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Towards the end of shift

Sara had just walked in to the locker room completely engrossed in her own thoughts, oblivious to anything else going on around her.

What if she's told someone?

She wouldn't have of told someone…

Hello, one word gossip. I'll never live this down!

This is just fantastic…

Her line of thoughts were cut off by Catherine entering the locker room, she still kept her head down – not wanting to look her in the eye.

Catherine saw Sara sitting on the bench; she looked as if she was lost in her thoughts.

"Catherine I'm begging you please don't say anything to anyone." Sara pleaded with out even looking at the blonde. Catherine was completely caught of guard.

Whoa, how the hell did Sara see me then?

"How the hell did you just see me?" Catherine asked a look of confusion plastered all over her face.

"I just knew you were there. Please Catherine, don't say anything." Sara replied as she looked up at Catherine.

"Please, I am asking you as a friend Catherine. Please?" Sara now questioned.

Catherine made her way over to her locker, leaving Sara still unanswered.

"Damn lockers." She shouted as she kicked the locker, trying to force it open.

"Here let me." Sara said calmly as she walked over to the locker and opened it with out even thinking twice.

"How the…" Catherine spun around, a look of bewilderment on her face.

"It likes me." Sara solemnly replied, shrugging her shoulders as she sat back down on the cold, hard bench.

"Don't tell anyone." Catherine turned around to look Sara in the eye.

"What that the locker likes you? Or that you're shagging your boss?" Catherine asked a smile appearing on her face. Sara gave Catherine an icy stare, then whispered meekly,

"The second one."

Catherine turned around as fast as possible and looked at Sara, her mouth growing into a wide "O" and her eyes twinkling with this newly found knowledge.

"You've shagged Grissom!" Catherine squeaked.

"Um, yeah…I thought you knew" Sara whispered.

"Oh, thank you Lord! Thank you for allowing Grissom to pull his head out of his arse, long enough to notice what was right in front of him! But no, I did not know, when I saw your foot I just presumed that you and him were an item; because I didn't peg you as the type of woman who randomly sticks her foot in men's crotches." Catherine told her, as the both burst out into laughter.

"But I wasn't sure…" Catherine began to laugh harder.

Then out of the corner of her eye she saw Grissom coming around the corner so she sneakily ran around the opposite corner and waited. Grissom walked into the room, blissfully ignorant of the fact that Catherine was lurking around the corner, and came up behind Sara; he placed his hands around her waist and hugged her.

"Hey sexy." He whispered into her ear, lightly nibbling behind her ear.

"Hey…" Sara managed to choke out. Catherine walked out from her hiding place with her head down.

"So, where were we Sara? Oh yeah, you were saying that Grissom is an animal in bed." Catherine smugly commented as she looked up and pretended to be surprised to see Grissom hugging Sara. When it registered in Grissom's brain that Catherine was standing behind him, he jumped as far way from Sara as possible, hands outstretched to his sides.

"You told her?" Grissom asked while looking at Sara; both Sara and Grissom felt a strong blush envelop their faces.

"She saw where my foot was this morning…" Sara replied as her cheeks went even redder.

"Oh." Grissom said as he turned to Catherine.

"Oh indeed." Catherine simply replied while nodding her head.

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