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"Cullen" I half growled at the annoying prick next to me, without removing my gaze from the biology film we were supposed to be watching. "Throw ONE more ball of paper at me and you won't be able to hold me responsible for my actions!"

I heard him snicker quietly from beside me just seconds before I was assaulted with another paper missile. I took a deep breath in preparation before turning to him. I didn't want to have to clear his remnants off the floor if I ended up skewering him with my ruler.

I had to cover my inevitable gasp with an over-exaggerated sigh. It was my temporary solution to dealing with his… looks. Anyone; aged eighteen or a hundred and eighteen would react the same.

He had pestered me for pretty much non-stop for the last couple of years, and for every day of those long anddraggingyears that I had known Edward Cullen, I always had to fight the urge to gasp when I saw him. I knew it was coming, that everyone reacted the same, pupils and teachers alike, yet I was sure I could see his face a billion times and never get over his beauty.

His perfectly shaped pale face, his angular nose, his sculpted jaw, his casual auburn hair, his plump, kissable lips and his exquisite and luminous clover green eyes. They were so intense you could take a fully-fledged hike in the depth of them. Like tunnels, they seemed to go on forever. He was easily the most gorgeous male specimen at our school. The thing was, everyone else, including himself, knew it.

Therefore, his ego inflated, and had of course, enlarged the size of his head a few hundred times larger than before. It was a shame really, he used to be a nice person.

Anyway, as usual, his godliness hit me like a ton of bricks, even if there was an arrogant smirk plastered across it that I desperately wanted to slap off.

"Are you done gawking at me Izzy? I thought you weren't one of 'those' girls" His smirk grew even more pronounced. I had to fight myself to hold back the blush for which I was notorious. Had he really caught me or was he just teasing? I hoped it was the latter.

"We both know I wasn't gawking Cullen. I find it impossible to enjoy the view - knowing you're such a man-whore ruins it. And it's Bella. I would prefer if you would leave, me, alone."

I turned back to the outdated TV set, and tried to enjoy the silence while it lasted. Such a pity that it didn't.

I jerked my head to the left, as I felt a sharp jab to my arm.

"What NOW?" I whisper-screamed. I had been in a good mood this morning, but as usual, by Biology, my mood was ruined.

"You distracted me. I was trying to ask you something, and you bit my head off. Now, would you like to willingly listen?"

I just gave him a blank stare. I would rather gouge my eyes out with eyelash curlers than willingly listen.

Unfortunately, he took my silent contempt as compliance, smiled smugly, and carried on.

"Good. I thought so. I just wanted to let you know," he leaned closer now, whispering in my ear and grinning like a Cheshire cat, "that my parents are out of town this weekend and since I'm in a good mood, I was wondering if you wanted to come over. We could spend some time just reconnecting, if you know what I mean."

He leaned away, stretching back in his seat, his face smug.

"You know Edward. It's funny, but I could have sworn that you just invited me round to your house to have sex this weekend." I said loudly, pleased to see that most of the class were, in fact, eavesdropping.

"Bella, I don't think you're understanding just what I'm offering," His lowered his voice. "I mean, it's not everyday…"

"Edward, let me stop you there before you make a complete ass of yourself. To be honest I think you're delusional. You seem to think that by inviting me to have sex with you, you're doing me some great favour. I can assure you that I have better things to do than you."

He looked at me as if I had slapped him. I couldn't help but feel smug. Only, seconds after my smugness diminished slightly did I realise the whole room was silent, and looking at us.

"Ms Swan and Mr Cullen," Mr Banner started. "While it's wonderful that you want to expressyourselves… I'd prefer it if you could please do it in your own time?" most of the boys snickered at the acknowledgement to 'doing it' which was not only embarrassing, but depressing. Everyone was so immature nowadays.

I turned back to face the TV set at the front of the room, trying to put him out of my mind, thankfully he kept his mouth shut and the rest of the lesson continued peacefully.

The whole class breathed a simultaneous sigh of relief as the bell rang and Mr Banner switched off the TV, "I want a 500 word essay on that film for next lesson." He shouted over the noise of 30 students running for the door.

As I walked out the door I heard Edward behind me talking to Lauren, "Oh Edward, I can't believe the way Bella spoke to you then." I nearly threw up. "I would never do that." She cooed.

"Well, Lauren. You know a good offer when you hear one. She's probably gay anyway." He said, I could feel his eyes burning into the back of my head.

I was just about to turn around and say something when I felt and hand on my arm, "Babe, he is so not worth it." I smiled, I'd recognise that voice anywhere.

"Hey James." I said.

James and I had been best friends since we started high school, despite some early difficulties. We were both the odd ones out, what with me being the only girl in the school who didn't fancy Edward Cullen, and him being the only boy that did.

He 'came out' officially at the beginning of sophomore year, embarrassingly after we'd been going out for a few weeks, but I hadn't been too upset, it hadn't been working out between us anyway. His coming out had saved me a potentially awkward break up.

While we walked through the heaving corridors towards the canteen together, I caught him up on mine and Edwards little 'discussion'.

He laughed, "That boy might be one hot piece of ass, but my god does he have some cheek. He really does think he's god's gift to women and gay men all over. Makes you sick. I'd hit him for you babe, really I would, but I wouldn't want to ruin his pretty face... what else would I look at in English for the last month of term?"

Then it was my turn to laugh, "You couldn't hit a fly, let alone Edward Cullen."

We walked into the canteen and I quickly scanned the room looking for Alice and Rose. "Over there." I said pointing across the room to the table where Alice was sat with Rosalie and my twin brother, Jasper.

We headed over there and sat down, as I did, I heard a high pitched peal of laughter and turned to see Edward Cullen sat with Lauren hanging off his arm half way across the room. She was practically choking on her own giggles and he was looking directly at me, as if, well, almost as if he was trying to work out some difficult math problem. Weirdo.

"So," Rose began, "I hear shit hit the fan with Cullen in Biology?"

"Ughh. How did you hear already?" I asked, covering my face with my hands.

"Bella, darling, it's a small school, word spreads fast." James answered with a sympathetic smile.

"Anyway, spill come on, did he really ask you round to his house to procreate this weekend?" Alice asked, looking a little too excited for my liking.

"Yes." I admitted, blushing just at the thought of it.

"Oh my god. What did you say?" Rose asked.

"What do you think?" I said, sourly.

Rose sighed. "Bella, I wish you'd just get over this aversion to Edward Cullen, really, he's into you. You should give him a chance. He's not that bad."

"No, you're right. He's so much worse. How do none of you see him for what he really is; a womanizing man-whore." I said.

"I've got to agree with Bella," Jasper said, "He is a player, I don't know what all you girls see in him."

"Thanks Jazz." I gave him a high five.

"He's just misunderstood." James said, gazing at him across the canteen.

A bunch of freshmen walked past the table looking at Jasper and giggling, "Hi Guys." One said and then ran away giggling and blushing.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, "Now that, I don't understand..."

Jasper just grinned and shrugged, "I can't help it. I'm a naturally desirable man..."

At our school there were two types of popular, there was Emmett McCarty, Edward Cullen and their little gang of skanks, and then there was us. By us I mean myself, Alice, Jasper, Rose and James, along with a few of other like Tanya and Kate.

The difference? Edward and the others were envied, we were liked.


"McCartney, ease up on the offence! We don't want to break Crowley's leg again a month from champions!"

"Newton, sprint for the ball! Damnit! What are you, a girl? Maybe you should drop out of the team and join Cheerleading instead!"

"Oh for Christ's sake Yorkie! Get up off the flipping floor! Cullen barely touched you!"

"Jesus H Christ, we have a serial killer, a girl and a wimp! How are we going to keep up our undefeated title if you're all SLACKING! Now get your backsides in gear and focus!"

I squinted my eyes against the cooling mist that had surrounded the pitch, and pushed myself harder. I knew how tough Coach Clapp could be and I didn't need and ass kicking today. Bella's attitude had shaken me up enough already… But realistically, I knew I'd be back to pissing her off again tomorrow.

I smirked to myself. I really couldn't help it. She was just so damn sexy when she was pissed. She was sexy when she shouted, she was sexy when she smiled, she was sexy when she laughed... She was just plain sexy.

Not plain, no. Wrong choice of word. She was far from plain. Lauren Mallory was plain. Jessica Stanley, the girl that clung to Emmett with all her strength was plain, but not Bella.

She was magnificent, beautiful, charming, funny, generous and kind, but I always brought out the worst in her. She never smiled at me, never laughed with me. I suppose I had earned the cold shoulder, what with me annoying the crap out of her for the last however many years, but how else was I supposed to react? The only girl that ever caught my eye and she not only rejects me, but she reminds me of the fact every day.

I was only partially joking with what I had said earlier today. What I wouldn't give to have her all to myself for a night…

"Not you too Cullen! You're my star player! What the hell's with you boys today? Yesterday you were ready and roaring to go, and today you've all turned into pansies! McCartney the man-cruncher, Newton the Grandma, Yorkie the pussy and now Cullen the freaking flower fairy!" What? Flower fairy? I admit, I was day dreaming a bit, but I hardly remember skipping around like some little pixie. I would have to ask Emmett about that after practise…

"Go on, the lot of you, scram. I want you ALL to do some intense mental preparation this weekend, and I want you all back on top form by 7:30 am on Monday. You've disappointed me, so you're all coming in early to run through the skills and drills."

Mike went to moan, but I clamped my hand over his mouth and Emmett stomped on his foot. Apart from Mr Oblivious, we all knew not to push it and just keep quiet. Last time we argued we were doing laps for the rest of our Friday night. Not a great joy bringer.

"No objections? Good. Now get out of my sight before I pull an Alex Ferguson and throw my boots at you!" We all jogged to the changing rooms before he could change his mind and make us do laps. Again. There was nothing worse than running round a field a hundred times on a Friday night, trust me, however fit you are, it wears down your mental capability, I swear.

I was drenched in rain and sweat and by the time we reached the changing rooms I was kind of fed up too. I just wanted to go home, change into some comfy sweats and watch a movie with a cup of coffee.

Fuck. Maybe I was turning into a flower fairy...

It was a relief to my aching muscles when I finally stepped under the steaming shower next to Emmett.

"So... What's going on with you and Swan?" He asked, grinning.

"I don't know…" I trailed off, unsure of how to sum up the day's events.

"I heard about that shit in Biology. Do you actually like her or were you just messing with her?" He asked, handing me the shampoo.

"I really like her." I said quietly, like it was a cardinal sin. I poured some shampoo onto my hand, "Emmett, is this strawberry scented?"

He blushed slightly, "Er, yeah... Don't laugh, it's my moms. I ran out. Anyway, what's the problem then, why does she keep rejecting you? Is here something going on with her and that James guy, I mean, if there is, you might not want to get involved. He's pretty big, and I can't fight all your battles."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever, I can hold my own. You realise James is gay right?"

"He's gay?" He turned to stare at me.

"Yeah, it's kind of common knowledge Em... Shows how much attention you pay. Anyway, if I knew why she kept rejecting me then it wouldn't be such a problem. I mean, maybe she's just intimidated by me? I'm sure if I really tried I could get her to go out with me." I asked, turning off the shower.

Emmett laughed, "Right, ok. I think I feel a bet coming on." He said, with a sly grin.

I sighed, "Not again. Come on, let's go. Esme made spaghetti, you coming over for dinner?"

"Of course. It beats microwaved pasta." We pulled on some clothes

The trek from the changing rooms to the parking lot was horrendous. The light and cooling mist from earlier had spontaneously and rapidly grown in intensity, and had turned into violent hail.

I couldn't wait to get to bed. Emmett unlocked the jeep, and we both hopped in.

We sat in silence for most of the journey, me contemplating my earlier run in with Bella, and Emmett no doubt contemplating James being gay. At least that's what it looked like from the way the corners of his mouth would twitch every now and again.

As we rounded the corner to our drive, the jeep jerked to a halt, pulling me from my thoughts.

I looked out the window to see a small river flowing across the road; it looked to be at least half a metre deep. I thought back to my usual route home, quickly remembering, with some surprise, that there was indeed a dip in the road somewhere about here. I looked back at the fast flowing water; this must be it.

Emmett surveyed potential risk to his jeep, "Not a problem." He said, and proceeded to start the jeep again.

"Emmett! Are you crazy! You'll never get through that, it'll flood the engine." I said, looking at him like he had grown a second head.

"You worry too much." He said, waving a hand at me.

"Fine, but don't complain to me when you have to get the engine pumped out." I sighed.

He backed up slightly, a strange, slightly menacing smile playing on his lips and then counted, "Three... Two… One!"

He stamped down on the accelerator, and within seconds we were through and out the other side, with damp feet and a gurgling engine. He stopped the car.

"Oh man, what have you done…" I asked, feeling slightly smug.

"I'm sure it's fine. I didn't realise the water was that deep. Is it me or do you have wet feet?" He asked.

"Emmett, look down." I told him. The look on his face was priceless as he looked down at the pools of water now soaking into his carpet.

"Holy Shit." He murmured.

"Emmett, as sorry as I am about your carpets, we may have bigger problems, try and start the car."

He pressed his foot to the accelerator only to find a faint rumbling then a sound that was distinctly like splashing bathwater.

"Oh, shit. Shit. Double shit." He flung open his door and jumped down onto the tarmac, walking round to the back in the still pouring rain.

I heard him cursing and, pulling up my hood, jumped out to inspect the damage myself.

As I got round the van I saw the source of his dismay, the exhaust was not pumping out fumes, it was pumping out water, lots of it.

"Oh man, how are we gonna get home?" I asked.

He turned to me sharply, "Is that really all you can think about? Getting home? What about my JEEP! My poor, innocent Jeep!"

I sighed got back in the jeep, dialling on my phone.

"Hello, directory enquiries, how may I help you?" A voice asked me.

"Hi, I need a tow truck in the Forks area please. And pretty soon if possible," I asked, looking out the window to the rapidly darkening sky. You could just feel a storm coming.

"If you could just hold for one moment…" she began, to be cut off as the infuriating 'on hold' music played. About five minutes later, and eight and counting more holds, I closed my phone in frustration.

"Looks like we're stranded." I said.