This scene was not originally included in the story, and then when my girlfriend read it, she said she had just one complaint about the epilogue: "Miles should have been there too!" My reasoning for his absence was basically that this was supposed to be a Klavier/Apollo fic, not a Phoenix/Edgeworth fic, and I didn't want to distract from that. ...But, well, I had been mulling over a scene with the two of them for the ending, and I couldn't figure out a way to merge it into the above epilogue gracefully, so I gave up on getting it into the meme version. Thus, an extra optional scene for the Phoenix/Edgeworth shippers (like myself). ;)

Never Fade Away

"So? What do you think?"

Edgeworth smirked slightly as they left the furthest guest room, starting for the stairs at the far end of the hall, having just finished the grand tour. "It's certainly roomier than your office."

"That's the best you can do?" Phoenix teased. "'Roomy'? It's a mansion, Miles."

"Yes, well..."

"And as far as 'roomy' goes," Phoenix pointed out, "it's got enough rooms to comfortably house one more."

They paused at the top of the stairs, Edgeworth turning to Phoenix with a serious look. "...I always thought I would be the one making such a suggestion to you."

"Funny how things work out, isn't it?" Not that Phoenix was any more amused by the idea than Edgeworth looked.

"Your good fortune has always been astounding."

Phoenix shook his head, growing more serious abruptly. "Good fortune? After the last several years, you think this is good fortune? I'd say it's karma. Minus the von," he added.

"Point taken." Edgeworth glanced back down the hallway, at the heavy wooden doors. "...Is that one his room?"

There was one door in the hallway that remained closed. It had remained closed ever since Phoenix had moved in; since before that, in fact.

"I suppose it's just another guest room now..."

Phoenix shook his head. "Not unless Klavier's fixed it up. But me? I haven't looked. I haven't wanted to," he finished, quieter.

"You hardly need another guest room anyhow," Edgeworth observed with a thoughtful nod.

"Well, if you're moving in too..."

Edgeworth gave him an incredulous look. "Wright - are you suggesting that if I were to move in with you, we would have separate bedrooms?"

"...Okay, that point goes to you. Guess we're tied."

Edgeworth returned the smile Phoenix offered, but his eyes wandered again to the closed door. To Phoenix's surprise, he started back down the hall, towards it. "Uh, Miles?"

"If the manor is yours now," Edgeworth told him, "then perhaps you should free it from any lingering ghosts."

"You do remember that I know spirit mediums, right?" Phoenix reminded him, following reluctantly at a distance. Of course he knew what Edgeworth was really talking about, but... "I'm kind of used to ghosts."

Edgeworth made a scoffing sound, and opened the door, looking inside. "Some ghosts are better confronted." Phoenix was tempted to remind Edgeworth that he was one of the most haunted people he'd ever met... but instead, he just steeled himself for what he expected to be a familiar sight. All things considered, that room might haunt Miles nearly as much as it haunted him.

Familiar it was - Klavier hadn't touched his brother's room since his conviction, except possibly to clean it. The same books lined one wall (at least Phoenix assumed they were the same books - he'd never read them), the same blankets lay upon the perfectly made bed. Phoenix wondered if anything had been removed at all. He could just imagine Kristoph, hair shining in the morning sun through the window, with a smile just as sunny...

The look on Edgeworth's face as he took it all in was a look of dark disgust, but he said nothing, and Phoenix didn't know what he should say either.

Finally, Edgeworth spoke. Briefly. "So this was where..."

"...Yeah." Running entirely on instinct, Phoenix sat down on the bed, and then kind of wished he hadn't. "Of all the bad choices I've made in my life..."

Without a trace of awkwardness - no memories for him - Edgeworth sat down on the bed beside him. "Aren't you the one always telling me that the past is in the past?"

"Yes," Phoenix admitted, "but there's never been anything I regretted as much as all that."

Edgeworth's hand found his on the covers, and closed over it, holding it tight as they sat in silence, letting Phoenix sort out his thoughts and feelings. Everything had become a lot more complicated since Kristoph forced his way into his life... but it looked like it was resolved now, he had to remember. And it seemed like somehow he'd managed to come out on the good end, looking at all he had now. He had Trucy, and Apollo, and now Klavier - even if he really wasn't sure precisely what Klavier and Apollo were to him yet. And after all they'd had to put up with, amazingly, he had Miles Edgeworth again too. He knew exactly what Miles was to him.

When he looked up again, Miles had an odd, guarded look on his face. Wary, almost. "...What?"

Miles looked away. "I was just thinking... about all that's happened here in this room."

Phoenix considered the look on his face for a moment, the strange aversion. ...Oh. He had to consider it for a moment too, but he decided he agreed. "You know," he remarked, "there are some ghosts I'm not really fond of, and could do without."

Miles looked back to him and nodded. "...Exorcism?"


The smirk that appeared on Miles's lips was outright vindictive. Okay, so this was just a little messed up, Phoenix admitted as Miles leaned him back down on the mattress - and seeing the view of the ceiling again made him a little uncomfortable. Rolling over, getting Miles beneath him, however, seemed to solve that problem. And it was Miles - there was no mistaking that.

A few minutes later, Phoenix checked, and found that Klavier hadn't cleaned out the compartments in the bed's headboard. Thank goodness. ...There was definitely something twisted and maybe a bit wrong about this, but it made him grin like a fool, and the look on Miles's face was nothing short of victorious.

That changed abruptly, however, when they heard a strangled shriek from the doorway. "Auuuugh, first Polly and Mr. Gavin, now Uncle Edgey and Daddy?" Trucy groaned, her hands over her eyes as she fled. "Why does this keep happening to me? Can't anybody around here keep it in their pants? Or at least close doors?"

Phoenix stared after her, lost for words, then looked back down to Miles, who had acquired a look of horror.

...He couldn't help it. Phoenix just started laughing. Life had been kind to him lately - if perhaps not so kind to Trucy.