Author: Sparta

Title: Days gone by - Like father, Like son

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Wes & Eric

Rating: R

Crossovers: mentions time force

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 5/?

Completed: No

Summery: Sky is the red ranger like his father and with Bridge at his side he's on top of the world, that is until Mirloc escapes and suddenly Bridge has a feeling of history repeating itself after he has a vision of Sky dieing like his father.

Chapter Summery: Did Mirloc kill Sky?

Authors Note:

The power of love and family

Sky's heart pounded and his mind was blank as he felt the blade cut across his shoulder but when blaster fire wrung though the area bouncing off Mirloc he looked up, he breathed a sigh of relief and pure shock at what he saw.

"Wanna had Sky?"

Sky nodded in dumb shock as he offer his had to the Omega Ranger stood before him and got up.

"Sam?" asked Sky as the Ranger nodded.

"Ours or theirs?"

"our, not bad for a 18 year old" laughed Sam

"you might need this Sky?" said another Ranger as Sky was handed back his Morpher.

"Kat?" asked Sky as she nodded.


"Bridge finally stabilized both the Omega and Kat Ranger power, he's quiet the young man. We need to talk after this son" came a voice Sky hadn't heard in years

"Yes dad" said Sky in shock as the Quantum Ranger took his place next to Shadow Ranger.

"are you able to fight?" asked Shadow as Sky nodded and remorhed.

"Then this is for Commander Collins, lets end this once and for all" growled Eric as they all took off to fight.


It was Sky and Eric that brought Mirloc down in the end, Sky held the containment card in his had and for a minute had the desire to crush it until Eric took it off him.

"He's going to be put into a sealed box and burred in concert and dirt under the new SPD wing" said Eric as Sky nodded then felt weak as he collapsed from the blood loss come from his wounds.

He came round several hour later and was met by Kat, Cruger and Eric watching over him. Smiling Eric took his sons hand and sat at his side.

"you remind me of him son much" said Eric as he moved stray hairs on his face.

"Bridge?" asked Sky

"Sedated next to you, he passed out from hunger and exhaustion he's pushed himself beyond what he was capable of since he found out you were going to die. He loves you with a passion not even you father and I had and we're close, you need to treat him better Skyler" said Eric as he kissed Sky head.

"Sleep now and we'll come see you soon but you need to thank him some how, he saved your life and found me to" said Eric as he pointed to Bridge.

Sky sighed as they left and painfully pulling himself out of his bed he laid himself next to Bridge who cuddled closer into his arms.

"I love you Bridge, I owe you so much Baby. I'm sorry" said Sky as he kissed Bridge's head and cuddled down behind him to sleep


A few days later Eric and Cruger laughed as entered the Hospital Wing and found Bridge and Sky acting like five year old, while having a pillow fight with the other Rangers.

"I thought that they were supposed to be resting?" asked Eric with a smile

"like you can talk dad had to handcuff you to the hospital bed when you got injured he told me….and a few other times too but that's between his memory and you" laughed Sky as Eric blushed as did everyone but Sky and Bridge.

"On another note, Commander Myers is coming back to SPD to help train recruits again" said Cruger as the other looked happy.

"cool then I'm outta here, it's been fun like usual and Bridge we're even now" said Jack as he threw the Morpher back at Cruger.

"I'm already a dead man Commander so don't try it" laughed Jack as Cruger huffed.

"Yeah me too" said Bridge as he gave Jack his Morpher to give back to Cruger.

"Boom's had the kids for a month solid I'm so dead" said Bridge as everyone laughed.

"your not the only one" said Sky as he handed Cruger his as everyone looked at him.


"I love being a Ranger and I've done both my parent proud but now It's time I did right by Bridge. What's the use of being a Ranger if I lose the one thing I'm fight for? This made me realise that what happens to affects him too. I might have been fighting the battle but he was the one who brought the team together and put the plan out their. I'd be lost without him so now it's time I stop being a Ranger and start being a husband and a father" said Sky as Bridge hugged him

"if that is your decision then it is a wise one and we will miss you" said Cruger.

"I wont" said Bridge as he jumped his lover and pushed him back onto the bed as everyone bust out laughing. They all stayed longer laughing and joking and thinking about like without Sky and Bridge around SPD.