like to have some input with what is being written. Please review.

DISCLAIMER:I do not own any of the characters that appear in this piece who are featured in the show. All additional characters, however, are my own.

"Madam President, Claudia Fancini from President Olandino's office in Sicily is on the line for you. She says it's urgent."

"Tell her I can't take her call right now, but I'll get back to her within the hour. Thanks, Vince." She shifted in her seat, her stomach still reaping the consequences of a large breakfast.

"Of course, Madam President." Vince smiled briefly and closed the door quietly behind him.

Mackenzie closed her eyes, took a deep breath and tried to compose herself. She rubbed her stomach, as to make herself more comfortable and composed. Her eyes glanced around her desk until they settled on an old family photo of her, Rod and the kids. It had been taken at their vacation house at the lake about six years ago, when all the kids were still young, especially Amy. This was a picture that always brought a smile to Mackenzie's face. It reminded her of a time when their lives weren't always so full of schedules and people watching their every move. Sadly, they hadn't been to the vacation house in about four years because of her presidency responsibilities. She missed it, though. She missed the way that everything just disappeared when they were there; like nothing or no one existed except her and her little family. She didn't regret the presidency, she just didn't like the lack of privacy and time with her family.

She jolted as her stomach ached with pain. Okay, this wasn't just indigestion she realised. She raised out of her seat and made her way quickly to the bathroom at the corner of the room as she felt sick.

"So, Becca, are you coming to my party tonight?" A small red headed girl spun around in her seat and looked directly at her. Becca lifted her head in surprise. Was Natalie Orico really speaking to her? Never in her life had she even looked in Becca's direction, let alone speak to her. Becca just stared, open mouthed for a moment, in shock until her best friend Stacy kicked her.

"Me?" She asked Natalie.

"Well, duh!" The girl laughed.

"Um, I don't know. Are you sure? I didn't get an invite."

"Well, consider this it. Everyone is coming. Even your brother." Natalie turned to Horace, who was sitting next to her and smiled at him.

"Horace?" Becca asked.

"Yeah, I'm going." He told her, grinning back at Natalie.

"Mom said yes?" She whispered to him, as she realised Natalie was listening. "With everything that's happening, she's allowing you to go?"

"Yes, Becca. Horace will be there and so will you." Natalie stared at her, self-assuredly.

"Um, okay."

Stacy glared at her as Natalie turned her attentions to Horace.

"I can't believe you are actually going to go to her party. Natalie Orico is like the biggest bitch. I thought you couldn't stand her?"

"Well, I'll only go for a little while. I could hardly say no."

"Natalie is bad news, Becca. You're opening a whole can of worms."

"Chill, Stace. It's only one little party."