Author: Sparta

Title: Day after Day

Pairings: Sky & Bridge (main) other will be listed by chapter

Rating: R

Crossovers: all past rangers

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: After more bad days then good the ranger want to know why they fight anymore? So Kat and Cruger and a mystery Ranger take them back to the beginning to show them why they and so many other Ranger fought and gave their lives.

Chapter Summery: Cruger needs help

Authors Note:


It had been another bad battle, Bridge was currently being patched up while Sky was yelling at Omega and Cruger for not having Bridge's back, after growling loud enough to wake the dead Cruger stormed off grabbing Kat on the way.

"They are disrespectful and uncontrollable…"

"tired, emotional and just plan burnt out Cruger. We've all felt it as Ranger, past, present or future. That's when they start questioning why they still do this?" said a stranger as he joined Cruger and Kat

"Yes sir, but what can be done about it?" asked Cruger

"Take them back to when this all began, show them their history? Take away their morphers so they are forced to watch and learn" said the stranger with a smile.

"But we can't go back with them if they do?" said Cruger as the stranger just smiled.

"Don't worry I have the perfect candidates for that job" laughed the stranger as Cruger nodded and shook his hand

"Thank you Tommy you were always a voice of reason" said Cruger as Tommy

"no that was Kim she did love to beat that into us, good luck Cruger they and we all need it. I'll send them to meet you at the Time Warp bay" said Tommy as he left.


The Ranger's where gathered at the ship they were leaving on still unclear at what Cruger had planed for them, he'd only told them to pack clothing and meet in civilian clothing at the landing pad.

"Well Lady's, Gents and glowing balls of light…" said one of the two men that approached them as they all laughed and Omega turned human.

"Sorry kid ball of light for this trip or nothing, speaking of which Morphers and uniforms please?" asked the other man as the Ranger looked at them then handed them over as Sam went light bulb again.

"I am Dustin Brooks" said the darker haired male dressed in jeans and a yellow top.

"And I am Charlie Thorn though my friends call me Chip" added the red head with a yellow top, black pants and a black jacket on.

"Both of us at one time where Rangers, yellow Rangers to be exact, I was a Ninja Storm Ranger and Chip here a Mystic Force. We gave up our power to the next generation many years ago but doesn't mean we aren't still a part of it.

We both have seat on the Ranger council and it's though them we came here today, Dr Tommy Oliver caught the tail end of a conversation about how you all are burnt out and ready to give up yes?" asked Dustin as they nodded.

"We all go there at sometime other more then once" said Chip with a shrug

"But after a good kick up the ass a V used to say we find our sprits again, consider this yours now everyone into the ship before I shock you onto it with my thunder powers" laughed Chip with a wave of his arms as they all raced on.

"Gets them every time" laughed Chip again as they got on

"everyone on, comfy and have been to the toilet?" asked Dustin as he looked at Chip.

"That was one time" growled Chip in a huff as Dustin laughed

"Then let kick this in to high gear, say good by now hello past" yelled Dustin as they took off.