Author: Sparta666

Title: Days gone by - Like father, Like son

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Wes & Eric

Rating: R

Crossovers: mentions time force

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: Sky is the red ranger like his father and with Bridge at his side he's on top of the world, that is until Mirloc escapes and suddenly Bridge has a feeling of history repeating itself after he has a vision of Sky dieing like his father.

Chapter Summery: Bridge can't sleep

Authors Note:

Days gone by - Like father, Like son


Bridge tossed and turned in his bed, his mind a dark mess of other peoples emotions. It had been like this for sometime now after the last battle against Gruumm Bridge's powers had spiked and all of a sudden he found himself seeing more and more, glimpse of the past, near future and even the Future.

They often scared Bridge but with Sky at his side he'd always coped, but with Sky new position as Red Ranger Bridge found himself alone with his mind more often then not.


Came the whispered voice of all his mental voices combined, jumping up out of bed he found himself laying beside his Husband Sky, getting out of bed something felt wrong. Pulling on his uniform he walked the halls of the SPD then it hit him this was Bridge's Astral Plain, the world his mind made to protect itself.

Walking the halls the voice became louder as he headed to the main command centre, walking though the door he felt he was no longer alone.

"Nice of you to join me Child" came a voice that chilled him to the bone

"Mirloc, when did you get out?" growled Bridge.

"I haven't yet this is my little gift for you Blue Ranger"

"I'm retired" growled Bridge

"Oh yes ever the good mother, do play my little game" said Mirloc as he pointed to the computer screen and watched as Sky went out as usual but as he watched Bridge felt the life go out of him as he watch Sky fall by Mirloc hand

"Like Father like Son my dear boy Like Father like son" laughed Mirloc as the alert went off.

"Tic Tock child" cackled Mirloc as he faded.


Bridge woke with a shock as the SPD was alive and on alert, Bridge sat up seeing Sky dressing but his heart froze as Sky spoke.

"Mirloc has escaped"

'TIC TOCK CHILD' echoed though Bridge's mind.