(AN: As for the song choice i couldn't resist)

Are You Ready For a Miracle

Are you ready for a miracle
As ready as I can be
Are you ready for a miracle
The spirit will set you free
Are you ready, ready, ready, ready
I'm ready, I'm ready for a miracle

(Are you ready for a miracle Leanne rimes)

"Have you gained weight?" said Rosalie with her usual tact staring down at my bloated stomach.

"I'm due on" I said a little offended blushing.

Rosalie laughed and exited the kitchen.

Actually I'd been due on for a couple of months but nothing seems to be happening. Maybe it's all been building up for one super period. Looking down at my stomach it looked likely that bulge was certainly bigger than usual. Maybe I'm retaining water?

I think the stress of the wedding made me miss a few. Maybe... That or I'm ill.

Knowing my luck I'm ill.

I'm not going to mention it to Edward he'd only fret or inject extra hormones into me to induce my period.

Worry wart.

I yawned staring out of the large glass windows at the surround woods waiting for Edward to come home.

I blinked and then the front door flew open.

"Were home" declared Emmett's booming voice.

I rolled my eyes.

"Edward your wife is cranky" said Jasper amused.

"You hasn't had enough" said Emmett laughing.

I glared at him.

"It's PMT" announced Rosalie.

I can't be bothered to glare anymore as Edward's face came into view instantly making my day a thousand times better. He returned my smiles as if he too had found the last two days intolerable.

He took me into his arms and kissed the top of my head.

"I missed you" he whispered is icy breath now on my face.

"I missed you more" I said pulling my best pouty face.

"I beg to differ" he said kissing me in a way that made me weak at the knees.

"umm" I murmured against his lips.

Then we broke apart to find ourselves alone. I went redder is that's possible. Yeah it is.

"Bella are you ok?" asked Edward looking concerned.

"Yeah why?" I said confused .

He sniffed "you smell different"

"huh?" I said smelling my sleeve.

"You smell a bit like me but there's another scent to a new one like a mix of yours and mine" he looked really puzzled which was adorable to say the least.

Then suddenly his eyes widened.

"Bella?" he asked his voice urgent.

"Yes" I asked putting my hands on him arms to try and calm him down.

"You smell pregnant" he said his voice hollow.

I let this hit home... then started laughing.

"That's impossible" I giggled but Edward didn't seem to get his own joke.

You know for a genius vampire he's awfully slow.

He appeared frozen his expression mortified. This was slightly worrying.

"Edward" I said trying to bring him back to planet earth "Anyone home"

Apparently not.

"Alice" I called "Your brother's frozen"

I poked Edward's hard chest.

"You didn't start talking about your period to him did you he's probably scarred" said Alice dancing into the room.

She took one look at Edward's face and laughed.

"You did didn't you?" she said giggling the sound like tiny wind chimes.

"No he said I smell pregnant" I said a little annoyed.

Alice suddenly stopped laughing then stared at me with a blank expression going off into one of her visions.

Suddenly Edward snapped out of it turning to Alice he said "Is it true"

Alice's vision ended "Am I ever wrong" she said with the biggest grin I'd ever seen.

Edward looked a little relieved then he looked at me fearfully.

"Um... Bella you may want to sit down" said Edward.

"Why?" I asked unsure of what was going on here.

Edward gently guided me through the kitchen into the living room where he sat me down on the sofa. Alice followed beaming.

Edward took my hands in his and said vary gently "I'm sorry Bella I know you weren't expecting this... none of us was... but your pregnant"

He's kidding right? I can't be pregnant, it's not possible. I looked at Edward's face waiting for him to start laughing or something. He was serious.

That's when I thought about it, the missed periods, the bulge, the mood swings, our stupid honeymoon. Damn.

That's when I fainted.